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yes! I got a bikeride in the fresh powdery snow. I hope 2015 is a big year of change (2 comments) Day 21 after a few days of unexpected detours from cardio got in a beautiful sunny ride day 54 finishing the work week with a morning ride, ready for the weekend! Got a quick trail ride in in the way to work 2 beginning mountain bike trail rides this weekend. On e with my much more in shape 15 year old son, today by myself. My first short trail ride on my new used bike with new bike grips replacing the old ones and new mountain biking gloves. It's now like a newer used new bike Finally found a good beginner trail for this creaky knee guy. Fun but still challenging First day back to teaching. Crunches,stretching, coffee and new sneakers more comfy than my last pair to start the week In addition to mountain biking with my son today I found a hybrid road bike at a tag sale in excellent shape. $20 and they gave me a car bike rack we used today. Got in good bike rides this week gotta keep it up! Bikes parked in the driveway for the weekend! Got in a mountain bike ride on the local intermediate hard to me trail and another quick ride on a bike path I recently found by my sons hockey practice. Happy bike sunday A quick mtb ride this morning to check out a new trail Made it to the top of this hill. Uphill can be difficult and discouraging with my creaky knees but in reading some articles to help. Decent was better (1 comments) A very successful Trailride for Friday morning. Thank you YouTube videos! Oct 2016 Music for Kids (3 comments) My New Best Friend (4 comments) Music is Good (2 comments) My Great Kids! (2 comments) Keep On Keepin' On! (1 comments) Trail Ride with the Dogs (1 comments) The Wheel is turnin'! (1 comments) sitting in on blues harp with my friends band, 11/19/10 (@ 229 lbs, down 19) playin' harp, 11/19/10 (1 comments) Dec 2010 @ 223lbs, 25 down (2 comments) new knobby tires (2 comments) jan 2011 (4 comments) jan 2011, ya, they're my daughters ski goggles! (3 comments) crunchy snow ride in the neighborhood 2/2/11 (2 comments) wicked fun snow ride around the neighborhood 2/2/11 (1 comments) March 18, 2011- 1 week after knee replacement (2 comments) March/2011...week and a half after knee surgery (3 comments) May 3, 2011 @ my son's lacrosse practice, he's the goalie in the backround . (4 comments) 6/12/11 biking at wildcat falls with my son (1 comments) 12/26/11, ready for a chiily ride. no snow yet. got tunes. (1 comments) 3/23/12

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