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February 21, 2015 First Dance Fiji! One-Year Anniversary Dinner! (1 comments) Hawaii 2009 - near my peak weight of 142 - gross! On our way up to Hanging Lake, Oct. 21, 2013. Downhill Mountain-biking in Snowmass, August 2013. (1 comments) July 4th, 2013 Insanity Mud Run, June 2, 2013 - right after jumping off a 20-ft. platform into cold, muddy water. Insanity Mud Run - before the race. My boyfriend in the middle of 100 push-presses. Christmas Eve, 2012. Look, I have cheekbones here! Mi Casa es su Pantelones! (Feb. 2, 2013) Check out the abs! Mine aren't bad either ;) (1 comments) Day 1 in St. Martin, Feb. 2013 St. Marten vacation with my bf, Feb. 2013 - loved it! Love him! Just moved into my new house, May 2012, with my new dogs! These dogs aren't anywhere near as well-behaved as the old one. Tough Mudder, Beaver Creek, CO! June 2012. My two red dogs on their new back porch. August 2012. September 2012 - abs, abs, everywhere! My thinnest in a long time (117 pounds in Jan. 2011) Warrior Dash get-up - I'm such a dork. Cuba! The only known photo of me in Cuba. These taxis just make me laugh. Norway, June 2010 - beautiful! (1 comments) Me at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, May 2010. Here I am with a friend from Italy at Borgund Stave Church, June 2010. (1 comments) Me at work - in a hole under the floor of a church. Look at how happy I am! Yes, this is me with Bo, the President's dog! April 2009 (2 comments) Rainbow near Gunnison - August 2010. Dressed up for a wedding, September, 2010. The shoes were gorgeous but totally impractical. (1 comments) Snowshoing in the backcountry - March 2009 (1 comments) Keane Wonder Mine tramway in Death Valley - a project for work Me in Death Valley, April 2009 - I look so cool! (1 comments) Hawaii - November 2009 - I look so much heavier with 10 extra pounds. Hawaii, November 2009. Snorkeling was awesome Me on some lava. (1 comments) Summer 2009 - Enjoying PB and a rice cake with my dog - I was thinner! (1 comments) I want to look like least a little. (2 comments) Emmaline Lake, August 2008. My dog Scarlet was my best hiking buddy. (1 comments) It's my birthday! This was October 2008. Me at work, summer 2008 - in Aspen, CO. (1 comments)

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