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20 newborn baby hats I made to donate to Hospital Purple Hat (for shaken baby syndrome) Program (7 comments) Picture of me presenting my Purple Baby Hats to the Library for the Hospital program. (4 comments) See the 6 ft. high snowpile on the entrance to my driveway in front of my car. (3 comments) No, that isn't whipped cream, that is the snow drifts from my kitchen window. That is my fence and on the other side is the snow the plow has piled alongside the road. AFghan it took me 2 days to finish for my niece who was making it for an Aug. last year wedding.. (1 comments) A cute hat I made and donated to the KNit-a-Thon (1 comments) Cold Oct. Mya in her cat hat, at 6 mth old. (3 comments) Lila with her nice black nails and new hair color (2 comments) (3 comments) Santa Claus is coming to town.. Mya 7 mths Santa Claus is coming to town...Mya 7 mths. (4 comments) My 10 y.o. grandson (1 comments) My 8 y.o. g.d. the Diva! (1 comments) Mya's 1st playdate with Abigail, 11 days older and 5-6 lbs. lighter (1 comments) Flight into freedom, a beautiful pedicure! (1 comments) Hope you can see the exquisite art work flower the manicurist painted. (1 comments) Yes, I splurged and got the dress and cardi & another cardigan .. waiting F to W, got it cheaper! (6 comments) In PEI, Oct. 2012 (1 comments) Seems like much longer, but this was actually taken at the Mira beach (Atlantic Ocean) Sept./12 Atlantic Ocean - seen from a cliff in Glace Bay, about a 10 min. walk from my new house (3 comments) (3 comments) Beautiful purple sweater set for Mya - made with love by her Gramma Standing atop a cliff looking down on rocks below overlooking Atlantic Ocean My new puppy, Buddy, 5 mo. old chihuahua/Jack Russel? cross (3 comments) Buddy - 6 mo old very short summer hairdo Lila at 191 - July 2013 (2 comments) Crocheted Spiderman Hat (1 comments) (1 comments) Me with 1 week old Mya (3 comments) Happy Mya at 2 mths. in seat ready to go for car ride. (2 comments) Big sister Ava, 8 y.o. holding baby sister Mya - 2 months. (3 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments)

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