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See this image largerHello. New here. Doing that whole new year improving thing. I have over 50 pounds to lose. I'm going all in, made a blog and everything. Haha. Hope everyone has a blast this New Year's Eve!See this image largerSelfie for self esteem. I put makeup on today, but I somehow look more tired! HahaSee this image largerThis is my first time on a scale in months. I really didn't think I had past the 200 mark 😱. Well, this is my start.See this image largerMy reason for wanting to be healthy. My three girls.See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerI made meatless burritos. This is new. Bean, rice and veggie filling.See this image largerI was so excited this morning, got up at 4:45 and got ready for my first day at a new job. It's not off to a good start, apparently no one was informed that there was a new teacher! 😱See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter It's probably just water weight, but it makes me happy. I've been "good" since the 1st and have had no sodas or meat.See this image largerBreakfast! Black beans and rice, egg in a hole and salsa. And of course coffee.See this image largerI'm down another 1.2 pounds. I was about to write a post complaining about how hard this is and how bad I'm doing... But I'm down! This is awesome!See this image largerI just checked my BMI and see that I'm actually considered "morbidly obese". Wtf? How did this happen? How did I let this happen? I realize how dumb this sounds, but I don't "feel" that big, I see pictures and can't believe that's me.See this image largerAll the ground workers where I work think I'm crazy. I'm the first teacher to arrive and walking laps around the campus. It's a cold, dreary morning. They've opened all the rooms up and I'm still walking. I did go inside for a moment to heat my coffee, but... Now I'm walking.See this image largerOMG! I did it!! Since January first I've been trying to get in 10000 steps but found it impossible. Today I found every opportunity to walk!See this image larger2 days in a row!! Woohoo! A coworker and I walk during our breaks. I'm so excited. Getting in 10000 steps has been something I never thought I could do... But , I've done it 2 DAYS IN A ROW! I feel so great!See this image largerSo I'm down another pound... But of hair! My daughter suffers from alopecia, last night we shaved her head and then I shaved mine! Not going to lie, I'm kind of digging it!See this image largerAnyone else have #Instagram? I just made an account and don't have anyone to follow!! I'm @bald_ladybugSee this image largerSee this image larger#friendfinder looking for people with Instagram to follow. I finally downloaded it, but I don't know who to follow! #motivation

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