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Rosalie at 5 weeks old (3 comments) Here is our little family on Christmas 2011. Rosalie sitting on a doll bed - summer 2012. Here is my Rosalie in 2014. Look how she has grown. My cute kids and their cousin. (1 comments) Michael is 6 months old now! Here is a more recent picture of me for those who aren't on Facebook. This is my little helper. Can you believe he is already 15 months old? Jacob is now 6 and played his first ever sport this month - peewee baseball. And here is Rosalie, my almost 4 year old cat-loving, fashionista. My kids with the Easter Bunny These are my kids now at the Bellagio at Christmas time. This was our wedding announcement picture, but I just think it's a nice picture of my husband and I. (2 comments) This was right after our wedding at the St. George temple - Oct. 2004 (1 comments) Mickey and I in Disneyland in April 2005 Me and my little melting snowman I built off the balcony at work. - early 2006 This is what my weight loss bouquet will look like once I've lost 110 ultimate goal. (1 comments) This is me after losing my first 20 pounds and what my weight loss bouquet looks like. - Sept. 2006 My outfit that I couldn't ever fit into! I am so excited! Down 25 pounds now. - Oct. 2006 My Goth Halloween Costume for 2006. My husband and I with Eeyore in Disneyland - Thanksgiving 2006 (1 comments) After almost a year of ups and downs, I'm FINALLY adding to my bouquet. 30 pounds down! - Oct. 2007 My Halloween costume for 2007 - Maid Marian. My Halloween Tree is behind me (I do holiday trees). Woohoo! I'm half-way to my long term goal! This is me after losing 40 pounds. 11/5/07 Down 45 pounds with my bouquet. This shirt didn't fit well when I bought it, but it does now! Pile of "too large" clothes we cleaned out! These are both mine and my husband's clothes. - 1/1/08 60 pounds lost and finally in ONEDERLAND! Here's my bouquet and a cute penguin. - 1/6/08 This is a picture taken of my husband and I in January 2008. Look how far we've come! (3 comments) This is me after losing 65 pounds with my bouquet and my Winter Tree behind me. - 1/22/2008 70 pounds down! Only 10 more to my original goal! Woohoo! - 2/12/08 (1 comments) This is me after losing 75 pounds with my bouquet, my Valentine tree, and my new dress. - 3/2/08 I finally passed my long-term goal today and have lost over 80 pounds! Woohoo! - 3/18/08 In April 2008, we took a vacation to Vanuatu. This is us at the top of the live Yasur volcano. 85 pounds down with my bouquet! Getting closer to my ultimate goal! - 5/5/08 90 pounds down with my bouquet, my new outfit, and my summer Luau tree. - 5/27/2008 (1 comments) 95 pounds down! I'm getting close! Here I am with my bouquet. - 6/10/08 I've lost 100 pounds! This is me with my 4th of July tree and bouquet. - July 1, 2008 (1 comments) Only 5 pounds to my goal! My bouquet is almost complete! - July 29, 2008 (1 comments) This is a picture of my husband and I standing in a pair of his big pants. We're both at our goals! (19 comments) This is me with a beautiful boquet of flowers that was sent to me by a great friend. Thanks! (2 comments) My Halloween costume for 2008 - a Mummy-to-be. This is me at around 33 weeks. - Feb. 19, 2009 Baby Jacob coming home from the hospital (7 comments) Being a mom can wear you out. (4 comments) Here is Jacob on his 6 month birthday. Isn't he a cute little monster? (3 comments) Here we are dressed up for Halloween 2009. (1 comments) This is one of the cutest pics I have of my little Jacob. He's so adorable! (1 comments) Here is a more recent picture of Jacob. I caught him being "cool". (1 comments) Here are Jacob and I riding on the Dumbo ride in Disneyland. - 10/2010 (1 comments) Jacob and I with Mickey in Disneyland. Compare with 2005 picture. - 10/2010 (1 comments) Jason, Jacob and I dressed in costume at Mickey's Trick-or-Treat. - 10/2010 Here we are at the beach in California. - 10/2010 (1 comments)

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