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Me and my baby Bunny (7 comments) My beautiful girl Velvet (9 comments) Bunny and little Peachy (R.I.P.) (7 comments) My Mom, me and Velvet walking. (3 comments) Bunny is watching us from underneath a rock. (3 comments) Sunset in our backyard. (4 comments) Men don't like little yappy dogs, or do they? (5 comments) Me around last Christmas time. (2 comments) The lovliest nose in the universe. (8 comments) My daughter Sarah with our baby bird Peachy. (3 comments) Raising little treehuggers and proud of it. (3 comments) I just gave birth to a poodle. (3 comments) Who? Me again. (2 comments) My daughter Julia. (3 comments) Julia again with her favorite hat. (4 comments) Velvet doesn't like the camera. (5 comments) day 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/8/2015 (1 comments) day 5 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 9/17/2015 I am on the Shooting Star team for the Fall Challenge!! (1 comments) is not only a Shooting Star, but also part of the Phoenix Constellation within. How beautiful! (1 comments) My parents giant chocolate package from Germany has arrived. Never realized how much they really send. Come to my house everyone. We need help. (2 comments) Daughter Julia is leaving for Argentina tomorrow for a month. Oh my. Will miss her. (2 comments) Home from bringing daughter to the airport Did 7 hours of driving today. Now I rest up. (4 comments) Nothing like spending an hour sifting through garbage bags looking for digital camera packaging just to find it smiling up at me from the back seat of our car lol. I need a shower. (4 comments) Got sent home from work today because i don't have a voice and looked "really rough" as my boss stated. Tea, soup, bed. (5 comments) Daughter Sarah came to visit us before my shift. Drinking tea and chatting a (1 comments) Up we get and where are my workout shoes? Let's do this. Step Aerobics here I come. (4 comments) Got a new laptop. Thanks hubby. (6 comments) Julie is on the plane home. Buenos Aires-Rio de Janeiro-NYC. Will be relieved when she is on home soil. (2 comments) Why not everyone owns an Oodle is beyond me. The moment before my hand reveives an oodly good morning kiss (5 comments) Bunny wishes you all a toasty day today. (4 comments) Driving to Boston later. Puppies have to be kenneled. I have not told them, yet. (2 comments) 2016 Spring 5% Challenge starts March 26. Sign up now!! It's so much fun! (2 comments) My basket! This was so much fun! (3 comments) you thought I was kidding about that Hula Hoop. I WILL DEFEAT YOU, YOU HULA! (1 comments) (1 comments) At JFK dropping Julia off for Germany (3 comments) Last hike with my Dad before my parents fly back to Germany. (1 comments) 5% Fall Challenge signups are open!!! Let me know if you are interested in joining us! is (1 comments) I am so in love with NYC. (1 comments) What a fabulous 2nd day in NYC! First real snow of the season. (4 comments) Good morning! Today's forecast.... shaggy with blue skies and a few fluffy clouds ;) (1 comments) So close to Christmas, and so happy about it! (1 comments) Getting somewhere with my hubbys blanket! Day off, slept in. Now hanging out with hubby and the puppies earned the Alpha Star Badge for Week 0 to Quebec! So much fun knitting with these colors! (1 comments) is is is is Last week's snow walk. Today still in my night gown trying to decide what to do with this day. Browsing Yoga Videos. is is is (1 comments) is is is is I am a Shooting Star AND an Invincible Indigo. This might just be the perfect picture for both teams (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) is an Invincible Indigo and a Shooting Star!! I see you all working out! Great job! (1 comments) is enjoying the midnight flowers. (1 comments) is is Hubby and I traveling by train in Germany. (1 comments) Me and hubby at my sister's house in Germany. is

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