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43 min. Work out with Coach Nicole, 3 min. Meditation, and I'm off to get ready for work. 51 pounds down! Don't be afraid to lose weight. Don't put off becoming a better you. Make the commitment today. You are worth it! The other day on the way home from jury duty I stopped to eat. I had a curry soup with lemongrass and coconut milk among other things and it was delicious. I also had asparagus and ancient grains which was also good. I'm sure my calories and sodium were through the roof but it was worth it. Still down 2 pounds this week. Tracking food and exercise is necessary for me. I guessed on the post jury duty meal. Strawberries, raspberries, and cherry tomatoes with my eggs this morning. Oven baked eggplant parmigiana, a healthier version than the fried version. Neighbor's Asian deer. I always feel sorry for them. They like carrots. I don't have a real farmer's market near me but I have a Sprouts. This morning after Mass I bought all of this for $17. I add it to what I already have: spinach, cilantro, garlic, carrots, celery, fresh ginger, and onions. Visited Odysea Aquarium and the nearby butterfly conservatory during a teacher open house this past week. I feel sorry that there is only one sloth, even though they are a solitary mammal. But we got to see it up close and personal out of its enclosure so that was incredible. Also shown are an atlas moth and jelly fish. My sister in the midwest sent a photo of her husband out in the combine on their farm. I sent her a photo of a hot air balloon I saw this morning in the southwest. I posted this late last night. I have to post it again because I love combine and hot air balloon season! I can ride my bike again! I pumped my tires Friday evening. I rode 4 miles Saturday morning and 4 miles Sunday morning. I saw different varieties of cacti on my ride this morning. I went to Mass and included all SparkPeople in my prayers. I had a little setback yesterday in the food department. (Lunch with friends) But today I am on target and plan to be for the rest of the week. I injured my hand and have soft tissue damage that I don't think I'll ever fully recover from. Today I made another batch of chicken salsa in the crockpot. I cut up fresh onions, a bell pepper, and half of an Anaheim pepper. Then used this little gadget to open the jar of salsa. It's a life saver! My happy place! The road home. Have a great week! The Jeremy Camp concert last night was awesome. My bike ride and walk this morning was 1 hour and 45 min. Not what I planned but great! If my tire hadn't gone flat I would've only been out an hour. Have a great Sunday! Spinach, cucumber, tomato salad. I may add a little sweet onion. My son sent me a photo from my hometown. 60 min. bike ride this morning. Lovely day. My family sent me some photos from the midwest. Autumn is a beautiful season. I only exercised 11 minutes today. I never track the running around I do at work or I'd have more. I kept my streak going but just barely. 💃 I posted this a couple days ago. Scenes from my hometown. These pictures help calm me. 75 min. bike ride this morning. Then took a class on edible landscaping and was given a rosemary plant and mesquite seeds! Moon tonight from my backyard. My marble jars! A couple more photos from my hike. On the north side looking down huge homes are being built. It's so sad money talks so loud. It's too bad more land isn't set out of reach of developers. Gorgeous homes but what is the cost to the environment? All mountains in this range are now surrounded by homes, most are more affordable but still pricey, as you'd expect. These are the photos I meant to post. I ate a mini watermelon this weekend. I bought it on sale for 99 cents. It was good. I didn't eat it all in one meal but it was gone by the end of the day. Roasted asparagus, brussel sprouts, summer squash, green bell pepper, mushrooms, and cauliflower pearls to have with my chicken. Also had a spinach salad with feta. 5% fall challenge weekly goal is to track veggies and fruit. I upped my veggies today! 2 hour and 25 min. bike ride this morning. Gorgeous weather! Thanks, SP, for motivating me to move!!!! Roasted veggies for lunch! Eat your veggies! Have a great All Saints' Day! Pray to your patron saint for guidance today and everyday. Research and learn about a saint today. Pray for your saint to intercede on your behalf. I chopped up tomato, green bell pepper, sweet onion, and cilantro to have with my egg whites this morning. I went hiking at Papago this morning. There were one or two events going on. People in or out of Halloween costumes with or without dogs were walking or running wearing numbered bibs. It's nice seeing all of these active people!!! Focusonme57 wrote a blog today about posting 7 black and white photos on fb in 7 days. I am going to try to do that on SP. Have a great week! Night scenes this past week. Went on field trip to local farm. Roasted veggies I picked at the farm plus asparagus (on sale 99 cents), carrots, jalapeno pepper., and onions. Wish I had mushroom! Roasting is one of my favorite ways to eat vegetables. I can't remember if I ever roasted radishes before or even if it's recommended but I'm trying it. Some veggies from farm field trip, some from Sprouts, and some from the 99 Cents Store. The blackberries (not pictured) and asparagus from the 99 Cents Store were perfect. And I got a big bag of jalapeno peppers there, too. I went to a Christian concert of a group called Stars Go Dim and more recently one with Phil Wickam. Both have songs that play on KLOVE and Family Life Radio. It's so uplifting to hear music with a beautiful message of hope. What a busy day! I had a workshop, rode my bike along canal starting at Arizona Falls, went to our parish craft boutique, and attended the opera, Tosca, with a group of friends. Photos show Camelback Mountain, Arizona Falls now and in its heyday on a magazine cover, the canal, and a '77 Corvette parked at the falls. Nice wheels! This is an ad for a Himalayan Salt Lamp advertized in a Hallmark catalogue. Doesn't it look like a glowing 5 pound slab of fat? 😂 I read this quote in my latest issue of Smithsonian Magazine. Have a great day. Good morning! I made a collage with 3 photos my sisters sent from our hometown by the lake in the midwest and two from Phoenix. The photo of the cornfield with the frosty trees in the background has not been doctored. I thought it was amazing. There is beauty all around us! My sister sent a photo from the lake in our hometown. The moon is gorgeous tonight. I love roasted veggies. I didn't exercise before work so I exercised during a break at work. Got 32 min. in videos done and at least 15 min. walking after work. Tonight I roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus, red onion, a jalapeño pepper, and zucchini. (The 2 center photos). Leftovers can go in soup, stews, salads, eggs, frittata, etc. I am serious about reaching my Christmas goal. I made a frittata this morning with egg whites, a couple whole eggs, and veggies I had on hand: zucchini, yellow squash, onion, jalapeño, bell pepper, and tomato. The Fall 5% Challenge helped me along the way. (Join the Winter 5% Challenge by going to: ual.asp?gid=69152 Copy and paste) Eggplant parmesan. Baked, not fried. Part of the Borderlands produce (rescue) I got in Arizona a couple weeks ago included 3 eggplants. This is the last of it. Sunday I posted a photo of a frittata I made with the summer squash and zucchini plus other veggies I had on hand. SP has helped me develop a deeper fondness for veggies. Thanks, SP! The pants i fit into now placed on top of the pants i would wear to my weight watcher's meetings because they were the lightest pair of pants i owned. (Sorry, my caps are only working at the beginning of the sentences). I started this journey in 2009. Lost 68 pounds. I gained much of that back. I'm down 60 odd pounds since january 2017. 25 more to meet goal! Tracking food and exercise works! Looking forward to Christmas with family! I set 3 weight goals in August. I didn't make my dream goal but I did make my possible goal which averages out to 1 pound per week. I surpassed my realistic goal of 1/2 pound per week. 2018, here I come! Hopefully this is right side up. I set 3 weight goals in August. I didn't make my dream goal but I did make my possible goal which averages out to 1 pound per week. I surpassed my realistic goal of 1/2 pound per week. 2018, here I come! I made a healthy meal with spaghetti squash, lentils, roasted brussels sprouts, and a balsamic vinaigrette from scratch. With flash. All of this for $10 at the produce rescue in Arizona. I have really upped my veggies since going to the AZ P.O.W.W.O.W. It's the first time I've been in a month. I've had to buy veggies at the supermarket sometimes. Fortunately berries have been on sale alternating weeks different berries. It's held every week at locations valleywide. Photos from my Sunday bike ride. I was gone 1 hour and a half. I am on day 14 of an exercise streak and day 1 of tracking my food here on SP. I was in range for calories, carbs, fat, protein, and fiber. I made a collage of photos from my bike ride today. 97 degrees today but it wasn't bad. I included a photo of my grandchild back in my hometown swinging by the lake. Last week everything was covered by snow after the freaky April blizzards. News reports showed the meteorologists being arrested for stealing spring. Now, they are enjoying the weather. Moved another marble over. 49 pounds down. Reached the 170's. So excited. Dreams can come true. It may take a little "sweatspiration" and will power but it can happen. I completed Coach Nicole's 28 Day Bootcamp with great results. I am now doing the Sweatsuit to Swimsuit Challenge. It has one Coach Nicole video and then I can do 30 min. of my choice of cardio. I've completed both the bootcamp and challenge in the past but they are worth repeating. Finallly finding time to post photo of fog over the lake from Aug. 14. I'm a big olive oil and balsamic vinegar person but sometimes you see something in the store you gotta try. Salad with veggies from the 99 Cent Store. Who says eating healthy has to break the food budget? Roasting the vegetables I happen to have on hand. I used 3 pound weights yesterday for the majority of the video. I started months ago with no weights, moved to 1 pound, then 2. I'll probably use a combination of 2 and 3 for a while. I was down a pound on the scale this morning....finally. It's slow going but a pound is a pound! Boy do I have a photo to share! I'm so excited. We had a rainbow this evening around 6. I made a collage with rainbow pics and the sunset at the lake. Before work this morning Day 15 SP 28 Day BootCamp and 9 min. Seated arm and shoulder work outvwith weights. 3 min. Of meditation with Gregorian chant. This evening 2 miles Leslie Sansone Walk Slim DVD. The second mile was with a stretchy band. Followed by cool down and meditation. 45 min. SP 28 Day Boot Camp with Coach Nicole. Day 12 Complete. Ok, I tried something different. The recipe calls them kale chips. More like crunchy flakes. I sprayed olive oil on the kale (no stems just leaves). You are supposed to sprinkle with salt but I'm not supposed to eat salt. Put in 350 degree oven for 15 min. I like to leave them in longer. I liked them but they are so thin. I'm sure I would've liked them more with salt. Pretty skies today! Big salad! Baby spinach, kale, cilantro, radicchio, a peeled normal sized carrot, hothouse cucumber, and tomato. Will have with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Warm up, workout, cool down, stretch. Total 39 min. Plus I walked around Target searching for clear contact paper, plus other shopping. My friend's husband's prize hibiscus flower. He loves his plants! Salad with spinach, cucumbers, cilantro (shoot me, I like the stuff), 1 oz. asiago cheese, (I had a tomato earlier or would've added that), a little chopped kale, and a little sun dried tomato dressing. I love salads! Having a big salad! I made it to level 16 today! I don't know about anyone else but those Spark Team bonus points really help at times! A little pennant flag spins around and voilà! More points. Sometimes only 1 but I've scored a 50 before. Photos from the same sky last night, north, south, east, west. Then skies darkened, wind picked up. I thought a monsoon was here. But then it fizzled out. I could do wit a rainy day! (Not the monsoon winds, mind). Have a great day tracking food and exercise. The dogs love each other and love the water. (1 comments) I found this and thought I'd share it on SP. #deliciousdailymoment At the end of a day that included a bike ride and walking, lots of cleaning to help out my mom, helping my son with his baby while the baby's momma ♥️ is away at National Guard drill, and praying they both pass boards, I enjoy a peaceful evening with the baby on my lap sitting in the backyard watching the sun go down. I consider how I will want to eat healthy and exercise so I'll be around to watch the baby and any future siblings grow up. I have eaten far too much two days in a row. I keep eating much more than I should.. And the food is full of sodium. One plus, I have not caved into eating processed sugar treats even though everyone in my family tries to get me to eat desserts. I wish I could give up sodium enhanced food as easily as the sweets I gave up 15 months ago. I definitely need to get my act together. And tomorrow is more of the same. Small town and family celebrations with food everywhere. #deliciousdailymoment There is nothing as calming as a summer sunset on the lake. Every night is a different experience. I can enjoy the little things in life much more fully without the 40-45 pounds I was dragging around. 40-50 more to go. I'm determined to lose it. It's part of a lifestyle change. I made potato salad with Miracle Whip Light. It was good. Not my sister-in-laws recipe but good nonetheless. Hers is awesome. #deliciousdailymoment Keeping active by riding my bike along the lake trails allows me to indulge in a food reward. Son and fiance fishing I went on a bike ride this morning! I was gone an hour but stopped to speak with my aunt and uncle and enjoy the lake views. I made a collage of sunsets on the lake. A beautiful night. Happy 4th of July! My nephew riding a unicycle in the 4th of July parade. The lake is like glass this Fourth of July. Some kayakers are taking advantage this early morning. Beautiful day! Happy Fourth of July!!! Isn't our American flag beautiful? I'm spending Independence Day at the lake with family. I am blessed to live in the USA, be part of an awesome family with a strong work ethic, and call Jesus my Savior and Lord. We'll celebrate our Independence with a wonderful hometown parade, festivities at the parks along the lake, grilling out, and time with family. Thank you, God for your blessings. Summertime is wonderful! Get out and enjoy! Windmills across the lake. Had time for an evening bike ride yesterday. Moon was beautiful reflecting on the lake a couple nights before. Today it's sooooooo humid! (1 comments) Chopped veggies for lentil soup, a SP recipe, low in calories and sodium. I'm using no salt added chicken broth and tomatoes. It's good and filling. Off to ride my bike. Beautiful views but I need to ramp up my exercise. I'm going to get my bike at the lake house out of storage today. I haven't been tracking food for 2 days and I already feel like I've gained 10 pounds. I need to get a scale. There used to be one here. Where is it? Something has to change. Why can I not handle a disruption to my routine? I need to get a grip on this. You can't tell from this photo but the sun was a red ball at sunset tonight. Pretty flower of the day! (1 comments) Bike trail I made a Sparkpeople recipe today. Very few calories but loaded with nutrition. Lentil Soup. I added crimini mushrooms and summer squash besides the veggies already in recipe. It was delicious! I LOVE cilantro!!! I chopped a little cilantro and onion and sliced a few Cherubs. Mixed this in with my morning eggs and added tabasco. It was soooooo good! Some people don't like cilantro but I am a fan! I made cucumber water today after visiting a place that had some. It's really refreshing! My peaceful place. (1 comments) Salad for today! Every day a salad streak! Making healthy choices. A freshly cut gala apple with peanut butter for my snack. Pomegranates I saw on my bike ride. (also, an oleander with pinecones for color and texture. ☺) Saw a butterfly doing yardwork this morning. Enjoying raspberries, blueberries, and black berries with lowfat cottage cheese. A beautiful day in Sedona! Got lots of walking in. I 💖 books! I'm on a mission! 56 min. Leslie Sansone walking video. I'd rather be riding my bike but it's too hot. Brunch: eggs cooked with sautèd onions and peppers, tomatoes, hothouse cucumbers, cottage cheese with canteloupe and blueberries. is eating a healthy breakfast after 30 min. bike ride and trimming bushes for 30 min. by hand. This morning 4 mile bike ride and trimmed bushes by hand for 1/2 hour. Last evening 2 miles plus a warm up and cool down with Leslie Sansone (42 min.) and a couple SP videos. (20 min.) I missed my Thursday WW meeting and didn't have time to go weigh in until this morning so that made it 10 days to lose. I lost 3.8 pounds this week! I can do this! Today is Pentecost! Be strong as you persevere, making lifestyle changes. I've been seeing beautiful flowers on my bike rides this week. Yesterday I was able to ride 1.5 hours before it started to warm up. Have a great afternoon/evening! My goal: lose 40 pounds by Christmas! I will break it into smaller 10 pound goals along the way. Merry Christmas, here I come! Spend your summer scattering kindness. SP is a great place because everyone is so kind. Now let's share it with others! I've been noticing these little miracles and I am so grateful for them!!! Look for those little miracles around you today!!! I've seen some interesting sights on my morning and evening bike rides this week. The cow had hoisted itself up and was eating palm branches. I need to look that up to see if it's ok. I saw the chicks this morning. A mom was walking near her daughter as she rode their horse while a younger brother "scootered". I always feel sorry for the neighborhood deer in that enclosure. Eating healthier is one of my lifetime goals! 5 mile bike ride this morning. 1.2 pound loss at WW last night. I use my mother-in-law's antique scale at home! Making lifestyle changes so the numbers on my mother-in-law's antique scale (they don't make 'em like the used to) continue to decline. Eating healthier, getting out in nature, and making my vision collage come true. Nearly 40 pounds gone since January. My collage of recent photos I've posted. I just figured out how to do this on my tablet. Next step figure out how to add text. Haha! I have sage bushes that are bursting with blooms. The bees are all over them. I am a fan of bees. Great pollinators. Did you know a certain type of fly pollinates the cacao plant in South America? Without flies we would have no chocolate! Students found a moth today. We will observe it to discuss similarities to and differences between "him" and a butterfly. Then find a shady place for "him". I earned my 4 month charm at WW this morning. 3.8 loss. I track fitness and nutrition daily! Ocotillo on my morning ride. I love these desert plants! They bloom after a rainfall. I'll take another photo then. I saw this beautiful cactus bloom on my bike ride this morning. I am blooming with new life and vitality with each pound I lose. Have you ever tried to eat like a hummingbird? No, of course not. But, does anyone know how I can help this little hummer? It can't fly. Students found it at recess today. I met 3 people with miniature horses pulling their carts at the park last night. All miniature horses have some Shetland in them. (1 comments) On my bike ride last night. Sunset. This morning on my 4.5 mile bike ride before work, I saw 3 hot air balloons. This one was lower than the others. I thank God that I have the energy now to get up early to ride. On my 1.25 hour bike ride this morning, I spotted a chick with a neighborhood guinea fowl. Cute baby following it's mama. Happy Mother's Day to one and all. Even if you aren't a biological mother, you have "mothered" someone in some way, some how! 🌹 Winter flashback. Ice storm before lake froze wreaked havoc but the little tree survived and has come back to life. We call him "sticky". Family "homestead" in the midwest. New life abounds. I earned my 25 pound charm at WW. I've actually llst 31 pounds but I found out at the meeting last evening that if you lose 25 lbs., you get a charm. I don't know what it is about earning charms, but it motivates me. 😄 Hiking, biking, camping, wandering...there is so much beauty around us. It's important to revitalize ones soul by seeking time outdoors away from the city or town most of us live in. A couple months ago I went hiking. The desert wildflowers were in bloom. So pretty! We are in the midst of 70's weather (after suffering with 106 degrees last Friday.) Was able to go on a late afternoon, early evening bike ride as our temps went from 106 last Friday to the glorious 70s today. Sometimes when the moon is especially beautiful, I text a photo to my family, asking them to send one. No matter how far apart we are in distance, we are looking at the same moon! Here is the moon shot I sent Monday night. I am an amateur photographer at heart. Sometimes I get lucky and catch amazing moments around me. We can learn something from a hummingbird. Work for those calories! 😉 (1 comments) The horses thought I had carrots. They started walking toward me. Beautiful animals. I rode my bike again today. (4 comments) The Risen Lord (5 comments) Wells Blue Bunny Le Mars, Iowa (1 comments) My son shooting clay discs for target practice. My son, one niece, and 3 nephews fishing on the dock. (1 comments) Looking at the sunset out the window. This is where I grew up. (2 comments) (4 comments) My niece and nephews out on Grandma's dock (1 comments) We went to Mount Rushmore this summer! Amazing! (2 comments) My niece was a flower girl this summer. (9 comments) That's me on the right. My sister mailed this to me as an incentive to help me lose weight. (5 comments) My son and his friend rebuilding the wall. A class I took at Stewart Mnt. Dam. Here we are at the Salt River. April 18, 2009 (3 comments) Another view of the Salt River near Saguaro Lake (4 comments) Stairs we had to climb down at Stewart Mnt. Dam (2 comments) Saguaro Lake from on top of Stewart Mnt. Dam This is Box Canyon up on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. Taken today April 24, 2009 (2 comments) I pledge to eat more fresh and raw fruits and vegetables. This is where the nutrients are. My son went on our field trip to the zoo. Here he is feeding a giraffe. On his journey to become a Black Belt. He is now Black Belt 2nd Stripe in Shaolin Kung Fu. (1 comments) Vulture Mine Wickenburg, Arizona (1 comments) Hanging Tree Vulture Mine Wickenburg, Arizona Thieves or other misguided miscreants were hung here. (1 comments) Vulture Mine Wickenburg, Arizona The ghosts of children can be heard playing near this tractor. This is a picture of an angel I got at a yard sale. I love these angel pictures. (2 comments) Tucker loves Christmas ornaments. His goal is to take down the tree before Christmas. (9 comments) Younger and thinner 20 years ago. I scanned these. I will figure out how to make them bigger. (3 comments) I love pizza burgers. We don't have them in Arizona but they have them in Iowa. Except at this place. (1 comments) I guess you could call Flat Stanley a snowbird. He stayed with us this winter. (2 comments) Dan Majerle, former Phoenix Suns player, with my son when he was a toddler. My son, who is now a black belt 2nd stripe, at his first ceremony. He's front and center. St. Teresa of Avila Her bookmark prayer is one of my favorites. (2 comments) My son's art: Rural Mailbox Ink drawing done in a high school art class (2 comments) My brother taking his boat for a spin. Monk: Tony Shaloub on location Putting coffee mug in front of face so I couldn't photograph him. (5 comments) Monk: "Natalie" and her "daughter" on location. Right before they went to shoot a scene. (1 comments) Chipper (2 comments) Chipper (2 comments)

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