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See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerI love this quote!See this image largerThe two people I need to get in shape for! Well, 3, have to do this for myself as well! :)See this image largerGood night y’all! Start a new week off right :)See this image largerMy wife and I just got done going for a 5 mile walk. I love when we work on ourselves together!See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter. I know most before and afters are the positive changes people have made. I kind of put this on here for myself, but wanted to show my roller coaster life with health and exercise! I can’t wait for this after picture to be my before picture.See this image largerBe in love with yourself! We get many dreams, but we only get one life! This will be a busy week, so goodnight everyone and I hope you don’t have a manic Monday!See this image largerWell, did you beat your Monday??? I made mine lay down and let me scratch its belly! Ha ha ha haSee this image largerGoodnight everyone! Sleep tight and dream big!!! ASee this image largerI love this painting of mind, body and spirit! All three have to be healthy to accomplish goals :)See this image largerGoodnight, sleep well and dream big! Let your mind and body start tomorrow on fire to achieve your goals!!!See this image largerDon’t hold yourself back by setting a goal you know you can achieve easily! Push yourself to a new you and never look back!!! #goodnightSee this image largerMexican chicken, mixed veggies a few crushed tortilla chips and probably too much sour cream! Ha ha ha ha ha #mexicanfoodloverSee this image larger#thebigbangtheoryloversSee this image larger#tgifSee this image largerThanks to my beloved wife for getting my behind out there today! 5.5 mile walk and 90 minutes of sunshine and happiness by her side! Was not feeling it today, but glad she is not afraid to push me ;)See this image largerI love the rain! Got a 3.89 mile run in it!!See this image largerOne good thing about Stay at Home is families having dinner together again! I love sitting around laughing with my wife and son!!!See this image largerWell I finished the month the right way! Hit two new goals since I started working out again; longest walk and fastest speed : )See this image largerSo how did your April go? Tomorrow you have a new month and can write a different story!See this image largerHow was your week? Did you do a lot or did you go stir crazy at home?See this image largerMy wife and I found a new place to walk. Little bit of a drive, a lot more people, but much more beautiful and peaceful walk!!!See this image largerSuper excited that I bought my new running watch!!! Can’t wait to get it ; )See this image largerOne of my favorite healthy dinners! “ Almond Chicken Tenders and Parmesan Crusted Broccoli”See this image largerHope everyone has a great start to their week! Getting ready to go for a walk with my wife! Love and nature are a beautiful combination for exercise :)See this image largerA few pretzels, cherry tomatoes and 3 slices of cheese!See this image largerSetting my May Goals: 1. Walk/Run 75 miles 2. Lose 10 pounds 3. 15 minutes of stretching EVERY DAY, whether I work out or not! 4. No fast food, no matter how busy I am with work.See this image largerSo excited that I have lost 15 pounds so far in just over a month 👍🏻See this image largerI have earned a rest day tomorrow. I have walked the last 6 days and put in just over 25 miles :)See this image largerSooooo excited! My Garmin Forerunner 245 showed up today! I even left work an hour early to come home and play with it!!!!!See this image largerHappy Hump Day!! How are you going to finish your week???See this image largerGot my first walk with my Garmin Forerunner! I love it 🥰 My wife asked if I needed “alone” time with it as I was checking it out often! Ha ha ha haSee this image larger#tbt I loved this run with my niece!See this image largerOff to bed for a very early rise!See this image largerMaking meatloaf for my wife and son!!!! This is one of my favorite things to cook; makes the whole house smell wonderful :)See this image largerSunny and beautiful here in Michigan! Let the sun shine on your soul :)See this image largerMy best 5k speed so far this year!!!See this image largerDo not hate. Do not fear. Do not hold back. Rise to the moment. Love yourself. Write your own ending!!See this image largerHappy Mother’s Days to all the Mom’s out there!!See this image largerWell, my wife and I made it out and back before the rain/ hail! I love working out with my wife; we laugh, we joke, we push each other and I love sneaking in a kiss while we wait to cross a road or stop to look at something beautiful Mother Nature put before us :)See this image largerGot my 10k in today!! Whoop whoop 🙌See this image largerChange your lifestyle and your body will change and adapt!See this image largerA little cooler today, but the sun felt great! It could be snowing and cloudy and walking next to my wife would still be warm! Love heats all!See this image largerEnough said.See this image largerI shaved almost 4 minutes off my best 5k this year 👍🏻See this image largerBumps in the road may be a nuisance, but they do not stop the forward movement!See this image largerWell, got a quickie in, between the storms! Only wetness is my sweat! 💦See this image larger#tbt This was the day I ran my ultra marathon, 35 miles in 6:04:23! Yes, I was kind of into Green Arrow at the time! I may never be able to do this again with all the medical things I have been through, but would love to run a half or regular marathon again :) See this image largerWell finished a walk in the sunshine with my beautiful wife! That is 7 days in a row getting out there! And half way through the month I am at 64% of my mileage goal :)See this image largerI hope everyone puts on their cape for this weekend!See this image largerGood morning to all! I hope you have a great day today! It is sunny here, windows all open and listening to Mother Nature! Such a peaceful moment :)See this image largerOne of my wife and I’s favorite walks! Heading out for our 2 hour moment of love with each other and Mother Nature!!!See this image largerMy wife and I just got back from our walk! Such a lovely day and easy work out 💪🏻!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerFinally getting the first time in months to go see family!See this image largerI was literally singing in the rain :) 🌧 ☔️See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSet a new record for the year on my 5k. Whoop whoop ⏱💥⚡️✨💪🏻See this image largerThis made me chuckle!!See this image largerSince I have got my new Garmin watch I have worked out 12 of the last 15 days!!!See this image largerThe doctor says if I lose 15 more pounds and continue to show asthma improvements, he will turn me lose to running! I can’t wait to run again.See this image largerI finally saw my VO2 max increase! Finally getting my lungs to catch up to my legs :)See this image largerWe may not all be pro athletes, but you can be an all-star in your and your family’s world!See this image largerHappy Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you to all those who have served our country and all those that gave their life for our freedom!See this image largerKrispy Crab Sushi for dinner 420 calories!!!See this image largerHave a beautiful day today :)See this image largerThank you to our fallen angels; the men and women that stood up to fight for our freedom and our safety! Yes, a holiday helps to make sure there is always a moment solely focused on what it represents; we should wake up every day and not forget what those who have died have to us!!!!See this image largerSuch a glorious day! My wife and I found a different place to walk. It was much more of a hike as the elevation may have slowed us down, but felt great in the quads going downhill and in the glutes going up hill!! I may still go out for a speed walk a little later tonight ;)See this image largerGot my second walk in for the day. It was so nice to be out this late and it feel warm and pleasant!See this image largerAs of today, I officially hit my distance goal for the month :)See this image largerToday is a new day and a new week! I hope everyone finds something beautiful in their day and in themselves today :)See this image largerMy wife and I decided to go to the beach! Such a beautiful day :)See this image largerMy wife and I were smart today. We went to the beach for four hours on a pretty hot sunny day. Knowing that we would be dehydrated and electrolytes messed up a bit. We came home, rehydrated and had a great snack. The rest and recuperation felt great and even better to get back out there at sunset!See this image largerHappy Memorial Day!! A moment of silence to all those that lost their lives to defend our country and our freedom. A hug to all those that lost a loved one that fought for our country. And a remembrance of history as those things forgotten are doomed to return.See this image largerGot our walk in today, but bodies might need to get used to the heat. My wife started to feel very ill, so we turned around and went home. Might still be dehydrated from our day at the beach yesterday.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSet a new distance record for this year and did it at a pretty good pace still ;)See this image largerBe proud of who you are and where you are headed!See this image largerDid my longest walk of the year and shaved time off the the first 6.2 miles! Killed two birds ( personal bests ) with one walk! Ha ha haSee this image largerWell today ended up being a recovery day. I slept great, but have been exhausted all day. Even took a nap with my wife when I got home from work. So, I listened to my body and took the day off and will make it up tomorrow!!!See this image largerGet’r’done :)See this image largerFelt so good outside today. It wasn’t humid, light breeze and a ton of Mother Nature’s love from the sun!See this image largerIf you lift your spirit, your body will rise to your goals!!See this image largerI have fallen in love with this lunch; it is filling, needs nothing added to it and tastes great :)See this image largerTuesday this week I set a goal for distance. I wanted to challenge my body and make sure it does not get comfortable with a schedule. So, I set out to try and duplicate Tuesday’s walk today. Well. . . I not only added .25 miles, I also shaved a minute and four seconds off each mile! I am going to make my body get in shape, come hell or high water 💧😈 LOL 😂See this image largerBecause of the Coronavirus, the pool at our apartment complex is still closed. The last week though, there is a pair of ducks that have been here every night! I have named them the Soprano Ducks. I told my wife I am going to buy a blue robe, feed them and watch them every night! Ha ha ha ha ( Have to know the Sopranos to know what I am talking about!)See this image largerSo. . . I hit all my May goal 😊 Here are my June goals: 1. Walk 110 miles 2. Lose 10 pounds 3. Hit length goal of 10 miles 4. Get 5k walk under 14 minutes/ mile 5. Again, no fast food; this month is going to be crazier for work, I have to hold tight to this!See this image largerI love when my wife and I find new trails. The lilacs ( I think those are lilacs ) made for a beautiful view! Not as beautiful as my wife, but much more beautiful than walking some other paths we have traveled!See this image largerStarted the month off right :)See this image largerDon’t focus on the past! But I do believe, taking a moment to turn around and see how far you have come is something we should all do from time to time!!See this image largerDefinitely a hit one today! Didn’t worry about speed or overall distance; just enjoyed a leisure walk and talk with my beautiful wife!!!See this image largerI can’t wait until I get medically cleared to actually run again 😊😞See this image largerShaved 48 seconds off my 5k speed!! Keep climbing in gains ( not weight 😉 )See this image largerThe first time I read this, I swear it was written for me. This is why I can’t wait to get back to running 🏃🏻‍♂️See this image largerI have already hit 20 miles for the month of June :)See this image largerThere is a runner deep inside of me! I have lost 28 pounds in the last 2 months and getting closer each day to getting the approval from my doctor to actually start running again!See this image largerWe may dream while asleep, but we accomplish them while awake and striving to be there!See this image largerI keep picking up pace each week :)See this image largerI love this quote and it is so so true!!See this image largerFun day, but moment of sadness. Couple weeks ago, when my wife and I went to the beach, I was so uncomfortable taking my shirt off. But today with getting in the water with my son, I tried to overcome my disappointment. A moment of fun and happiness was certainly a blessing today, but when my wife showed me this pic, I was instantly sad. I am working hard to fix this as it is ultimately my fault, but wish I would have never let it get this far. #offsoapboxSee this image largerBetter pics of the fun day today!See this image largerI probably never would have even looked twice at a quote of this nature before I ran my first marathon.See this image largerDefinitely a hot one today! And the sunburn from the family beach day yesterday didn’t help either, ha ha ha 😂See this image largerThe heat might slow me down, but my heart and mind will never give up!See this image largerI got my new book in today 🎁🎉🎊🎀See this image largerSo true! Walking and jogging was the only thing my doctor approved of after my brain surgery. There were so many things I had to pay attention to, to make sure I did not hurt my body or relapse. I always hated the running I had to do for sports when I was growing up, but I fell in love with running when it helped me overcome the biggest hurdle in my life!See this image largerThe thunderstorms were crazy here today; driving through my community for work, there were even trees down! But. . . In-between storms my wife and I made out for our walk! We can mark that off the list for the day 😁See this image largerPush yourself to improve your life! The one to two hours a day that might be tough make the other 23 to 24 hours so much better :)See this image largerReally trying to work on speed! Have to show my wife, family and doctor thatI will be able to handle running!!See this image largerIf eating healthy and working out was easy, everyone would do it! You are here, you are already ahead of others! Pat yourself on the back and continue to push forward :)See this image largerMy wife was my pacer for the first 4 miles! Made the second wing of 5 miles much easier!!! My feet are throbbing right now though, ha ha ha!!See this image largerFinish the week strong; don’t backtrack all you have done through the week with a rough weekend : )See this image largerPhheeeewww this was a new hike and a lot more increase in hills. What was weird is my heart rate never got above 95 but I felt out of breath a few different times!See this image largerI am willing to push through the pain, climb the hurdles, challenge my mind and body and to never give up!See this image largerEvery week is a short race that collide together to encompass our long term goals! How will you start your race this week??See this image largerAlthough I am still in the midst of getting back medically to where I can run again, I thought I would share this. Anyone looking to run a race and wanting more info, here is a great sight to dig into! Hal’s program was the one I used for my first marathon and I loved it!! this image largerI got laundry, dishes and both bathrooms cleaned this morning and my beautiful wife and I went for a relaxing nature walk! I love days like today!!!See this image largerJust gettin jiggy with it! :)See this image largerI have had seizures while going out for runs! Thank God for roadid though! I can’t live in fear though; I love running too much to give up. I am listening to my doctors, my family and my heart and will get back to running soon! Head on, I will get there ;)See this image largerHalf way through the month and I am killing my goals :)See this image largerDo not let others hold you back; discover yourself and the path that you should travel shall appear. The fog of negativity that society can bring upon us can only be cleared by your belief in yourself and your drive to push through it!See this image largerPretty warm today, but able to keep a decent pace! Only going to get hotter, so have to break my body into it!See this image largerI am on a steady pace of changing my eating habits, changing my consistency with working out and changing my mindset of why! I can see and feel my body, mind and spirit changing!See this image largerAnother hot one and was super tired today, but still got a 5k in :)See this image largerIt is sometimes hard to get people to understand your drive if they do not have the same one!!See this image largerToday was a rough one! It was a busy week with work, so pretty pooped, but wanted to squeeze this in before my Father’s Day celebrations begin :)See this image largerTotally me, ha ha ha ha !See this image largerBaseball season is finally back in the swing of things! So glad I have lost 35 pounds, so I can keep working with him at home!!See this image largerHappy Father’s Day weekend to all the Dad’s out there!!!See this image largerFather’s Day is a double edged sword; I cherish every moment with my son and hope to be a shinning star in his sky no matter how dark it gets for him, but I also miss my own father who died 13 years ago. I am proud of myself though this year as it is either because of celebrations or because of emotions I eat bad, but I ate really well today :)See this image largerIt is now 3 days in a row I have not worked out and it is killing me! I love friends and family time, but wish I could have squeezed in a moment of “my time!” I am going to kill it tomorrow!!!!!See this image largerOMG, it felt so good to get back out there! I was going to shoot for a new record today, but realized I needed to not make it completely about me, but rather about life! So, today my wife and I walked together and ended up both needing the conversation! God works in mysterious ways!See this image largerI want a t-shirt that has this on it! Ha ha ha haSee this image largerI had a goal of getting a 10 mile walk in before the end of the month! I can check that off now 😁😄🥰See this image largerWell said Julius Erving!See this image largerOMG, this is so me! Going to try to hit the sack y’all! Have a great night and phenomenal start to your weekend tomorrow!!!!!!!See this image largerYeeeeaaaaahhhhhh. . . My neurologist finally approved me being able to pick things up a notch. I have to watch my heart rate and not exceed my body’s capabilities right away, but I am allowed to start the walk/jog plan!!!!! I am so excited and I just can’t hide it!!!!See this image largerTrying to get the HR Director if our company to get a relay team together for 2021!!See this image largerMy wife and I did not think about how bad bugs were going to be after the thunderstorms yesterday. At least got a good walk in together.See this image largerI got 150,000 steps in, in the last two weeks 👍🏻See this image largerPheeewww, today was a hot one. A minute per mile slower then what I did on Friday and felt like I was dying at the end! Still, so glad to be out there and able to do it :)See this image largerHot one again today, but got my workout in and hit my goal for the month! Whoop whoop 🙌See this image largerAlthough I am having to do tempo runs and watch my heart rate to not over due things; it feels so good to be out running again!!!See this image largerJuly Goals: 1. 130 miles of walking/ running 2. 8 pounds of weight loss 3. Cut pop intake in half 4. No fast food ( have been 2 months in a row ) 5. Run a full 5k without walking!See this image largerIt is going to be in the 90’s for the next two weeks, which is weird in Michigan this time of year. Gotta get my body used to it! #rathersweatthanshiverSee this image largerYou must take care of yourself before you take care of anyone else. Some may seem it selfish, but the improvement you bring to your own health and life you will also bring to all those you love and that rely on you.See this image largerMy body is still getting used to the heat, but I am proud to say I jogged my first mile without stopping! #gettingmygroovebackSee this image largerPush forward, keep your head up and let your spirit and mind welcome those that truly love you for who you are!See this image largerGot my run in, now trying to stop sweating after my shower before going to a friends to celebrate the holiday! Ha ha ha #itshothothotSee this image largerI am proud of the country I live in, but even more proud of those that are stepping up to make it better! Stay safe, be proud and spread love and equality!See this image largerWell, getting there! Sometimes we have to look back to see just how far we have come!See this image largerNo running today! Went for a walk with my wife! How does she sweat and the look come across beautiful and sexy? I sweat and I look Java the Hut! 🤣😂See this image largerOkay, I am really starting to hope for a cool few days! Got a workout in, but man the heat kills me :)See this image largerRunning certainly is my stress relief! It allows me a moment to block everything else out and get back to cool, calm and collected. Especially on days like today when one of my peers at work really upset me. Thought it through while running and came out with a much different view of the situation, which hopefully ends up being beneficial for them as well as myself.See this image largerMan I wish my body would get used to this heat and pick back up the pace! UgghSee this image largerWell they say that when the time arrives that things are right you have to make the most of it! Well today was the coolest day of the last two weeks and even though my work day ended up being 13 hours and I missed one of my meals today because of being crazy busy, but I made the most of it! Had my fastest 1 mile, 5k and 10k all in the same run! Oorah 👍🏻🏃🏻‍♂️See this image largerThe mind, heart and soul can push the body well beyond its physical capabilities and restrictions.See this image largerNot quite as fast as yesterday, but felt so good to get out there with my wife and spend quality time together :)See this image largerMy beautiful wife who supports me getting back into running and working together to help one another out being healthier! And every time I see this sign on this walk it makes me wonder just where Hoffa might be! Ha ha ha 🤣😭😂See this image largerStruggled a little today at the start, but ended up setting a new 10k personal best again! #snapintoaslimjimSee this image largerI saw this today and it made me smile! My body may not be perfect and I may never reach that point at the end of a rainbow, but I am going to get up each day and follow that dream!See this image largerSo funny story. . . Yesterday I went over to my wife’s best friend’s house to help her build furniture. It was only 4 hours getting a bed, book shelf and dresser done, but apparently I used muscles I normally never do because my glutes are killing me today! Ha ha haSee this image largerChallenges change our body, not programs! Our bodies adapt and change, so too does our workouts and how we challenge our bodies!See this image largerActually able to run two miles without having to walk to bring my breathing or heart rate down. #keepclimbingSee this image largerNo matter your religious or after life belief; why not make the most of this life?!?!?!?!?!?See this image largerSo I fell a bit this weekend! Not making excuses, but admitting the failures. Baseball Friday night for my son made a late night, missing my workout. Saturday was a busy day, we walked about 9 miles, but that is over 4 hours playing Pokémon Go with friends my son has not seen in almost a year and then celebrated 3 birthday parties on Saturday evening. Luckily the scale has not jumped too high, but I feel lazy and lethargic. Got to get back on track!See this image largerDear Mother Nature. . I believe in global warming and do the little things on my end to help minimize my and my family’s impact on this. I recycle and adamantly teach my son to do everything we can to take care of you. I understand I am one person, but if you hear my prayer, can I get one week of high temps being like 74?? Love, RunningRafeSee this image largerWell my wife and I got a quickie in 😉🤣 And I posted the picture so none of you are perverts! Ha ha ha haSee this image largerWell got my best 5k run in, but it tapped all the energy out of me. The walk/run/ sometimes crawl back was slow 🐢! Keep climbing though to get better!!!See this image largerMy wife and I are so missing vacations and traveling! Can’t wait until we can get back out there and are allowed in other countries 😕See this image largerSee this image largerWell this last week was interesting for sure. . Wife is finally feeling better from her surgery, so I went for my first run in a week. Man it was rough, I felt like I couldn’t breath and my legs were wobbly. Oh well, at least we are back at it :)See this image largerSometimes when you fall off the “wagon” you learn something new about yourself and life as it might be a path not traveled by many!See this image largerToday’s run felt so much better! Personal bests for one mile and 10k! It is so nice that the temps are down a little!See this image largerWell, I know I worked hard yesterday! My muscles 💪🏻 were so tight for today’s recovery run that it ended up being a recovery walk! 😂🤣See this image largerI just realized that I forgot to post my August goals!. . . 1. Run/ Walk 115 miles ( I missed last month’s goal) 2. Lose 12 pounds; I have hit a dry spell here and need to make some changes to get the numbers going down again. 3. I have to, I have to, I have to, cut my pop intake!!See this image largerToday’s run felt weird. I think I had too much caffeine today and burned through my epilepsy medicine. I actually called my wife to come pick me up so I could cook down and get back to my Meds quicker! I have to cut back on pop and coffee 😕See this image largerI had to run to South Haven for work today and figured I could not be that close to the beach and not bring something back for my wife. With her not being able to go there yet for the surgery, I thought I would bring it to her! The chocolates from their are amazing! And I got sanded rocks from the beach and put in the coffee mug to be a cup to hold pens in. It made her smile big and got me a big hug and kiss 😘See this image largerSo, so glad my wife is feeling better from her surgery! A workout walk is so much more pleasing with her by my side.See this image largerToday felt hot, but at least I did not have any episodes with my epilepsy.See this image largerGoodnight y’all 😴🌛✨See this image largerI love to go for walks with my wife. We leave our phones at home and have nothing else to worry about or distract us from each other. Some of our best heart to hearts come during walks.See this image largerFirst half was great, run back was not. Got it done though!!!See this image largerOkay, kind of a bad boy tonight! Pizza sounded so good and luckily it was cooked perfect! Gotta burn those calories tomorrow now 😂See this image largerSo, I kind of fell off the wagon these last few days. Gained 5 pounds, I am hoping that most of that is water wait, but know I need to get back in my groove!See this image largerI might have fallen, but the fall was not far enough to kill me and I already know how to climb the area I have already covered once! Goodnight y’all 💤🌗🥱😴See this image largerWell today was a lost cause. Perfect weather, for out of work at a decent time, even remembered to eat right throughout the day! But. . . Totally forgot to take my midday epilepsy medicine. Going for a run with my medicine levels that low could have been a nightmare! Totally lost the day due to incompetence! Uggh 😰See this image largerIn my two hour drive home after working 14 hours I think I hit like 7 of these. I am exhausted for sure :/See this image largerMight not have gotten a workout in today, but did run around for work like a chicken with its head cut off. Ha ha haSee this image largerWell another long day today; so I missed another run. Did still get in a 10k for work and moved furniture for 3 hours of that counts for anything 🤷🤣😉😂See this image largerWell, I worked 38 hours in the last 3 days. Got a ton of walking in the first two, so didn’t really feel like I missed a workout, but today was class time and computer time, so had to squeeze a walk in at least! Great time to end a rough week, going for a walk, hand in hand with my beautiful wife ❤️See this image largerWell, didn’t get a real workout in today, but I figure walking almost 9 miles and moving furniture for 5 hours kinda counts as a workout! Ha ha ha 🤷‍♂️See this image largerEnough said. . .See this image largerWell, finally might be turning the corner of being sick!!! Keeping this down at least 😷See this image largerWell. . . finally back to some normal eating. My body does still feel like the wagon fell on it. I have healed enough, that I can return to work tomorrow. Thank God for that! 👆🙏See this image largerAlright. . . So I am not going to try to throw reasons in here and basically just make excuses. This summer when I reconnected with all of you I lost 45 pounds. Well, I have already gained back 27 of it this fall 😢 Need to realign and get back to basics!!

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