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(1 comments) I've been captured by Captain Chaos! (6 comments) Benjamuno thinks I'm SOOOOO cute! (2 comments) Happy Birthday, Kat! George thinks you're so cute and so do I! (1 comments) Time for a new George picture. :) (2 comments) Jeni and Yo enjoying time on the deck. (3 comments) Yep, that would be Spark--dueling laptops. :) (4 comments) Trying to channel Katrina--she had a picture similar to this once upon a time. (4 comments) Again, trying to channel Katrina. We were having way too much fun! (2 comments) Reward Picture. :) (5 comments) Bowing to the peer pressure. ;) (1 comments) Sorry for the changes, but THANK YOU MEL for this one! Feathered hair AND a mullet! My mom and me, circa 1986 (1 comments) (2 comments) (5 comments)'s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff. (3 comments) Good to Remember Just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood Doctor... Why, thank you, David! DS's first day of Kindergarten! ACK! (2 comments) (1 comments) Me and my loves Green Guardian! For Kat...we'll miss you! (1 comments) (5 comments) Got Tough? (4 comments) Group Power Training~~the whole group (4 comments) Yep, it's red! 12.15.10 (5 comments) (2 comments) The quote is not mine. It came with the picture. ;) (7 comments) (4 comments) Ready to go teach Group Power...feelin' GOOD! (9 comments) My "before" picture. Approximately 245 lbs. Ugh! Me at 220. Take a good look, 'cause I'm never gonna be this big again! (2 comments) July 4 2008 (1 comments) DH, me and my dad clowning around in Myrtle Beach (1 comments) Me (145!! Goal!) and DS (3 comments) The Fam (3 comments) 160. GO BUCKS! (6 comments) 148! (4 comments) DD at 9 days (2 comments)

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