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My husband at work. (1 comments) Taken 1/25/09; getting more toned! Our cat, Baby "catnapping" 2/1/09 (2 comments) My hubby & I, taken Sun., 2/1/09 Andrew taken 2/13/09 Standing in front of the site of the original stage of Woodstock 1969 (1 comments) The plaque where the original Woodstock Festival took place. (1 comments) Some "groovy" people performing Me & Duke Devlin, who came to Woodstock from Texas and never left :) Me & my husband just before entering the concert site (no cameras were allowed) We camped along the Delaware River in Narrowsburg, NY. Very beautiful there! Our huge backyard, 1/3 of an acre. Our tomato garden to the left and doing great! (1 comments) Celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary (9/5/02) Relaxing by the pool at my brother in law's house (2 comments) My brother in law's pool we are privvy to Here is an updated pic of me as of Wed., 9/28/11. I am back on track & here's the results! (2 comments) At my 40th reunion 10/8/11 (1 comments) Taken 10/17/11 I'm back! Close to my goad weight, training for a 1/2 marathon, and sporting a shorter hairdo! As of March 31, 2016 I am a size 6-8! Having fun with hair chalk colors LOL! My dad passed away June 1st (7/2/26-6/1/17). I'm grateful he lived a full, active life. Our newest family member, Jypsy. She's a sweetie Taken 11/3/08 (1 comments) My dad and stepmom taken 10/20/08 getting there (1 comments) My 32 year old son, Andrew Taken on 11/07. You can see I was heavier if you compare this to my current pics! My cat, Baby. It looks like SHE wants to work out too LOL! The love of my life--my husband, Chris. Yes, HIS name is Chris, too! And we have fun with that, especially when telemarketers call heh heh! (1 comments) My dad and stepmom. He's 82 & can STILL beat me at arm wrestling,and she swims 3X a week! Taken 5/8/08 GASP!! I am starting to get my cheekbones & jawline back! YAY!! 5/10/08 5/8/08 self-taken. I'm getting shoulders and some arm defination! yee haa! (1 comments) Dialysis machines; a sober reminder to take care of your kidney health Before picture taken around March 2008 Taken 11/30/08 4 inches less! Side view (March 2008) Side view 11/30/08 wow what a difference! (1 comments) I'm improving! YAY! Taken last weekend of May 2008 Now this shirt is big on me if you compare it to my previous one! 11/2/08 7/30/08; I can wear shorts again! 8/3/08 I started wearing skirts again! (2 comments)

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