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See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter I know it's kinda hard to see, but just under a year and a half, and I'm down 111 pounds! I have been big all my life and this just feels so good to finally see some progress. God is good and I feel great! Shooting for about a 115 pounds more to my goal weight of 225. Lets do this!!!See this image largerThe road to 225 never felt so good. Have a blessed day my friends! Remember, failure is sometimes a reality but it should never be an option!See this image largerWhen your splurge day is still under goal. Ayyyyyy! Lol 😂😂😂 #WeGotThisSee this image largerI must say. It is rather nice to be able to fit into name brand clothing. For those who were as big as I was, you know what I'm talking about. Having to order from China and everywhere else to get your size. I feel great spiritually and my body feels great too. Still improving everyday. God is good!!!See this image largerEverybody else was doing it so I thought I would too! Lol. Looking to drop another 2 month old horse 😂👌See this image largerAfter falling pretty hard yesterday nutrition wise. It felt so good to get back on track. Lets keep going!See this image largerI didn't know that I love the success more than I love the taste of the food! Lol. Lets keep going everyone! We got this! God bless!See this image largerSo big accomplishment for me today. It's not the peak but it's definitely not the base either. I've been struggling to workout. So this is a step in the correct direction. By the way, the calories are with a planned meal I haven't had yet so those will be my calories for the day. I believe I'm starting to get the hang of this lifestyle after all.See this image largerJust tracked my jog. Considering I just started the hour jog routine yesterday. I'm pretty pleased. One day at a time!

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