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See this image largerSierra and his mom, Robin - three days and 23 years!See this image largerRapscallion Pandemonium (tortie) and CK (black and white). RIP, CK, we miss you.(2 comments)See this image largerPicante says, I wasn't impressed with the new guy when he was born, and I'm *still* not impressed now that he's three!See this image largerPicante (warmblood bay) and Atreides (quarterhorse chestnut)(1 comments)See this image largerShadow: Someone better take charge here!See this image larger"Wonder what would happen if I chased Rapper?" says Salmon River("Sam") - right before he acquires a shiny new scratch on his nose!(2 comments)See this image larger"How 'bout we protect the house from the inside?" (Shadow, KC) 8/3/07, Shadow guards in spirit(1 comments)See this image largerSADIE, the secure and dependable intruder-eater, carefuly checks the orchids for mice.See this image largerWhen there's snow outside, a dancing lady can lift your spirits!See this image largerSpring is coming!See this image largerWe've come a long way from here ...(1 comments)See this image largerMy grandmother, 93rd birthday! Wow. She's incredible!(2 comments)See this image largerHere's an older one of me ... mid 90's, I think. This was pre so many things - pre divorce, pre-cancer, pre weight gain ... and Pre Weight Loss!(1 comments)See this image larger"Once a lap-puppy, ALWAYS a lap-puppy!" Shadow, about seven months old.(5 comments)See this image largerGetting ready to ride ...(1 comments)See this image largerAtreides: "It should be MY turn to go!!!"See this image largerSierra: going riding with Mom is SO relaxing!See this image largerWarmups and stretches: horses need them too.See this image largerCats Rule!See this image largerMy husband and the dogs in "black and white"See this image largerSierra and me (I'm about 140 in this picture, June 2007)See this image largerFeels so good!See this image largerAtreides: Finally, my turn!See this image largerBlackberry, Computer, and Travel Bag: Ready for Action!(4 comments)

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