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That's me right after quitting smoking in 2001. How did I get that big?!!! Another one of me in 2001. WOW I can't believe I ever got that big!!!! (1 comments) "Cuz we hate these collars" --Mulligan and Chester (2 comments) Great boobage when I weigh too much! (4 comments) That's when I was thin last summer! 140 pounds. (3 comments) Colorado River rapids out the train window Old locomotive, Burlington Iowa Elk near Evergreen, Colorado Tracks Colorado River out the train window - see the train on the right? River rafters Love this - Tracks over the Colorado River (1 comments) California near Monterey - My summer vacation, 2010! Me on the wine and cheese tasting parlor car on the Coast Starlight train from LA to San Francisco (2 comments) Cowboy Dave Train friend Rozalind on the way to SF from LA on the Coast Starlight. Wine and cheese car with Cowboy Dave and three ladies (1 comments) Santa Barbara California (1 comments) Out the plane from SF to LA Me jamming on a cool Van Halen guitar. Kyle (seated) made this guitar himself! Dancing kids loved our jam session Jamming with the squeezebox guy Me and my best friend from the time we were 18 months old! (1 comments) My seatmate from Chicago all the way to Truckee, Nevada. Me fat and jolly. That double chin needs to go! (2 comments) My helper, helping me make that afghan (2 comments) Me and my pup (2 comments) 18 pounds gone in 5 months! 168 October 9,2009. 150 March 9,2010 30 days. 10 pounds gone. 167 TO 157 (12/12/9 to 1/17/09) (1 comments) 145 last year. Up to 168 this year! What an eye opener Another eye opener. I was 144 and wanted to get to 130, last summer! Graph of weight gain November 2008 to October 2009 What I looked like in 1982. And I was already a mom. I CAN get back there! (4 comments) Christmas Pup! (1 comments) Me on Christmas (1 comments) That's progress! Since I started Spark People, 167 to 160 Christmas to 1/8, down 1 pound. That's 1/2 pound a week. Would like to lose faster Nice! 7 pounds gone in the one month since I started Spark People (1 comments)

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