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Finishing my first Half Marathon, August 2009 (2 comments) Just me... (5 comments) My super handsome hubby, Jan (2 comments) He's my best friend, and anything I could have ever wanted!! A 'Proof' photo - Dec. 31st, 2008. At my highest weight of 175. (2 comments) My girls ready for a ride in the bike trailer... (5 comments) (1 comments) I'm trying to garden - this is my HUGE zucchini I found hiding out in the garden... =) (3 comments) Me getting ready to run a 10K at Christmas time, 2009 Finishing a HM in Winsen-Luhe (Germany), May 2010, PR of 1:55:06 (2 comments) Right after the Winsen-Luhe run with one of my daughters... that's her crown, the little princess. Us in Berlin for Avon Women's Run, May 2010 (Hubby was unable to get a race-pic of me) HM, Altesland (Germany), April 2010, 1:56:02 (2 comments) Altesland HM after I finished with my friends Marie and Inga My scary "before" photo... 175 whopping pounds. (5 comments) Sportin' my new shoes (4 comments) Me and Eliane (2 comments) My new experimental shoes!! I LOVE being barefoot! (5 comments) My new experimental shoes!! I love being barefoot AND running! What could be better?!?! (11 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) MY FIRST MARATHON!!!! (3 comments) My Marathon Certificate! (1 comments) Aaaaahhhhh, The alcohol-free beer never tasted so good!! (1 comments) Just crossing the Marathon finish line!!! Crossing the finish line in VICTORY!! FIRST EVER MARATHON! Kiel Marathon, Feb. 26th, 2011, 4:19:24 (5 comments) Amanda-n-I at the Elbe (a river) in Blankenese/Hamburg Germany, Feb. 2011 Me and my family walking in our little German village (It's prettier in spring!!) Feb. 2011 Amanda-n-I-n-my girls, St. Peter's Dome/Cathedral, Hamburg, Germany Lilia-n-I-n-my girls, St. Peter's Dome, Hamburg, Germany Lilia-n-I-n-my girls at the Elbe, Hamburg, Germany Walking down the stone steps to get to the Elbe, Hamburg, Germany (2 comments) My Trophy= "Altersklasse Siegerin" = Age-Division Winner!! June 2011 30K, 2:43:54 (7 comments) Finishing the Brocken Marathon - 10/8/2011 (2 comments) Christmas run 2011 10.3 km (1 comments) 'Nuf said. (1 comments) Almost @ the finish line, HM #6, 1:43:12!!! Still smilin'! (1 comments) 2/1/2014 (2 comments) Albany Marathon, 3/1/14 "ALMOST THERE......!!!!!" Mile 25.8-ish (2 comments) (1 comments) Local 10K with my local running girls: 4th place woman, 1st in my AG? I'll take it!! Awesome, awesome, sweaty interval run this morning!!

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