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My team (4 comments) Cross stitch project (4 comments) I also cross stitch. This is Guardian Angel by Lavender & Lace. (15 comments) Happy New Year (1 comments) God Bless America, my first project on evenweave fabric (6 comments) (2 comments) My backyard 2007 (5 comments) This is the road I live on. This was taken in 2007 (3 comments) Spark team get together June '09 (2 comments) All strapped in and ready to zip! (2 comments) GO YANKEES!!! (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) A beautiful New Hampshire sunrise on August 25 from Mount Washington (3 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Home (1 comments) THANK YOU DADDY AND TO ALL THE VETS WHO HAVE SERVED, ARE SERVING AND WILL SERVE I am a member of the Emerald Gems I am an Emerald Gem in the Biggest Loser Summer Challenge! Pakistani tangerines!Soooooo good! Corned beef from scratch, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, Irish soda bread from scratch, rye bread from scratch. that is what was for dinner, it was good (1 comments) (1 comments) Remember the reason for your 4 day weekend Have a safe Memorial Day to those who will be observing! Breakfast Breakfast Love this! #fitness, #app, (1 comments) Enjoying our vacation! #vacation #walking #fitness (1 comments) Purple Mountains majesty, the mountains and lake where I live in New Hampshire #4thofJuly, #vacation (1 comments) Got up at 2 AM to drive up Mount Washington in New Hampshire to watch the sunrise. WELL worth the trek!! #gym #exercise #stationarybike #traffic Is sugar cute? Good thing I don't use sugar My supper: small lamb chops, sauteed spinach with onions, bell peppers, garlic and tomatoes, with brown rice. I do not cook lamb often so I had to take a picture so it would last longer. #food #spinach #healthyfood Not so much healthy but cooking so my husband will eat, didn't the whole serving of potatoes. Roast was so juicy, tender, fall apart good after being cooked in the pressure cooker Salmon, 1/2 cup rice, Brussel sprouts with parmesan after a day of walking Go Emerald Gems! Aaaahhhh my #Dunkin moment #deliciousdailymoment Never forget How true! #exercise #burncalories Today..... #fitness, #hardworkpaysoff #icandothis, #coaches #exercise #healthandwellness #youcandoit Vegetable fritatta for supper #startedover #hardworkpaysoff #icandothis # healthy eating Day 3 of my restart in healthy eating and exercise. This is my supper again, leftover vegetable fritatta with a small garden salad, plum and mandarin orange Not such a good morning to walk outside, can't see out the patio door due to high humidity + 90F at 7:30 am. Treadmill time #icandothis #icandothis #healthyeats This is a #sparkpeople recipe Low-fat Eggplant Parmesan. It is really good with a Greek inspired salad and fruit. I had the most delicious soup for supper. It's a Spark recipe called Creamy Butternut Squash soup and I highly recommend it! My husband loved it. I wrote on my paper copy DO NOT CHANGE A THING! The only thing I did change was I added cinnamon over the top of my serving. Here is a link to the recipe: https://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-d
etail.asp?recipe=18775 Here is a picture of my soup
Happy Birthday to me. NO party, NO cake, nothing special at all. (3 comments) Wish I could connect my Samsung Health phone app to SparkPeople the picture isn't all the walking I did but my phone kept overheating Pushed on a bit more today, I'm proud of myself so far! A little bit further today I am improving from a month ago and will keep going! #icandothis THIS IS WORLD DIABETES DAY!! Please find a cure! #Ididit, #quitsmoking Cooler out this morning for my walk, hope it gets cooler before the heat comes back. The parrots are migrating again and I saw a flock of them in the tree. Tried to get pictures but only 1 came out good. 1.6 miles in 41 minutes, a bit slower this morning but I made the walk. Nice walk this morning, parrots are migrating again. Wishing all who observe/celebrate a happy Thanksgiving. It is not a holiday here in Saudi Arabia and my husband has to work. Sadly he shared his flu with me so I won't be cooking a big meal for a few days till I feel better. #Thanksgiving I'm an Emerald Gem Hey people, this is supposed to be FUNNY, A JOKE, SOMETHING TO MAKE ME AT LEAST SMILE. I DID NOT DO THIS NOR AM I PLANNING TO. I need HUMOR in my life right now. (1 comments) One of my favorite water cups. 2 more cups to go later this evening My favorite peacock feather cup, 24 oz, I fill this 3 times during the day Happy Fat Tuesday! Bead day! Red beans & rice, spicy Shrimp gumbo! Windows were fogged up this morning due to the humidity. HAPPY FAT TUESDAY! Emerald Gems are the best! (1 comments) day 1310 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/4/2018 (1 comments) HAHAHAHA, just had to share this. (1 comments) HAPPY 2018 BASEBALL OPENING DAY! Now it is truly spring!! PLAY BALL! Excited, today is Opening Day for Baseball! Woo Hoo My supper: Richard Simmons Cobb salad with Bleu cheese My supper, Richard Simmons cobb salad. Supper: Richard Simmons Cobb salad with Bleu cheese, yum! Supper because I didn't want a whole meal. Lentils and "Greek" salad with watermelon for dessert Singapore Noodles with Chicken from #simplyrecipes was good,lots of vegetables. I thought this is FUNNY, not serious. I hope you think it's funny too. FYI I AM working on my summer body every day! I thought this is FUNNY, not serious. I hope you think it's funny too. FYI I AM working on my summer body every day! I hope you find this cute, I laughed Happy Mother's Day to all who observe/celebrate. (Hope I didn't offend you know who you are) I thought this was FUNNY, if this offends "You Know Who You Are", please just move on. (1 comments) Crusin' And Losin' summer Biggest Loser challenge (1 comments) It is that time once again, time for vacation back HOME to New Hampshire! The Mountains are calling and I must go

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