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(1 comments) Processing my tomatoes for sauce today. Hope you're all having a great day. I have officially finished my college diploma. It's been 9 months of hard work and neglecting myself. Time to get back on the wagon. I have officially finished my early childhood ed diploma. It's been 9 months of hard work and neglecting myself. Time to get back on the wagon. My walking buddy doesn't care if its wet out. She reminds me we still have to get our steps in and nags me until I get my butt into gear ❤ Good morning all! Im having coconut stawberry baked oatmeal for breakfast. What's your Sunday breakfast today? Back to school snack haul. I bought some healthier on-the-go options for the up coming long days at college. Not pictured: tuna, Activia yogurt, Laughing Cow cheese wedges. Sweet potato "nachos" for lunch. Zuchinni boats for dinner! Low carb goodness :) Todays lunch: roasted cauliflower eggplant and zuchinni with falafel patties and fresh salsa. Treat yourself! :) Brunch today: tofu scramble and hemp protien smoothie. 20 grams of protien for a strong (albeit late) start t ok the day! Wohoooo this is the closest I've ever been to perfect ratios! I find myself putting more effort into my meals for one now that I'm eating better. Today's lunch coconut-almond crusted tofu with a fresh salad from the garden. Splurged a bit by frying them and dipping cherry sauce :) This evenings dinner. Taco salad pita- 450 cals. So good! Getting serious about hydration and hoping for clearer skin with this smoothie. Blueberries, watermellon, green tea, chia seeds, hemp protien powder, lemon honey and fresh greens and cucumber from the garden. Traditional fare, responsible portions. Morning walk/jog on vacay in the back fields. I loved working out today ❤ My dinner! Everything in moderation :) Egg salad sandwich without the bread. I'm surprised that I don't miss the bread at all! 9:30pm and lunch meal prep is done for a few days. Egg and caprese snack packs, ham and cheese roll ups with Marys crackers, curried carrot salad, roasted broccoli, balsamic beet salad, zuchinni quinoa "cookies" and some nuts and seeds for snacking. Add some fruit and ill be good to go :) My goal is to be able to zip up this dress comfortably by December 2017! Setting up for an outdoor workout when my pup took over 😂 My fourth time climbing this hill. I walked up 5 times today in 19 minutes and burned 154 calories. I'll keep ya'll posted for when I can run it! Working on understanding our inner workings to help me make educated food choices. Awesome book!

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