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New PR on my elliptical; Busted hump for 45 minutes and came out with this! yaya! #1 week of bootcamp style weight program (1 comments) I love my little Molly McSnorty (1 comments) a sweaty collar bone is the new sexy right? (2 comments) (1 comments) Almost done! Just some more tail feather work and background, then we're done! (4 comments) Sometimes the drawstring just can't do enough. Time to tailor. (2 comments) Woot! I haven't been able to fit into this dress in two years. (2 comments) The infamous "skinny dress" fits again. Holy shiz. (2 comments) This sure does look similar to my "wish" picture, doesn't it?! (1 comments) New do! Tell me its cute! Tell me, tell me! lmao (4 comments) See the colors? It looks even better in person :D How's that song go? I feel pretty, oh so pretty, lmao! Whoa! I bought these as a mini goal to try to fit into! Yay, success! Size 12 jeans btw. (3 comments) So much better than where I was a year ago. I love being proud of myself :) (1 comments) Kinda blurry, but you can see how size 10 fits now :) (2 comments) size 16 in little girls :) These use to be my favorite lounge pants. They fit perfectly and were so cozy. (2 comments) So glad I fit this again. Its so lightweight and perfect for summer. My boyfriend loves this dress on me. I really enjoy not having a double chin. Fruit carving; my new favorite hobby :) (1 comments) I miss being skinny! I wish.... (2 comments) Yes, I really was as depressed as I look ... but I had *sweet* shoes!!! lol (3 comments) Gettin there. :) (178.0) (1 comments) (1 comments) New size 10s :D (1 comments) :D New sweater and new jeans :D new cap sleeve sweater and new jeans Analise likes it when I put my hair up all crazy :D This was my new dress about a month ago I forgot to upload the pic. Now the dress is too big :D Me and my "shared" dog. lol Chez is my friend's dog, but I get weekend custody! lol (2 comments) Me and my little monkey To appreciate where I am now, I must remember what I was.

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