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Can i pull off this natural hair thing???............. hmmmmmm 100 LBS DOWNNNN YALLLL!! GO ME!! natural.... i gotta find a cute style!! the blessing/curse growing outta my head I KNOW THERES A PRETTY STYLE OUT THERE FOR ME MY FAVORITE SON My 26th BDAY BASH! i was HUGE weight apx 316lbs in this pic (my highest weight was 337lbs) 11/2013 ME IN A SIZE 16pants!!!! too tight but i will be in them comfortably REALLSOON SIZE 16 SIDE VIEW 10/2012 My cousin's HAT PARTY apx 248lbs looking good :) 11/2013 at 233lbs getting there. right?? weight 200LBS 12/20/16 Oohhh Im looking thin these days! Thee holidays at that! 200lbs! 157 down! 12/20/16 200lbs (157 gone DONE finito!) FINALLY REALIZING I ROCK!! YOU CAN TOO!! DO IT! 12/20/16 weight 200lbs weight 200lbs (157lbs down!) 12/19/16 Natural Hair! Long hair dont care. No gym today= I can play in my hair! 12/19/16 200lbs. 157LB GONE! Me on Left 337lbs My 26th Birthday. I thought I was so cute that day. I was huge! Never give up! Apx 204lbs (153down) 12/14/16 This pic apx 357lbs! HAPPY YEARS I DID IT Y'ALL! I didn't kno I had it IN ME! WOW (1 comments) WOW apx 2009. Going thru old pics. very emotional! I have really came a long way! Go ME! (1 comments) Face before after! WOW Face before after! WOW 8/5/09 317 10/30/09 281!!!! GETTING SLIMMER!!! BY MY BDAY 3/27/10 I WILL BE A HOT SMOKING MAMA!! (1 comments) LOOKING SLIM!!! STARTING TO SEE MY SHAPE COME OUT 9.23.09 287LBS GOING OUT TO CLUB KARMA!! I WAS ON MY LEVEL!! YES SIRRRRR LOL 287 9.23.09 9.23.09 KARMA 287!!! TOW UP!!! LIKE IT WAS MY BDAY LOL... MY FACE ALWAYS LOOK LIKE I GREASED IT WIT AUG 2009 FACE SHOT OCT 2009 FACE GETTING SLIMMER!!! LOOK HOW MUCH MY "REAL HAIR" HAS GROWN!!!! WHOO IM GONNA BE LOOKING GOOD WITH A SLIM WAIST TO MATCH! LOOK AT ME GETTING SLIMMER!!! HOT GIRL IN THE MAKING!!! GO TAY GO TAY!! FACE GETTING SLIMMER AND PRETTIER!!! HOT GIRL! MY MOMS BDAY DEC 4 2009 I WAS LOOKING LIKE A HOT GIRL!!! YOU SEE THEM SHOES!! (1 comments) MY MOMS BDAY AGAIN DEC 4 2009 277 (1 comments) THIS IS MY HOT MAMA!!! LOOKING TOO CUTE FOR 54YRS OLD ON HER BDAY 2009 DECEMBER 4TH 2009 LOOKING SMOKING HOT FOR MY MAMA BDAY!!! face shot dont i look cute ok ugly pic.... but look how small my face is face shot 6/28/2011 248 pounds mid 240's on way to work! hot mama ME ON THE RIGHT AT MY 26TH BDAY PARTY 2008 THATS ME ON THE FAR RIGHT ON MY 26TH BDAY PARTY! 2008 (1 comments) THIS IS ME IN 2007 I HAD LOST 30LBS BUT GAINED IT BACK SINCE THEN wow.... im shame to say i was ugly when i was this big.... tho i thought i was 'THEE HOTTEST' smh (1 comments)

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