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Bonus Points for your teams are back in case you did not know it yet! At the pool this am at 6! Summer Haircut July 2017 (1 comments) Summer haircut today....good for the pool! Small points on wheels day...sigh Went to the pool this am at 6. Sure makes you feel like you have started the day off when when it is still pretty new! (1 comments) I need a LOT more vitamin SEA Really good salad with kale and beets and hazelnuts! Pool again this am at 6 Congrats to me.....this is the 12th week in a row that I have gone to the pool at least twice a week. For the past 6 weeks it has been 3 times a week. (1 comments) Made this great salad today with greens, kale, feta, pickled beets and maple glazed nuts. Made falafel to eat and to freeze. Tis the season..... Something cool for all the heat Really hot days now Hope you find a creative way to stay cool Some days you have to really get creative to stay cool!!! This cat nailed it! Pool day. Lots pf reasons to love summer Love LIME If you are going to eat them, eat them as "seeds"!!!! (1 comments) We all share this one small beautiful space and so we need to learn to live with compassion and kindness. Pool today. Unfortunately the pool closes for maintenance for 3 weeks after this Friday. Sigh....I will miss it a lot! Pool day Sorry...this is so bad I could not pass it up! Worked hard for this number Love this poster Going to spend some time on the patio in the hot last days of summer today. Cooking hamburgers on the grill is a Labor Day tradition here. MY younger sister Jill (on the right) and I in Hawaii on Labor Day in 1977... hard to believe it was 40 years ago! Today the heat wave continues and temperatures here on the island will again be over 100. Also a lot of smoke from the fires from the interior of BC and surrounding states. Stay safe and be careful. One world.... Supporting and praying for all those dealing with earthquakes,fire, floods and hurricanes. All we have, and who we really are Just the thought of plumerias makes me smile Sorry this is so bad, but it made me laugh Shoe update...put 7,000 steps on new Brooks shoes far really a good fit and no soreness or rubbing. We are all in this together Snoopy is in Hawaii...wish I was as well I went to the pool again today so I could make sure that I got there at least twice this week....but it is not this busy at 6 am! We are all in this together...and need to care for each other! There is only one "race"...the human race. We just have lots of shades Hope your fall is beautiful....whatever it looks like! Went to the pool again this morning I went to the pool again this morning. I found this photo which shows how they make the inside area reflect the area around the Cowichan Valley, with the trees, etc. Love those huge fake trees in different areas of the facility. More to see of the trees in the pool area Am on a roll image Pool this am Made fruitcakes today for Christmas! May you always have the help you need....and be the help for others Making jam like crazy to use up those concord grapes! Added ginger to two batches and we all really like that combination a lot 22 lb bird cut and cooked this way. Was absolutely delicious and done in just over two hours. There is a lot more bird and stuffing than it looks like in the photo! Pool again this am Tis the season... Pie, anyone???? Pool again this am at 6 for an hour. wish I had one of these for Saturday housecleaning! Pool again this am....good thing because cold pouring rain outside! Sugar challenge continues..... Fall beauty Was at the pool today when it opened at 6 am. This will be the 5th week in a row that I have gone three times a week. Got to the pool 4 times this week! One extra session than planned. This would be where I would definitely like to spend a Sunday morning... Remember this tonight It was a beautiful October this year....and the weather is forecast to change soon. A good reminder, not only when you are stuck in a certain range, but even when you are losing and hit another range goal. Pool again this am.... Snowing here....brrrrrr We just got our patio furniture put away last week, so we are not dealing with this situation/ Thinking warm thoughts with the expectation of snow flurries today Fish are not thrilled about the snow, either!!! Thinking warm loving thoughts, even if it is actually very cold, and none of these in sight for many long dark months ahead! They are in my heart! Think WARM! Pool again this am Even so, was very happy to hit 179 today! Think warm, those of us who are wearing heavy sweaters and jackets! Warm thoughts and wishes on a cold rainy day in BC. At least we don’t need snow shovels here today. Today is a downsizing and simplifying day! Especially on a cold and rainy day! WooHoo...I AM there! Just home after a 3 day unexpected hospital stay for a gastric bleed. But feeling grateful and blessed for the excellent care provided by the Canadian health care system here on Vancouver Island. All is well now. Just because it wasn't how I planned it does not mean it was wrong! Seems to me God always writes with curvy lines! You can meet some wonderful people when this happens to you....and you life can be much richer and more blessed! (1 comments) Unfortunately, for me, this is really true! (1 comments) for those of us dealing with below freezing temps, thought this would be a lovely way to begin Monday For all the birthday wishes Below freezing again here today....brrrrr Pool again this am....and snow forecast for this afternoon. Think....warm Wednesday, because it surely is not! Cold here today! Still cold and snowy on Vancouver Island Pool for 90 minutes this am snowing here again, although it is light and we should NOT need shovels! Think Spring and Summer... Back to the pool this am Hope you are flying high today! Enjoy your last day of February Birthday cake for a friend made with cut marshmallows Woo Hoo...we had our windows cleaned today for spring, and washed all the curtains. Big job DONE! Never forget... Think is on its way! (1 comments) Pool today! Pool again this am for an hour Pool for an hour this morning from 6 - 7. Definitely feeling virtuous! Reminder mid-way through... House cleaning Saturday Started cleaning out my closet We all breathe the same air and live on this small beautiful “blue marble “ 90 minutes in the pool this am Going to be sunny and warm here today! Beauty abounds here today and Spring is on the way for sure! Midway through lent and midway through cleaning out closets and donating good items to be treasured by others (1 comments) We all live on this one small planet and need to appreciate and value our differences. Yes....closet done...recycled items boxed up, remaining organized and delightful to look at! Feels like a job truly well done! What the closet felt like before it was completed! Pool again this am for an hour Actually it is pretty spring like here on Vancouver Island Thinking warm and waiting for summer! Pool again this am for an hour! Having corned beef and cabbage for dinner of my all time favorites Pool again this am Good advice even if it is not Monday Pool for an hour at 6am Sort of the story of our life here at the monastery right now...but help’s to continually remind ourselves God is in all of it and always journeys with us. May your Sunday be filled with beauty and blessings! Pool today at 6am Pool this am at 6 Pool today! But your health might be determined by it..... Easter blessings Pool day this am! Did an hour at the pool at 6am. Always makes me feel like I have accomplished a lot already when I start my day with the pool. Am on track to hit 500,000 points tomorrow! Monday April 9th Have a chest cold and need to stay away from the pool this week...getting more rest, including an afternoon nap. Really?....the flu in April??? For heavens is April 11 and I have the flu?. For heavens is April 11 and I have the flu?. soho do we tell this season is supposed to be over? Wish it was just a head cold... Good news...bad news...who knows? I do not have the flu, but I do have a massive sinus infection. Ok, two spectrum antibiotics started yesterday after seeing the doctor. Thank God for the Canadian medical visit, no charge, 14 days Amoxicillin-Clav cost $18.40. So no flu, but still feeling really bad and staying in bed....hopefully this will turn around soon. Good news...bad news...who knows? I do not have the flu, but I do have a massive sinus infection. Ok, two spectrum antibiotics started yesterday after seeing the doctor. Thank God for the Canadian medical visit, no charge, 14 days Amoxicillin-Clav cost $18.40. So no flu, but still feeling really bad and staying in bed....hopefully this will turn around soon. (1 comments) I am finally there, but that is nowhere near I need to be for health! Sure hope all these April showers really do bring lots of May flowers We have tulips up and blooming 90 minutes at the pool at 6 am after missing it for two weeks being sick! Tulips blooming here and sunshine! Spring at Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC My Dad the baker! With his favorite kind of donut taken just two weeks before he died, and my last day with him. Such wonderful memories and so much love. Celerating my Dad who would have been 91 today. Miss you, and know you are always watching over me. (1 comments) Well worth remembering Remember this.... March 31 thought Took 7 years, but just today reached level 25. Dawn's Haircut Sept 2016 (3 comments) My Dad's Funeral-how he wanted it to be. (2 comments) Beginning of Spring Challenge April 4, 2015 The habit does NOT make the weight look better! (2 comments) coming in the drive (3 comments) Our Monastery (2 comments) In the kitchen-again! Our community-missing one (5 comments) Me with Mom and Dad (3 comments)

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