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This is from 12-09 to 8-10 (no sugar/bread).... I can get there again.. (21 comments) 8-14-10 on left and 8-25-10 on right. 11 days difference. (6 comments) Difference of 43 lbs (11 comments) Dec. 2009 to Sept 2010 down 43 lbs. (5 comments) Left March 09 wgt 196 : Right 9-30-09 wgt 176 Difference of 20 lbs. (4 comments) Left is Jan 2010 Right is October 2010. (26 comments) 2010 lost 43, 2012-2013 regained it slowly stress eating taking care of my sick momma (2 comments) (2 comments) Me and my second oldest son at Christmas, Look "no neck" and huge arms!..YIKES (9 comments) My Oldest Son and I at his wedding, one of my fat pictures I was surprised at. (2 comments) My 8 year old and our French Bulldog (2 comments) My son Lane and our English Bulldog Annie (2 comments) April 2008, Me and 3 of my 4 boys at my Mom's Birthday party. (7 comments) My son at Halloween (2 comments) Me close to my highest weight WOW, one of my "fat" pictures but this can be a motivator to lose, right! Me and my son in 2006 not as fat as I am now but still overweight My husband Davy and me 2 yrs ago in 9-07 (1 comments) My oldest son Shannon, his new baby Jaezyn, and my youngest son Lane (3 comments) My 2nd oldest son Morgan, his girlfriend Abbi, and her little girl Jada My Oldest son, his wife, and their son (2 comments) This is my sons' girlfriends little girl this Halloween 09. Her name is Jada. (3 comments) This is my mom, my 17 yr., Jada (1 yr old), & my 8 yr. old. He's doing Jada's expression. (2 comments) My second oldest son and his fiance Abbi, she has a 1 1/2 yr old daughter Jada too. (2 comments) My Grandson Jaezyn sleeping in his horse costume this Halloween 09 (2 comments) 11-6-09 my oldest son, Shannon, his wife Whit, and their baby Jaezyn (3 comments) Does anyone know what kind of flower this is?? It grew in my yard this year for the first time. (7 comments) My mom, 2 of my sons, Abbi and her daughter Jada. Jada just started doing this funny expression. My Grandson and my Granddaughter 'to be' (2 comments) My son and his fiance, Abbi (just got engaged Christmas 09 (1 comments) Morgan, Abbi, Jada on Christmas Day 09 (1 comments) My son and his soon to be step daughter whom HE ADORES! Can u tell? (1 comments) Me, my youngest son, My mom and My sis 2002 Me as a baby in 1966 with my mom and sisters (1 comments) Me being legitimately "fat" (pregnant in 2000) (1 comments) (1 comments) My son and his new stepdaughter at the wedding! Love this pic My son, his new wife and her little girl! (3 comments) Morg, Abbi and Jada at their wedding 3-6-10 (1 comments) My favorite pic of my son and DIL at their wedding 3-6-10 (5 comments) I took this with my new camera on 4-17-10. (1 comments) My Granddaughter JADA taken 4/17/10 (3 comments) My 9 yr old son, Lane being crazy! 4-17-10 (2 comments) My Sweet VICTORIAN Bulldogs. I raised these cuties! (4 comments) 5/21/10 going to my sons' graduation (1 comments) Prayer Warrior (1 comments) my profile image for the 8 wk. battle (3 comments) Taken Mothers' Day 2010 (missing one son here) (6 comments) 8/14/10 (5 comments)

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