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February 7th, 09 - 155lbs And Holding! Lost about 25 lbs now! (2 comments) No full size spare tire store like I used to have, now more like a spare donut! LOL! (1 comments) February 7th, 09 - 155lbs, looking alot more toned! (1 comments) February 7th - 155lbs (1 comments) February 7th, 09 - 155lbs Biceps coming in nicely, thanks Jillian Michaels! February 7th, 09 - 155lbs OH MY GOSH I HAVE TRICEPS! All those diamond pushups I guess! I feel like I'm running against possibly enlist in the military! (1 comments) Circa Nov. 2007 at approx 190lbs, This is embarrassing! I look like I'm in my 40's! My wake up call! (2 comments) July 2009 155lbs (1 comments) July 2009 155lbs March 2009 155lbs March 2009 155lbs (1 comments) The New Me! February 2010 (Approx. 155lbs) (1 comments) I love him! January 2010 - Approx. 155lbs March 15th, 2010 - 158lbs...I look horrible! (4 comments) I feel like I had to post this hidious picture! March 15, 2010 - 158lbs. Still so far to go! >:(~ Me & My Baby! February 10' 38 lbs lighter and much much happier! I finally feel HAPPY with my weight loss! More to go, but I am still happy! (1 comments) (2 comments) I'm a Zumba Instructor now! :) (1 comments) Starting the journey again 168 lbs. June 2012 July 2012 170 lbs (1 comments) July 2012 170lbs (2 comments) December 08 162lbs The weight loss is starting to show in my face! December 08' 162lbs 162 lbs & A New Smile! I got all my teeth fixed for Christmas! FAUXHAWK BABY! Transforming Into Who I Want To Be! Close Up 168lbs 168lbs 3 Years & Counting...170lbs 3 Years & Counting...170lbs 3 Years & Counting...172lbs Weighing in at 175 lbs. (1 comments) My lovely husband and I. (170lbs) Our Love Described Without Words 170lbs Newlywed picture...weighing around motivation! (2 comments) Don't We All Feel This Way Sometimes? (1 comments) MY NEW ROLE MODEL! Jillian Michaels! I DO HER 30 DAY SHRED ALOT! One of my favorite singers, Pink! Buff,toned, girly...this is what I want to look like! (2 comments)

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