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(3 comments) (3 comments) WHO ELSE.... LILY-BUG A CLOSE UP. (4 comments) LILY-BUG AND HER NEW PURPLE PIG..... (SCROLL DOWN) TO SEE THE PIG. (2 comments) (2 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) day 5 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/19/2017 THIS IS MY NEW JACKET AND SHIRT.. (21 comments) MY MOM.. ME.. & MY SISTER. (12 comments) ME AT 138 LBS SEPT 2013. (13 comments) ME AT 139 LBS (9 comments) THESE PANTS ARE FROM MY TRIP TO SASK FOR MY MOM'S B-DAY.. SINCE THEN I'VE LOST LOTS MORE.. 146 LBS. (15 comments) TAKEN JUNE 16TH 2013. 146 LBS MAINTAINING. (8 comments) SMILING.. (10 comments) HOW'S THIS..... AM I SMILING... (13 comments) 152 LBS.... MY NEW JACKET. (14 comments) WAITING FOR MY SON TO TAKE THE PICTURE... 152 LBS. (10 comments) ME AT 158 LBS.. JAN 7TH 2013. (15 comments) 151 LBS JAN 2013. (1 comments) 2 LBS FROM MY WEIGHT GOAL.... 158 TODAY. (11 comments) NEW HAIRCUT. (11 comments) NEW SCARF A SPARK FRIEND SENT ME.. WISH IT WAS CLOSER SHOT. (9 comments) MY SON TOOK IT TOO CLOSE.. ME AT 169 LBS (9 comments) NEW LEATHER JACKET PANTS AND TOP FOR MY B-DAY OCT/12. BEHIND ALL THE LEAVES I BLEW IN THE GARDEN, (14 comments) ME... AT 172 LBS.... (15 comments) CLOSE UP OF MY MEAL...... JUST LOOK AT THOSE RIBS AND WINGS IN HONEY GARLIC.. IT WAS DELICIOUS... (7 comments) ME... JUNE 2012... BACK TO MY OWN HAIR COLOR.... 187 LBS (9 comments) ME JUNE 2012 MY COMPUTER ROOM.. (8 comments) NEW HAIRDO. (5 comments) ME ONE POUND LIGHTER... LOL. (6 comments) I HAVE NOW LOST 32 POUNDS IN TOTAL...... (4 comments) SO FAR I ONLY LOST 24 LBS....BUT THEY ONLY HAD THIS ICON. (6 comments) This is my new haircut and streak job..... I'm in my P.J.'S.......on the computer of course.. (14 comments) This little Betty Boop I got for Cyndy, for halloween. (2 comments) This Betty is now sitting on my computer right in front of me... (5 comments) WTF!!?? What The F... Does It Mean.. (10 comments) Cyndy sent this one to me... Best Friends Forever!! (5 comments) me and Oma at the festival...... how can you tell it's the end of the day..... tired & sore.. (5 comments) Me and Oma taking it easy on our scooters... (12 comments)

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