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4/06 - Me and my godson, Samuel (2 comments) (3 comments) DS on his prom night (3 comments) Dad at Real Men Cook supporting American Cancer Society 4.27.08 (2 comments) (7 comments) Watch Out ... I'm bringing sexy back! (3 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (8 comments) Made this for my stepsisters baby - January 2011 (6 comments) The Battlefield of the Mind! (2 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) #BRING BACK OUR GIRLS (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) FLY! If you are reading my status, I DARE YOU to drink a glass of water! (1 comments) Weekend Motivation ... stay focused. Don't just leave ... Keep Calm and Exercise! It's been a long time since I won a weekly Gold sparkmedal. This weeks goal is earn that Gold Medal ... 50k steps here I come! Yup, I got this! Have a Healthy Weekend! Monday Motivation, My Motto! THROWBACK THURSDAY! (1 comments) Afternoon Snack, Microwave Kale Chips. OMG, they are shut yo mouth good and crispy. (1 comments) Throwback Thursday. Yup, I had one of these ... the gazelle. LOL (1 comments) Your weekend motivation ... focus forward and squat! Monday is coming ... focus forward! Weekend Motivation ... make it happen! The struggle is real ... LOL! (3 comments) No limits ... (1 comments) 60+ day fitness streak. (2 comments) Have a Blessed Sunday. is patiently waiting for the challenge to begin! day 73 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 6/16/2015 For all my gym rats ... lol (4 comments) Note to self ... (2 comments) day 81 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 6/23/2015 day 82 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 6/24/2015 day 200 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/25/2015 day 83 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 6/25/2015 (4 comments) day 87 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 6/30/2015 day 87 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 6/30/2015 If your reading this, you have a reason to smile! (1 comments) day 90 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 7/2/2015 One of the reasons I do not belong to the gym ... lol (4 comments) Sometimes, you've got to remind yourself YOU got this. (1 comments) day 98 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 7/10/2015 Walking is my drug of choice! (2 comments) day 100 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 7/12/2015 "10 minutes here and there throughout the day is a perfectly fine and convenient way to squeeze in your cardio." ~Sparkpeople Article This is how I am able to get my workouts in; 10 min chunks! My husband (&best friend) likes when I create a workout calender. He believes it holds me accountable. So I decided to do a modified calendar on an index card. keeping it simple. Same concept. Lol (1 comments) Well, it was actually lower body, but you get the point. ;) With each step comes the decision to take another. Don't just think about your future, OWN it! Have a fantastic Thursday. Be blessed, live blessed! All things are working for my good! Happy Friday ya'll! Yesterday's Walk Who needs bread when there's Bell Peppers! (2 comments) Okay, let's do this ... weights or no weights, let's tone it up! (1 comments) What have you done or going to do today that will get you one step closer to your goals? For me, I arrived to work early and knocked out a 15 min walk! Gett'r done! (2 comments) Next time your asked to bring donuts to the office party .... LOL (2 comments) Alright, you know what day it is ... Tone it up Tuesday! What steps have you taken to move you closer to your goals? Me, 10 min Strength Training - Upper Body! C'mon ... Let's Lift!!! (3 comments) It's Water Wednesday! I like my water plain, sometimes with a slice of lemon. Where are my Guzzlers at? (2 comments) Fit Friday! Arrived to work early for a 30 min walk. What have you done to get you closer to your fit dreams? Have a healthy, fit, and fabulous weekend! Don't forget, WAKE UP & WORK OUT! Squat for the health of it ... Wakeup and workout! Move it Monday! (1 comments) Okay people ... let's do this! (1 comments) OFFICIALLY ON VACATION, BUT STILL SPARKING!!! ON VACATION ... STILL SPARKING!!! (2 comments) Awww the sounds of summer vacation. Keep sparking! Keep Calm, I'm on vacation. Spark on my friends, spark on. Vacation view My morning view ... vacation! (5 comments) No regrets! (1 comments) Last day of vacation. ..watching the sun rise Back from vacation. Time to regroup. Focus Forward! (1 comments) TONE IT UP TUESDAY ... let's lift, squat, lunge ... (1 comments) You are no good to anyone else if you are no good to yourself. Slight headache, but I'm thankful for a new day. LOL ... burpees anyone! #motivationalmonday #motivationalmonday ... have a FITtabulous week! KEEP CALM & TONE IT UP! Happy Tuesday. Work it out Wednesday! I workout because ... The Sweat; The Time; The Devotion ... It Pays Off! And no one ever drowned in sweat! Happy Saturday ... let's gett'r done!! Dh and I saw War Room yesterday. Excellent movie. It was very encouraging and motivating. Made me take a look at my own prayer life and the improvements that can be made. #MOTIVATIONALMONDAY You know what day it is ... TONE IT UP TUESDAY! Lettr' Rip! Lazy dinner w/t help of BK (1 comments) Breakfast on the Go -Oatmeal w/ mango & walnuts so true ... That moment you step on the scale and realize all that you've done (or didn't do) up and til floods your mind!!! (3 comments) Fit Saturday: Breakfast 1 whole egg, 1 egg white scrambled with bell peppers and half of a leftover turkey burger, topped with rf cheese. Time to get ready to attend the NJ Wine Feast. I don't do yoga, but this is how I'm feeling today. Lunch: beans and rice, green beans and roasted baby carrots Eggs n oats Breakast (flourless) Lunch, romaine chicken a sprinkle of parm cheese and kens light Ceasar dressing (1 comments) My will to workout is fading fast; so I better get up and move before my mind figures out what my body is doing. Did I say I hate strength training ... Fitness Streak - 186 days: Exercising for at least 10 minutes per day I'm walking towards 200 days of fitness! (1 comments) Almost missed my workout yesterday ... Office party & somehow I got stuck helping set up and break down. I did eat cake, a small piece but purposed in my mind to not eat the frosting - and I didn't! Temptaton sitting less than 10 steps away! Patiently waiting for the 4 o'clock bell. Exercising for at least 10 minutes per day. 200 days is around the corner ... what shall I reward myself with? (1 comments) Workout done. Need to figure out how to track ChaleanX Flourless Pancakes, I blended in some spinach w/browned apple. Exercising for at least 10 minutes per day ... Day 200! (1 comments) Note to self... (1 comments) Starting to think about this years Thanksgiving Menu. Have family that really don't do the healthy option, but since I'm cooking, prayerfully they won't be able to taste the difference ... lol!! (2 comments) I have no idea whose car this is, but as I took a lunch time stroll I saw these sneakers sitting on the dashboard. No excuses and a great reminder, KEEP STEPPING! If you're reading this, I challenge you to awesomeness today! again ... argh!!! (4 comments) Still under the weather. No workouts for the remainder of the weekend. Body needs rest rest rest! Will start a new fitness streak soon. In the meantime ... (1 comments) I'm running from the office sabotagers! (2 comments) (3 comments) Make it a great day! Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Hope to have all cooking and baking done by tonight. Snack time (1 comments) 5 Days of Smoothies & Snacks, PREPPED! My new toys. 40 percent off on Amazon (code: XDSGWFI8). Now only if my foot will cooperate. Day 1/10 Green Smoothie Snack Time! It's a new day. Have a healthy and fit day! Day 2 Smoothie Challenge Office Holiday party (too early). I skipped the pizza and the cookies for 2 plates of greens. Ooo to make it to 4pm! (4 comments) Day 3 Smoothie Challenge Day 4 Smoothie Challenge Snack Time (5 comments) (1 comments) It doesn't get easier, you get stronger. Have a healthy and fit weekend. (2 comments) Day 6 Green Smoothie Challenge (2 comments) (7 comments) Low sodium Tuna pk, hrd boild egg, celery, 8th of an apple, drop of mustard and no salt seasoning Omg, this little bar is sooo good, or am I just hungry! (3 comments) Tomorrow's dinner, Vegetable Soup, Crocked and Loaded. There's cauliflower and squash hidden in there. (2 comments) (1 comments) Good Morning (6 comments) Ooo la la I really hate tracking, sob I'm going to give these babies a go. Got them off (1 comments) Have a fantastic week my fellow Sparkers Lunch prep using my new portion containers. (4 comments) Snack Time (3 comments) OMG, this chicken salad recipe from Kalyns Kitchen website is on point. And who needs bread when you've got bell peppers ... Yum! (1 comments) (3 comments) Turkey Veg Soup (1 comments) Planter faciitis...argh!!! Waiting for my fitted orthotic to come in. Hopefully that'll do the trick and I can get back to walking for the new year! (9 comments) At corner training, quick lunch from cafeteria. (1 comments) Wishing my fellow Sparkers a healthy and fit Christmas! (3 comments) For unto us a child is born! Salsa Chicken Homemade Almond Butter Breakfast - Green Smoothie: spinach pineapples peaches banana flax hemp protein 2016.... Time to get fitted for my orthotic! Please work so I can get back walking (2 comments) Morning cup of tea. Have a fab day Peps (3 comments) It's a go. Doc says I can start my exercising again ... YAY, just have to take it easy at first (2 comments) 10 days of smoothies prepped and ready! (4 comments) My new toy. $1.99 at Aldi! Buh bye pasta (11 comments) Snack Time, Apples with shredded carrots and a drop of raspberry vinaigrette (1 comments) Lunch (3 comments) ACV...check Tabata...check Smoothies...che
ck Snacks...check!
Snack time. Oh, I added a half pkt stevia, and nuked it for about 40 sec When you feel like quitting, remember your why! (1 comments) #WEDNESDAYMOTIVATION (2 comments) Dinner time Blueberry Grapes Smoothie It's okay to fail, just remember.... Last week was a challenge getting my water in. Let's see it this week di the trick. Goal is to finish this bottle by the end of the work day. (2 comments) Snack time Dinner:salmon Ceasar Salad (2 comments) Dinner (2 comments) Dinner - almond crusted chicken, roasted Brussel sprouts, Italian salad, iced green tea (1 comments) In the health battle, the heart and mind must connect. Repeat after me.... (1 comments) (1 comments) Snack Time the Pursuit of Healthiness! New Day, Fresh Start! Dinner - oven fried chicken wings, sautéed collard greens w/red onion and chickpeas (1 comments) Oatmeal Craisin Cookie (1 comments) (1 comments) Dinnner: Cauliflower Pizza Crust w/lean turkey sausage, chopped spinach, grape tomatoes (7 comments) Hubby requested cauliflower pizza. I almost let it burn. Lol (2 comments) (1 comments) Lunch (1 comments) Snack Time: strawberry cucumber salad Lunch: my attempt at Couscous Salad (1 comments) (2 comments) Lunch - tuna salad Lazy Dinner, Nana with peanut butter and raisins (1 comments) Dinner, Cauliflower Fried Rice Enough said! Flourless Pancakes (1/4 c oatmeal, 1 banana, 1 egg) Ouch, Day 3 ... no joke! Turkey and Veggie Chili (2 comments) Trying to prep for the week ahead. Soups and salad. (2 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) Orange slices, pineapple, and mango. I think the mango made it cloudy ... but it's still good! (1 comments) Lunch is ready for the next 4 days! Dinner, Turkey Chili and a side of strawberries (2 comments) Breakfast: High Protein Low Carb Spinach "hulk" Waffles, fried egg (2 comments) My new toys! (9 comments) My attempt at Roasted Cauliflower Steaks. Looks a mess, but oh so tasty. (1 comments) Breakfast (1 comments) Kale Salad for lunch Taking advantage of the warm weather. (2 comments) is (1 comments) (1 comments) Dinner is served. (1 comments) is (2 comments) Dinner (1 comments) Stay the Course! (2 comments) (2 comments) Brisk mile, lower body workout. Now sauna time (1 comments) Snack Time. Apple orange with a sprig of mint Would love to take a walk outdoors, but my feet can't handle concrete. Indoor walk it is. (3 comments) Breakfast: spinach omelet topped with goat cheese, half an orange (1 comments) Treating myself to a much needed pedicure. Meal planning for the week ahead. Don't stop can't stop won't stop! Dinner, Roasted Chicken and Veggies. I think I was a little light on the veg. Next time! It's so cold in our office, I'm just trying to stay warm. Chia Fresca Drink. Breakfast: French Toast, 1/2 banana, homemade blue/raspberry syrup. Forgot my protein, hard boiled egg Sunday Dinner: Collard Green Stew w/Black Eyed Peas and Oven Fried Chicken Wings French Toast with blueberries and turkey sausage (2 comments) (2 comments) Multigrain Blueberry Pancake w Turkey Bacon OMG, I am like a kid. First ever sight of a double rainbow. So exciting to see (5 comments) Sunday Lunch Roasted Cauliflower, Baked Salmon When short on time, a 4 min Tabata routine is a great alternative to a lengthy workout. Progress is progess, keep going! (1 comments) Dinner, Chicken and Cabbage Stir Fry (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) Yes ... stretch! An affirmation at its best ... sometimes we have to speak it until it shows up. What are you speaking into your spirit? What are you believing about yourself? Morning Snack, nf cottage cheese, peach, walnuts, cinnamon Breakfast (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) 15 MORE DAYS!!! (2 comments) (1 comments) Oldie but goodie. 9 more days ... (1 comments) Lunch: Baked Chicken, Quinoa Salad, Roasted Cauliflower 8 more days ... 2 more days! Naked Spinach Turkey Burger w Mixed Veggies Yay! Yay! Keep Sparking, and Happy 4th of July. Strawberry Lemon Smoothie Bowl recipe I found in the free vitamin Shoppe flyer. Yum Oy Vei! (2 comments) About to bake some salmon Omg ... so good! (1 comments) Roasted Mini Bell Peppers (1 comments) Snack time, cottage cheese banana, black berries, pecans (1 comments) Last night's dinner, Chicken Parm over Zoodles Breakfast, oatmeal cottage cheese waffles Although I don't want to be that small, I've got work to do. (1 comments) Lunch, spinach apple pecan salad with balsamic dressing (1 comments) Breakfast, Blueberry Oatmeal Bake (2 comments) Banana Peach Ice Cream (3 comments) What's left of Breakfast, Turkey Sausage Egg Bake Dinner, Sloppy Joe Stuffed Peppers "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." ~Jim Rohn (1 comments) Breakfast, Mango Green Smoothie (1 comments) Lunch (2 comments) Giving up is not an option! Affirm to be positive ... Make it a great day! Breakfast, Spinach Egg Waffle, Turkey Bacon (3 comments) Zoodles and meat sauce Seagirt Beach The great thing is, your forced to walk to the other side of the building ... extra steps. #winning (1 comments) Short on time, no time, I love this quick morning routine. Dinner, kielbasa and peppers over couscous (1 comments) Creamy Cashew Butter Oatmeal ... yummy! (1 comments) (1 comments) Lunch Time Preparing Spinach Turkey Burgers Dinner is served! (1 comments) Morning Beverage. Water, ACV, seminar juice, pinch cayenne pepper. (2 comments) Tuna and White Bean Salad Grapes, headed to the freezer for a snack later. (1 comments) Upping my water goal. Refill 4x should get me to goal. Day 2 - Water Challenge Breakfast, flourless Pancakes Homemade Almond Butter ... omg, took forever to blend, but good! Snack a Time Afternoon snack. Found this beet hummus while on my shopping trip yesterday. Hope it's good b/c I haven't feel in like with Beets. (2 comments) Prepping infused water for tomorrow, lemon ginger mint cucumber Snack time Dinner, Turkey meatloaf muffins, cauliflower rice, steamed green beans (1 comments) Wednesday Motivation Dinner, Wendy's Power Salad (1 comments) (1 comments) Can't sleep (3 comments) Can't sleep. Grabbed a hook and crocheted a hat to be donated. Hooking keeps the hands busy and not eating. (2 comments) Lunch (1 comments) Zoodles w/meat sauce, and leftover (yesterday's cheat meal) chicken parm (1 comments) Snack, Protein Bites (4 comments) Morning Snack, Apple Cucumber Raspberry Vinergarette Dressing Unstuffed Pepper Soup going in. 6 hours on low. (1 comments) Grab n'go Breakfast, Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Cups (1 comments) 9.13.2016 (2 comments) My first salad in a jar. (2 comments) (3 comments) Food does not control me! Lunch, Romaine Strawberry Salad An oldie but goodie Zoodles & WW Pasta w/spicy meat sauce topped w/fresh parm cheese Meal Prep Lunch is set for the next 3 days. (1 comments) Snack Time, carrots and hummus Meal prep. Lunch 4 upcoming week: chicken burrito bowl (1 comments) Good Morning! Dinner, stuffed sweet potato, side salad Morning snack Late breakfast, Egg whites, Chicken, toast Late lunch. Cucumber boats w tuna, and tomato soup Dinner. Chicken Pot Pie Soup (2 comments) Dinner, Veggie Fried Rice Day One ... let's go!!! Meal Prep Forgot to snap pic b4 eating dinner. Turkey and black bean sloppy joe over spaghetti squash (1 comments) Breakfast. Have an awesome day! On those rare occasions i hit 10k ... woohoo! (1 comments) Wow, haven't spun a 25 a long time. Happy Sparking! My new weapon for those days I'm short on time. Mmmm, that's most days. Breakfast, sweet potato w 1 scrambled egg and 1 egg white Weekend Affirmation (1 comments) Meal Prep Dinner. Finally using my saladmaster electronic skillet that I've had for years- Salmon Casserole. Recipe found on YouTube (2 comments) I've not been consistent with tracking this past week. Back at it today! (1 comments) Dinner, Mediterranean Fish Dinner, Corn Black Bean Butternut Squash Chili (1 comments) Oops. 10 seconds too long. Lol (4 comments) (1 comments) Non traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Eggplant Lasagna, Pasta Salad and Shrimp Caesar Salad Leftover carrots from the carrot cake i made for mom. Going to attempt a Carrot Soup, with leftover tomatoes, onion and ginger. (2 comments) My attempt to preserve lemons since I'm the only one using them. (8 comments) Freezing the juice of the lemons. Thanks for the idea It's supposed to be an ugly sweater. (4 comments) (5 comments) Dinner, Sweet Potato topped with baked beans, sautéed spinach Goal is to fill up a 2 liter soda bottle with dimes. It's a slow progress, but I'm going to stick with it. At work, not feeling like a champ. (5 comments) (1 comments) Wishing all my Sparkfriends a Blessed, Healthy and Fit 2017! Prepping Butternut Squash Apple Soup (1 comments) (2 comments) Trail mix in the making. I did toss in a few drops of chocolate chips. Meal Prep: Lunch, Grass-fed Beef and Cabbage (1 comments) (2 comments) Took the plunge. Trying diet bet again. The first time i was successful. 2nd time didn't hit goal. Third time a charm, right. Turning 50 in july, so this one of my tools for motivation. (2 comments) I've got a ways to go before this is full of dimes. (1 comments) is My current situation keeps the hands busy (2 comments) Sunday Dinner, Roasted Chicken Side dish/snack, Cucumber Carrot Apple Salad (1 comments) Lunch for the week, Chickpea Tuna Salad Breakfast, Strawberry Blueberry Oatmeal Bake (1 comments) Morning snack (3 comments) Leftover Fish, grits, spinach (2 comments) Lunch Spaghetti Squash & Turkey Meatballs Dinner. Not the prettiest, bit in hungry. Store bought Roasted Chicken, Sauteed Kale, Strawberries Morning Snack (1 comments) (1 comments) a simple reminder ... stay the course! Weekend Forcast ... Lunch at the bowling alley. Not the greatest selection, but i made the healthiest choice. Grilled chicken sandwich (told then to hold the bread), with a side salad (2 comments) Sunday Lunch: Grilled Cheese, Homemade Tomato Soup, Chis Fresca March is Meatless Monday: Monday Soup w Cornbread (1 comments) Chia Fresca w Cranberry Juice and Bluberries (1 comments) Breakfast Unstuffed Pepper Casserole Lunch for the week Posted a photo Posted a photo Posted a photo Morning snack (2 comments) Lunch Meal Prep Very Bland Chicken Noodle Soup (2 comments) Air fried chicken tenders Shepherd's Pie 2 ingredient oatmeal cookies with chia seeds (1 comments) Breakfast (1 comments) Zoodle Time (2 comments) For the sweet cravings this week. Not sure how this combo will taste, thought I'd give it a try. (2 comments) Brkfst, Kefir Overnight Oats is is is (1 comments) (1 comments) is Short lunch walk Posted a photo Been a long time since i hit my step goal by 9am (1 comments) is is Lunch for breakfast, chicken salad Found these breakfast gems at Aldi (4 comments) Morning Walk Smothered turkey burgers (1 comments) Spaghetti Squash Casserole wSpinanch Morning walk while on vacation in St Martin Posted a photo Back home. Time to face the vacation scale and get back on the healthy grind! Morning snack: cottage cheese dip (3 comments) Turkey Burger, air fried broccoli My delicious moment, making air fried broccoli. Oh yumm #deliciousdailymoment Lunch, turkey burger on a bed of cooked spinach (1 comments) Veggie Chili with Ground Turkey (2 comments) Lunch for the week. Lunch Breakfast Found this item in Aldi. Its so goood! #deliciousdailymoment Faux Shepherd's Pie (2 comments) last night's dinner, Faux Shepherd's Pie. OMG it was so good. DH approved #deliciousdailymoment Posted a photo Oatmeal Pancakes (1 comments) #deliciousdailymoment (1 comments) Meal Prep. August is Meatless Monday. Chicken is for lunch Tues on. Meal Prep in effect #deliciousdailymoment Dinner Posted a goal Oatmeal Ricotta Cheese Pancakes ... oh yum #deliciousdailymoment Dinner @ Red Lobster (3 comments) August is meatless Mondays. Sunday Monday breakfast casserole #deliciousdailymoment August is meatless Mondays. Sunday Monday breakfast casserole #deliciousdailymoment Snack time #motivationalmonday (1 comments) Egg White Tostada 4 breakfast #deliciousdailymoment Breakfast Burrito, no bread DIY Iced Coffee Breakfast, Ricotta Muffins (2 comments) Meal prep for next 2 days Meal prep for next 2 days Meal prep for next 2 days Meal prep for next 2 days (1 comments) Meal prep for next 2 days Meal prep #deliciousdailymoment new month new week new goals ... let's gett'r done Set it, and CRUSH it! is Posted a photo learning to cook in cast iron pan. Whole Roasted Chicken Posted a photo (1 comments) bkack eyed pea stew with kale and vegan sausage Each step is bringing me closer to my ultimate goal of achieving greater health and wellness. I am healthy, whole and blessed! Posted a photo Crustless Quiche vegan sausage and spinach Lentil "sloppy joez" meant to snap a shot b4 I started eating. Quick Meatless Monday meal. Stir fry using frozen veggies, and edamame Posted a photo Posted a photo Christmas dinner, ratatouille over pasta (2 comments) Soup prep roasting my veggies (6 comments) OMG this sweet potato carrot soup is sooo good. Perfect on this cold day! (2 comments) Aldi find. Not bad for lunch. (2 comments) Broccoli Mushroom Cheese Soup (2 comments) My first Lentil Loaf Leftovers Veggie Pot Pie From Aldi. These are sooo good (2 comments) Dinter Breakfast, avocado egg salad (no mayo). Peanut butter energy bites Jumbo Banana Muffins Beans and rice, vegetarian corn bread Brown rice and black bean stuffed peppers (2 comments) Blueberry Muffins Posted a photo I'm tired of winter. Snow day lunch Scrambled Tofu w Spinach

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