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New Look.. (4 comments) Before 3/13 and After 12/13... have maintained for a year... now time for final push. (6 comments) Graduation from Weightlifting Class June 2014 (3 comments) Still working on the chin up... July, 2014 (3 comments) July 2014 got a new PR on my bench press.. my 2nd home.. the gym with my Coach My new car!! (7 comments) At a Thunder game 4/14... 203#...123#lost... More to go (5 comments) Rockin' the booty tooch at Shooting Competition Feb 2014.. size 10 (5 comments) 105# and tip toeing into a size 12!! Life is good! (13 comments) Strength... I love both the physical and mental strength I have gained by lifting heavy! (CF #102) (3 comments) I am NOT broken.. (4 comments) A Lion Encounter... But it was a yawn not a roar... An experience of a lifetime. (7 comments) 326lbs-8/12 w/ lots of failures..312lbs 3/13 found Paleo&CrossFit and my life changed - 8/13 250lbs (13 comments) Lucy my Therapy Dog visiting "Grandpa" (my dad) in the Hospital (4 comments) Me and Duffy 6/11/13 (13 comments) If you're not putting yourself in uncomfortable situations.. you're not growing/changing.. Determination: Hell-Bent on Reaching a goal! Had to buy a belt at lunch to keep my pants up.. and YES!!!! That's a 14/16 belt!!!! 6/26/13 (2 comments) 12/12/13 An unbelievable week... but I am SO close to ONEderland... (3 comments) 11/19/13 BAM! another milestone.. feeling fantastic... 110lbs?? Unbelievable.. (1 comments) 11/13/13 105# done... just keep plugging along... (1 comments) 10/14/13 100# gone and today is my 100th CrossFit workout!! Thx Coach, CrossFit and Paleo! 10/2/13 5 more lbs to 100# lost!...I think I will make it before my 100th CrossFit workout! Love it 9/12/13 10lbs away from a huge benchmark... just keep marching... never ever give up! (5 comments) 9/1/13 a good weigh to start the month! (3 comments) 8/13/13 Today I'm feeling grateful... 7/29/13 75 pounds released! (1 comments) 7/20/13 70lbs gone... and AFRICA ZIPLINE GOAL MET!!! (1 comments) 7/7/13 sooooo close to my Africa Goal... sooo close to the 250s!!! (2 comments) 6/26/13 Hallelujah! Another milestone.. (1 comments) 6/9/13 Finally! 55lbs!! WOOT WOOT (1 comments) A Huge Milestone!!! 5/22/13 (2 comments) Lookie Lookie what I woke up to this morning (5/15/13) (3 comments) WOOT WOOT I am really doing this!!! (5/3/13) (3 comments) 4/16/13 Down 30lbs!!! WOOT WOOT Yes!! On my way to being DONE girl! I am not broken... (1 comments) Moore Medical Center completely destroyed.. a miracle that we got the patients and staff out safely. (4 comments) Quote from Yoovie blog "Reap What You Sow, Bro" (2 comments) Died my hair blonde! Now, let's see if I have more fun! HA (5 comments) (1 comments) My niece and I at the Redbud Bike Ride... April, 2013 (3 comments) This ride is a "do overs" opportunity.. it's never too late to TRY. (3 comments) 1304 Yeah! Just up the hill and NO WALKING! (2 comments) (5 comments) (3 comments) All it takes, is all you got! GIVE IT! (2 comments) My favorite Saying... (10 comments) (7 comments) Intensity.... (1 comments)

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