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See this image largerLunch today from Inspiralized: Everything "Bagel" buns! (Made from spiralized potato)See this image largerHomemade poke bowl for dinner! See this image largerCame home and was starving so I made an early dinner tonight. Pork with Pineapple and Broccoli from Bon Appetit. Delicious!See this image largerHealthy lunch: Spiralized potato nests with poached eggs and diced ham. See this image largerUpper 60s in Chicago today! Got an 8-mile power walk along the lakefront in. See this image largerLox on wasa with tzatziki, tomato, avocado, capers, red onion, and arugula. A filling and delicious healthy lunch. See this image largerThai red curry stir fry with chicken sausage. See this image largerPower walked 6 miles and made one of my all time best times. Love this beautiful spring tree that greeted me upon my return.See this image larger80 degrees in Chicago today! I got in a 10 mile power walk. Feeling great. Well, I may have almost crawled that last mile...See this image larger80 degrees in Chicago today! I got in a 10 mile power walk. Feeling great. Well, I may have almost crawled that last mile...See this image largerEggbeater breakfast burritos with green salsa. Delicious brunch!See this image largerWasn't super healthy on Easter so have to make up for it today. Butternut squash "risotto" with leek and chicken sausage. From the Inspiralized blog. See this image largerBreakfast tacos! Small tortillas, southwestern egg beaters, a little diced ham, and some salsa verde.See this image largerGreat day for an 8 mile power walk along the lakefront!See this image largerOne of my go-to heart snacks/dessert substitute. Greek yogurt with walnuts, dried cranberries, a little honey and rosemary.See this image largerA fun and healthy lunch: my version of eggs florentine. Spiralized potato buns, bacon, arugula, and poached eggs.See this image larger6 mile power walk today was a struggle. Mental energy just wasn't there. But at least I did it!See this image largerChicken, bell peppers, broccoli, and quinoa with Wild Garden shawarma marinade. Healthy, protein and nutrient-packed dinner. And so easy!See this image largerDelicious healthy lunch today. Salmon on wasa toast with tomato, Greek yogurt, capers, red onion, and avocado. Gonna get to that goal weight!See this image largerShrimp pho made with daikon “noodles” - a perfect healthy dinner for this frigid night! Recipe from Inspiralized.See this image largerCoconut curry lentil soup from the December Bon Appetit magazine!See this image largerFish curry over rice vermicelli noodles for a healthy homemade dinner! 10 lbs down. 15 to go.See this image largerTuna artichoke melt today for lunch. An old favorite from my college days. Protein packed.See this image larger75 and sunny in DC today? You bet I took a long lunch to get a 5 mi jog in.See this image largerFennel soup with lemon and cinnamon tonight! Really healthy but so filling. From my Soul for Syria cookbook.See this image largerDinner last night was a lot of freshness! Corn on the cob, vegetable medley from the fresh market, and panko crusted tilapia with a Greek yogurt lemon sauce. Getting back into the habit of eating healthier.See this image largerDelicious dinner from the Inspiralized and Beyond cookbook. Shaved steak taco skillet with bell peppers, onion, corn, and Greek yogurt. So good, low calorie and super high protein.See this image largerWasn't feeling great yesterday and the weather in DC was terrible so I couldn't get my power walk in, but I did make this delicious potato sage soup with beautiful potatoes from my Hungry Harvest delivery (one of those services that delivers you fresh produce that is rejected from the big box stores. It's always great!). See this image largerChicken turnip fried “rice”. So healthy and really delicious. From the Inspiralized and Beyond cookbook.See this image largerGot an 8.5 mile jog/walk in today and burned 1200 calories! Makes me feel better about holiday festivities tonight. See this image largerSee this image largerWhen my condo became mine in July!See this image largerSee this image largerA little broccoli chicken sausage and quinoa. Healthy Sunday night eats.See this image largerMade this delicious Delicata Squash soup from for dinner last night. Delicious, nutritious, and I don’t know about you all, but I find making soup to be a great de-stresser from the day!See this image largerWas not feeling well all day but threw some salsa and chicken into the slow cooker, added corn, pinto beans, and some seasoning and ate it over quinoa with Greek yogurt and some avocado. Healthy, easy, and delicious.See this image largerSpent 7 hours straight taking down my Christmas decorations and cleaning every inch of my place. Moving all the furniture, scrubbing floors. Burned calories all day and now have a clean home and a healthy dinner!See this image largerWoke up a bit rundown after a night of partying, but it was nice out so I set out to get a five mile run/walk in. Ended up feeling great and going for 8 while this white bean chicken chili verde from Skinnytaste cooked in the slow cooker. Delicious and so healthy!See this image largerMade this delicious Mongolian Beef and Broccoli from the Skinnytaste cookbook tonight. I’m feeling great about my weight loss!! Not stepping on a scale until I’m a little further in (two months so far, will weigh in one more) because I don’t want to get discouraged, but I already feel it in my clothes.See this image largerPost-run egg scramble and English muffin. Wasn’t feeling super motivated today but I got out there anyway and get 5 (slow) miles in.See this image largerSnow keeps coming down in DC! Made a nutritious and filling brunch at home. Love fresh ingredients. Potatoes, onions, peppers, chicken sausage, tomatoes, eggs, avocado and a Greek yogurt hot sauce.See this image largerA snow day inside but I got a decent interval workout in at home and made this healthy Cajun chicken pasta from Skinnytaste!See this image largerThis is actually only healthy-ish but it was a delicious lunch and now I’m going to take a nice long snowy walk to be active. Love snow days!See this image largerGovernment shutdown + snow in dc = nobody here is working. Great day to get 7 miles in! Even in my big ol snow boots.See this image largerSuper healthy dinner tonight! Sesame ginger chicken and bok choy with mashed cauliflower. All of the healthy goodness.See this image larger“Unstuffed” Cabbage Soup from the Skinnytaste Cookbook for dinner yesterday. So nutritious and a ton of flavor.See this image largerTonight’s dinner... lemony salmon with spiced chickpeas and a side of baked sweet potato tots.See this image largerChicken and egg salad on English muffin. Love a healthy lunch!See this image largerDinner tonight is turnip soup to soothe my cold. Delicious and nutritious. Recipe from The Spruce Eats.See this image largerFought my cold to get 8.5 mi in! Slower than usual but at least I moving.See this image largerKilling it today! Haven’t hit 10 mi in almost 2 years and incorporated running up every large set of stairs I see into my program. My body will be back where it belongs! 1/3 of the way there.See this image largerCame home from my run and cooked a healthy though time-consuming dinner. Stuffed poblano peppers and summer squash fries. Delicious but I’m tired!(1 comments)See this image largerAfter a brisk walk to the farmers market on a sunny cold morning, I made these delicious salmon toast with scrambled eggs. Sourdough bread, smoked salmon, Swiss chard, scrabbled eggs, onion, olives, tomatoes, onion and dill quark. So fresh.See this image largerGot ten miles in today and at my best time yet! Feeling great!See this image largerSome heathy breakfast tostadas and a clean house!See this image largerDelicious open-faced lox sandwich for lunch. Working on my day off but this goodness makes it ok! 300 calories and so good.See this image largerChicken Parmesan from the Skinnytaste cookbook and mashed cauliflower. Delicious dinner after a nice run!See this image largerSnow day lunch! Chicken and quinoa salad with matcha dressing from Bon Appetit Magazine.See this image largerSweet and spicy salmon from skinny taste with lemon asparagus. Healthy dinner after an afternoon run.See this image largerSlow cooker Santa Fe chicken from Skinnytaste after a 9 mi run/walk. Down 20 lbs today. 20 more to go. Halfway!See this image largerGot my wisdom teeth removed Monday so I still can’t eat normal but I’m trying to get creative with soft foods. Here is today’s lunch: savory oatmeal with poached egg, onion, shallot and Parmesan.See this image largerHappened to have all the ingredients at home to make this delicious shrimp and artichoke couscous dish. Delicious and healthy. Still recovering from wisdom tooth removal so this was soft but not lame and enough to get my nutrients in.See this image largerHealthy lunch with things I had in the pantry and fridge. Polenta with mushrooms, olives, and chickpeas.See this image largerSpaghetti squash turkey bolognese. So delicious and healthy!!See this image largerButternut squash stuffed peppers. So tasty and easy and very healthy! Served over quinoa. Recipe from Boston globe food.See this image largerA lot of work went into this dinner! Followed up errands, a run, and a band workout with red wine braised Korean steak tips, honey-glazed Brussels sprouts, and watermelon radish orange salad.See this image largerHave been loosening up a little too much in my weight loss efforts. Here is tonight’s healthy dinner - stir fry chicken sausage over quinoa with Greek yogurt sriracha sauce.See this image largerA good problem to have- my favorite running pants that I got as a gift for Christmas no longer fit. They were falling down throughout my run!See this image largerSuper healthy dinner after a great run and band workout! Productive Sunday for the weight loss journey. Chicken Marsala with mashed cauliflower and lemon roasted asparagus.See this image largerGot home from work and didn’t feel mentally in the right place to work out but I motivated myself to get a three mile run in followed by this healthy dinner! Garlic roasted cod and summer pearled couscous.See this image largerAfter a weekend of eating unhealthily, back to nutrition. Chicken mole and turnip rice from the Inspiralize Everything cookbook.See this image largerHealthy dinner after a productive day cleaning out my closet. Two big bags to donate!See this image largerGot some beautiful acorn squash from Hungry Harvest and stuffed it with a filling made of ingredients I had at home: quinoa, onions, peppers, mushrooms and Parmesan. Healthy and so good!See this image largerHoney garlic shrimp and broccoli with a side of mashed cauliflower. So healthy and really delicious!See this image largerNothing like a well-balanced and fresh meal. Orange fish in parchment, a baked potato and a capers salad with fresh ingredients from the farmers market today. 25 lbs down. 15 to go!See this image largerUdon stir fry from Bon Appetit Mag. Needed some carbs.See this image largerSteak and spring vegetable stir fry. Skipped the rice and went for a slice of whole wheat bread on the side. Back on the wagon!See this image largerZucchini lasagna after a productive and healthy weekend. Recipe from Skinnytaste. You don’t even miss the noodles! Delicious and healthy.See this image largerWorking from home so I can write a research paper for a client. Made this delicious and healthy lunch. Lox and scrambled egg toasts with homemade tzatziki. So good!See this image largerLove a well balanced plate! Chicken broccoli stir fry, mashed cauliflower, and tomato bread.See this image largerIt’s possible to eat healthy for date night! Scallops over marscapone with hazelnuts and a side of asparagus and an arugula salad.See this image largerStruggling to get back on track for weight loss after two months of maintaining. But this turkey bolognese over spaghetti squash is a good start.See this image largerHad a long weekend visiting family that included a lot of indulgent meals. Haven’t been very healthy lately. Tonight trying to get back on track with some blackened chili lime shrimp and avocado with a baked potato (Greek yogurt instead of sour cream!)See this image largerHealthy dinner after a quick run after work tonight. Had a few weeks of not being great but I’m back to the weight I was at my lowest on this journey. Spicy Chicken lettuce wraps. Recipe from Bon Appetit.See this image largerGot a run in after work and made some super healthy grilled salmon with lemon sesame dressing and a side of asparagus! Paired it with a salad of cucumber, radish, onion, arugula, mint, pistachio and avocado.See this image largerGot a great run in today and made this healthy grilled swordfish with tomato and oregano and a side of quinoa tabbouleh. Really hoping to break a plateau.See this image largerDeconstructed zucchini manicotti. Still working to lose the five lbs I’ve gained this summer and then yesterday I sprained my ankle running so that doesn’t help!See this image largerStarting fresh again after a few months off the wagon. Going to try the Mediterranean Diet and starting off with this Niçoise salad (ended up huge so it’s a few servings)See this image largerBack home after work travel and even though I am so tired, needed to use my groceries. This is turmeric salmon with coconut crisp.See this image largerScale jumped today without reason but sticking with it. Za’tar fish and Chips from Bon Appetit magazine. Super healthy and delicious.See this image largerMade this lentils and smothered greens over toast for a fibrous and delicious lunch today! See this image largerMade this delicious shrimp noodle salad for dinner. Fresh and nutritious! Let loose too much last week. Trying to make up for it.See this image largerUnder calories for the day and craving something late so made this greek yogurt bowl with chocolate collagen powder some fruit and a few pecans. Sweet and satisfying but also nutrient dense.See this image largerAs a DC resident, today has been exceptionally hard. On the health front alone, I couldn’t go for my intended walk as I live near the capitol and couldn’t go outside. But I’m grateful to be safe and have finally stepped away from the news to heat up these parsnip noodle pad Thai leftovers I made yesterday.See this image largerI always keep rotisserie chicken on hand to add to salads. When the rest of my salad ingredients ran out and I still had some chicken, I decided to make this chicken and egg salad for a protein-packed lunch. It’s so good and filling.See this image largerFlounder and broccoli bake from the Skinnytaste cookbook for a healthy dinner tonight!See this image largerChocolate chia seed pudding for a healthy dessert!See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerMaster's GraduationSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerAt the Taj Mahal this summerSee this image largerElephant riding in Thailand!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger

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