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ou have more to do than be weighed down by pretty or beautiful. You are a fiery heart and wicked brain, do not let your soul be defined by its shell 🐚✨ lets hit the track!! what a girl wants. but tonight im gonna be playin in the dirt!! #girlsride playing in the dirt!! girls like it too!! home is in the hills with friends. my lunch. "homemade" soup, made with frozen mixed broccoli/cauliflower and carrots, low sodium chicken broth, oregano, and canned chunk white chicken breast. very tasty!! calories arent correct because i had yet to track my food for the morning. i had planned to do 4 miles this morning but my foot had other plans. still it was a great walk!! last nights dinner, todays leftover lunch. Last nights dinner, will be todays leftover lunch. Orange chicken/seasoned steak strips served over weight watchers oriental rice/veggies and a bed of spinach. Tried to get to 10,000 steps in one walk, didnt do it today, but . I will get there. Morning breakfast. spinach omelet with Tilapia left from dinner last night. It is a protein kind of morning. Home from the beach! Wish I was always at the beach! reality isnt as pretty. i dont know how many calories or carbs this had, but it was worth it. I miss the beach!! got the vacation is over back to reality blues..... whole wheat tortilla with grilled chicken, spinach, tomatoes and a side of grapes. #deliciousdailymoment I try, but its hard when people often try to make me feel like a nobody. see your potential. my walking track. yes, it really is MINE., it wasnt raining, the city staff had just watered the flowers i wish this would soak into my brain!! my lunch. light chicken soup with spinach. with a side of grapes and antibiotics. i am a slow walker. but i am doing better adding steps everyday. i dont trust or count these calories burned. i dont think that is accurate. but im increasing my steps and hourly activity daily! It is almost bedtime so...I increased my steps for the 4th day in a row. hopefully the streak will continue. i will probably add a few steps thru the rest of the evening, but the exercise portion of the day is over. i increased my steps again today. i may take a rest day tomorrow, but then i may not. my fitbit just up and flipped out on me yesterday! didnt count a single minute and would go from 250 steps up to 1300, then reset back to 250. finally got it to start counting, but this pic isnt accurate, i probably walked closer to 13000 yesterday. im trying to hold it all together. my start towards keto. bacon, (2pc) egg and spinach breakfast. i will stick to it this weekend, no setbacks!! ME!!! breakfast, grilled salmon and oranges. walking hair just dont care. that sweat, that glow, that feeling after a good workout!!! (1 comments) finally stopped raining for a while, got in a quick walk. really glad i did. blonde hair, dont care!!! Today I walked a 5k, the reason? I felt like it!!! on a cold morning walk. My happy place. (2 comments) at the walking track the sun coming down on me! Back on the track, cant wait to wear these out and get a new pair! Selfie!!! me, at 46 years! (2 comments) Me in May 2013, one year in and 63 pounds gone! (2 comments) the hand crafted anklet made for me, amethyst and jade and rose quartz and hemp..with a peace sign. (1 comments) hair 2/07/2013 (3 comments) (1 comments) my little buddy sparky, rest in peace, 1/23/2012 (4 comments) harvest moon (1 comments)

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