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See this image largerSpent 2.5 hours weeding and fixing my neglected garden. I was pleasantly surprised how many calories it burns. I had to double-check on Google just to be sure that it was a fair estimate. I know I broke a sweat and an utterly exhausted, so I'm going with it! Yay for all things gardening!See this image largerI got quite a workout yesterday. I helped someone move and I'm amazed at how many calories you burn! My "general farmwork" seemed adequate for 2 hours assembling/ disassembling the trailer and struggling with the hitch. I didn't have much for breakfast and we didn't stop until 8:30 to eat. Best news yet, after all that I woke with a few sore muscles but no back pain! Physical therapy is paying off!See this image largerGlad to be back in Minnesota after a long trip. It's hard to stay on top of good eating with bad influence. Tried tracking some activities, but "Climbing sand dunes" wasn't in the exercise tracker. Sure is an exhausting feat though.See this image largerHad a sugar craving like crazy today... So this was what hit the spot. It was almost too sweet for my liking, but I think it will curb some cravings for awhile. Blueberries, madarin oranges, glazed pecans on spinach with radishes... Super yummy and a huge plate full only cost me 300 calories for lunch. The pecans added most those calories, but worth it!See this image largerSee this image largerDoes anyone else use Slender Sticks for a drink sweetener? The are a fabulous thing, no artificial sweetener and only 10 cals. A little pricey though. What other drink mixes do people use and are they artificial sweetener free? I get horrible migraines from that stuff so looking to avoid it.See this image larger24 oz water bottle stays by me all day. I aim two of them to be unflavored but the low cal flavoring makes it a breeze to get through my almost 4th. Drinking fluids to move out this cold to get back to the gym. See this image largerThis horrible illness is hanging on. Very low physical activity this week but I'm maintaining. But I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym and a hot sauna! Now back to my tea.See this image largerThe numbers continue to astound me. The scale was a pleasant surprise this morning, and I had to go back and actually calculate the weight loss several times to be sure I was seeing it correctly. So since my highest weight to my current, I've lost a whopping 35 lbs. I started tracking late and hadn't realized that in June alone I lost 10 lbs. I'm absolutely giddy. 😂See this image largerSo on average my normal water intake is about 5-7 glasses a day. This was indeed a challenge but honestly, I saw my weight dip because of my water increase. Yay for water! See this image largerSee this image largerJust 287 calories. A very very filling lunch.See this image largerI had to start winterizing my house, and today was the day. Non-stop from 11am to 2:30 and I forgot to eat lunch after skipping breakfast. Grabbed a nectarine and had to pick up my son. Still hungry and lucky me finds this in my car as I was looking for a mint or something. It was yummy too!See this image largerFound a new treat. Something not so sweet, yet just sweet enough. Sea Salt Caramel and chocolate with shavings, yogurt. 😋 Only 140 cals and 15 sugars.See this image largerIf you're going to stress eat, stress eat in style. 😂See this image largerMy mother had this plate hanging in her kitchen and only now do I understand it's true meaning. Sometimes life gets so busy you just need to remind yourself that something's can wait.See this image largerIf you avoid cheese and sour cream with your Mexican food, it saves enough calories that you can add a serving of rice. How do you do Mexican food?See this image largerTrying to tend to more pressing matters, but the best I could do is relace a hoodie string and avoided the gym. #procrastinationEXPERT 😩See this image largerCan't wait to track my steps for Halloween tomorrow. It's better than sitting at home with a giant bowl of candy. Lol! Who's walking and who's staying home and fighting the temptations? I still need to come up with a costume. 🤔See this image largerToday a sweet alley cat I befriended brought her one little kitten to my house. It's getting cold here so I built them a cat box outside. Hopefully it will keep them warm enough through the extreme cold winter. Poor stray born kittens will suffer from lack of food supply and extreme temps when born so late. Please spay and neuter your cats.See this image largerMy sweet little alley kitten is growing up fast. He's a monkey! Climbs anything he can. He's healthy and happy but boy is he trouble. Lucky for him his sweet demeanor makes up for some of it.See this image largerSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThis crazy find was in an antique shop. It's a mechanical panda bear drinking cola. I can't help but to think... "Don't drink soda kids, or you'll look like this too!" Lol.See this image largerSee this image larger6 months post leg surgery and I finally broke a mile walking with no pain, no hobbling or limping back! I've been fighting swelling and pain, but I think I finally made it over the hump!See this image largerMy son has a ton of those plastic wrist bands from various occasions. He never wears them, so to up-cycle them they are now grips on all my various water bottles.See this image largerMy son has a ton of those plastic wrist bands from various occasions. He never wears them, so to up-cycle them they are now grips on all my various water bottles.See this image largerContinuing my walking is paying off! Finally broke 2 miles with no leg pain!!! I'm so excited. This has been a long journey. I am aiming to break 5 miles by October.See this image largerGarden tomatoes basil and cucumbers...makes for a lovely dinner salad.See this image largerHomemade pizza with roasted garden tomatoes, garlic, and bell pepper, with basil and local cheese. 164 calories per slice. Super yummy.See this image largerThis year, I'm not going to let winter force me to hibernate. With winter threatening more covid and icey cold temps, I bit the bullet and finally got a treadmill. So excited to have NO excuse no to keep on track until the snow melts.See this image largerChili season is upon us. Threw together a quick pot this morning to use up some ingredients. Turned out pretty darn yummy.See this image largerAwesome weather for a walk.See this image largerI guess without knowing I've actually been sticking to a routine for aerobics. Yay me! It's a great phone app that lets you target certain areas. Starts easy and gets harder as you progress.See this image largerPeaked my walking distance today at 2.5 miles with no pain. But boy am I tuckered out.See this image largerA yummy Spark inspired dinner. Was so delicious, easy and a dream for cleanup. Seasoned chicken, roasted potatoes with red onion and garlic, and parmesan broccoli. ❤️😋 So good!See this image largerLast harvest of the season. I think I'll eat these as slow as I can.See this image largerRoasted carrots, yam, celery, broccoli, sugar peas, and red onion. Lightly tossed in olive oil with a dash of salt and cracked pepper. Prep was maybe 6 minutes and about 18 minutes in the broiler.See this image largerI adopted a 80lb buddy that needed to be rehomed. 😂 Now I just need to find a spot to hang it. We are going to be best friends this winter. 🥊😁🥊See this image largerYummy lunch.See this image largerThis is the first of many more goals I'll be setting. It's definitely been tough fighting all the medical stuff this year, but I'm just 2 lbs away from being -23 lbs happier.See this image largerSee this image largerNo more bottled water purchases! My brothers bought and installed a reverse osmosis water system for my early birthday present. So excited!See this image largerBeef barbacoa and cilantro lime rice. 😋 Glad I ate light for lunch.See this image largerI've been doing the elimination diet on milk products. I guess I can conclude that I definitely have an allergy/intolerance, and not lactose, but to the protein.🤔 Good bye blue moon ice cream and cheesy veggie pizza. ☹️See this image largerWhen your son insists on buying you a birthday cake but there's only two people to eat it.😲🤪😭 And it's a lechè cake from the local mercado. They are epic. Lord help meh.See this image largerLettuce wrap sandwiches with a side of sweets and beets chips. 284 calories, 34% protein. Super easy and yummy on a busy day.See this image largerDid you know...."Pumpkin is a plump, nutritious orange vegetable, and a highly nutrient dense food. It is low in calories but rich in vitamins and minerals, all of which are also in its seeds, leaves, and juices. It's high in beta carotene and great for regulating blood pressure." So before you toss your jack-o'-lantern, try washing it, roasting in on a baking sheet and using it for soup or another healthy dish. Happy Halloween!

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