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Faerie gathering. is sending all my lovely friends Peace and Love. Keep on spreading the Love, folks,a nd it will come back to you threefold & more... is sending all my dear friends much Love & Blessings for 2016. Happy New Year....may all your hopes and dreams come true...xoxoxo (1 comments) is sending Much Love and Blessings to all my dear friends for a Happy Valentine's day...if no-one buys you a flower, or choloates, go treat yourself!! I Love you all XOXOXO (1 comments) is givimg thanks to the Angels for the rain in Sydney, a very welcome relief! (1 comments) is givimg thanks to the Angels for the rain in Sydney, a very welcome relief! is wishing all my dear friends a very Happy Easter. Enjoy your Easter Buns & Easter Eggs, not too many though, I wish you all PEACE AND LOVE and Blessings...xxxx (1 comments) is wishing you all a wonderful day with Infinite Blessings and Love xx wishes all of you a wonderful experience today, and sends you a Peace, Love and Joy...XXX is sending all of my wonderful friends much Love and Blessings. Thinking if you all, sorry if it seems like I don't, I send you all Love & healing every night at bedtime, always in my Prayers xxx (1 comments) is wishing everyone Happy Solstice!! Peace and Love to you all, xx is sending out Peace, Love and Joy to all. is taking down the Xmas decorations once again. Peace and Love to you all xx is enjoying a cool day after very hot weather in Sydney for the las few days, Much Love & Blessings to you all, my dear friends xx THIS IS ME 2012 AFTER LOST 19 KILOS (1 comments) My partner, Kevin, in our lounge room. (2 comments) Kiss Kiss....sigh... (5 comments) ABUNDANCE FAERIE SENDS LOVE TO YOU! It's a beautiful day to be alive, I Love you all, my dear friends xoxo (1 comments) is enjoying the Super Equinox ....and some time alone....Peace & Love xx Peace and Love xx is BIG HUGS FOR YOU ALL xx YOU ARE ALL ANGELS TO ME I LOVE YOU XX (1 comments) is grateful for the lovely Birthday greetings from my friends on Sparks & Facebook...made me feel all warm & fuzzy..I Love you all xx I LOVE YOU You ARE Loved, believe it... (1 comments) SENDING YOU LOVE AND LIGHT YES, REALLY, (1 comments) Keep an Open & Loving Heart BIG HUG FOR YOU FROM ME SHINING LOVE TO YOU Sending Love & Light The Violet Flame of St Germaine (2 comments) Archangel Ariel (1 comments) Roses from my heart to yours Blue Crystal Princess transformation (2 comments) A beautiful Angel morning to you (1 comments) My Fairy Retreat (1 comments) Archangel Ariel from Richard Rockwood (2 comments) Buddha holding Lotus flower (1 comments) Open Heart (3 comments) Lotus (2 comments) Beautiful Yellow Lotus Blossom (1 comments) Indian Lotus flowers (2 comments) Lotus for Crown chakra (1 comments) Floribunda rose, 'Shocking Blue'. RIP, beautiful rose. I loved you..... (3 comments) I MADE A KNOCK OFF VERSION OF THIS I LOVE IT. (1 comments) Master Healing Clear Quartz after attunement (2 comments) DUMORTIERITE CRYSTALS I BOUGHT RECENTLY Celestite (1 comments) Green Aventurine obelisk (6 comments) More Crystals, (2 comments) In front of Computer. Better one of the Green Aventurine (5 comments) Crystals on side table. Lapiz Lazuli, Iolite,Shungite,Citrine (9 comments) EXPLORING CRYSTAL CAVE #2 (2 comments) Aventurine Crystal (5 comments) Latest photo of me after losing 19 kilos. (9 comments) My pic after Aura reading. (1 comments) My daughter, Angie (3 comments) GRANDAUGHTER TRACEE MICHELLE (2 comments) TRACEE AND BUDGIES (3 comments) This is how I see the fun me. Me, aged 18. (13 comments) Me, aged about 6 with my Mum. A studio portrait, in black & white. (5 comments) Sylvia, 16 at Mum's 3rd wedding, 1958 sister Lynn, aged 6. Loved my dress, is blue flowers, on a whi (4 comments) Me, Christmas shopping, 2008.... (9 comments)

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