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(2 comments) I love that my husband came to the gym with me! (5 comments) My super tall 13 yr old son lifted weights with momma today :) (5 comments) I pressed 85 pounds today :) Gooooo me! (8 comments) day 7 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/11/2016 Taekwondo time :) is getting ready for leg day! Have a strong day, SparkFriends. is proud! I went to the gym twice today :) BAM! (3 comments) Stocking up on some more proteins and other odds and ends :) woohoo (3 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) is sticking with it. I am so happy to see some of my former spark pals! (4 comments) is getting ready to head to the gym and was looking for motivational quote. One of my cats likes to be a laptop holder. heheeheh. GOOOOO SPARKIES!! (2 comments) After Weights at the's time to walk at the lake! With My 12 yo her! (3 comments) is happy that she went to the gym twice today and on Tuesday! I also went for a walk around the lake : Beautiful day! How close will you be to your goals in 63 days when spring starts? Come on spring weather!!! (3 comments) Agreed! (1 comments) Sunny day. .to walk my cares away :) (2 comments) day 14 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/18/2016 is happy that her new laptop charger arrived today so she can catch up on spark! (1 comments) says, "week 3.. here I come." Watching my hubbins and chidlins do the balance beam on our walk at the lake :) Since when have I wanted to take a walk on a rest day? Since today!!! I moved these aching bones and muscles and went for an unplanned walk. Yay! (4 comments) is motivated. Standing between these two beautiful nieces makes me want to get healthier!! Last night at my bday dinner :) (4 comments) is happy that she got back to the gym last night after 4 days of no workout. Soooo sore, though. Getting back on track! (1 comments) is thankful for the positive sparkers who lift other sparkers up :) You have been amazing!!! (2 comments) So proud of my family :) I have charted the way for my husband and children to get healthy and we are all doing it!! 7 weeks in and my family is 36.4 pounds down!!!!!! (5 comments) My family just finished week 8. Check out our numbers! So proud of my kiddos. It isn't always easy keeping everyone on the same page but I will endure...for my kids! (2 comments) I haven't been able to get on spark as much as I'd like.. but I sure am sparking my kiddos! So proud of my family. Check out the stats below! (2 comments) I haven't updated my status in 12 days! Where does the time go? Just did a Bubble Run a couple of days ago!! (3 comments) Excited for the Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k this Saturday :) Here's what I am wearing. YAY! (6 comments) CHEEEEEZE! (11 comments) almost twins (4 comments)

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