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Sierra and his mom, Robin - three days and 23 years! Rapscallion Pandemonium (tortie) and CK (black and white). RIP, CK, we miss you. (4 comments) Picante says, I wasn't impressed with the new guy when he was born, and I'm *still* not impressed now that he's three! Picante (warmblood bay) and Atreides (quarterhorse chestnut) (1 comments) Shadow: Someone better take charge here! "Wonder what would happen if I chased Rapper?" says Salmon River("Sam") - right before he acquires a shiny new scratch on his nose! (2 comments) "How 'bout we protect the house from the inside?" (Shadow, KC) 8/3/07, Shadow guards in spirit (1 comments) SADIE, the secure and dependable intruder-eater, carefuly checks the orchids for mice. When there's snow outside, a dancing lady can lift your spirits! Spring is coming! We've come a long way from here ... (1 comments) My grandmother, 93rd birthday! Wow. She's incredible! (2 comments) Here's an older one of me ... mid 90's, I think. This was pre so many things - pre divorce, pre-cancer, pre weight gain ... and Pre Weight Loss! (1 comments) "Once a lap-puppy, ALWAYS a lap-puppy!" Shadow, about seven months old. (5 comments) Getting ready to ride ... (1 comments) Atreides: "It should be MY turn to go!!!" Sierra: going riding with Mom is SO relaxing! Warmups and stretches: horses need them too. Cats Rule! My husband and the dogs in "black and white" Sierra and me (I'm about 140 in this picture, June 2007) Feels so good! Atreides: Finally, my turn! (1 comments) Blackberry, Computer, and Travel Bag: Ready for Action! (4 comments)

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