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is planning ........... (2 comments) Strong, fit, happy (6 comments) Muddy, hilly, trail run this morning even tho I came home bushed after work! I feel so good now! Exercise is energizing and relaxing. #justdoit! Love my Vibram #fivefingers back on the straight and narrow! porridge for breakfast, broccoli soup for lunch, roll & fruit for dinner at work. Day 71 of 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle "I can do hard things!" (1 comments) Me (1 comments) Post-Spa glow! Feb 2018 (5 comments) had a leisurely stroll out along the footpaths out to the coast path - beautiful morning #gladtobealive #getoutmore (2 comments) Happy Mothers' & Grand-mothers' Day (5 comments) almond milk, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, oats, beans, and ordinary green peas are amazing! (2 comments) work now; run later - ya! (1 comments) is sharpening my focus on the vegan plate (1 comments) I don't often post photos of my food, but this was so pretty! Oatmeal, almond butter, raisins, topped with hemp hearts, tangerine, Sweet Freedom choc shot #vegan yes, we made it - two more days to work, then a week's annual leave. What's for tea? Oh, a vegan curry which includes borlotti beans, mushrooms, coconut milk, tomatoes, cashew nuts (1 comments) will be home by tea-time :) is off to run round town as the sun comes up - cheers to all the other weird folk who like the morning air before the everyday machine cranks into life! (2 comments) I took my new shoes out for a run. Road run round town today, in the fog! They are super soft and springy. So comfortable! first day of my week's holiday - going to spend the morning with a good friend :) (1 comments) second day of my week off from work - going for an adventurous long run :) (1 comments) third day of my week's holiday from work - today it's friend-time! Fourth day of my week off from work. Day 2 of juices/smoothies. Have to stay home to sign for a new phone being delivered. (1 comments) Fifth day of my week's holiday from work and it's like winter here today! I'm going out for a 7.5mile walk anyway; all wrapped up! My photo shows it's 3yrs since I did this walk (2 comments) Sixth day of my hols - it's a running-tribe day: parkrun volunteering this morning & the 5k race this avo! Come on sunshine!!! (2 comments) I fell into bed last night & woke still glowing from the trail running race yesterday. Bedhead! is ready for the next challenge - moving house! (2 comments) Feeling full of grit & determination! is grateful for this day off (working the weekend) Enjoy! (1 comments) is ISJF - the cookie-monster! ISJF - 'biscuit' is like a scone, right? (4 comments) is it really only Tuesday? gosh! I'm treating a friend to lunch today - so good to be able to do this :) (1 comments) is super-aware of this going on at the moment! (1 comments) my food plan is set up for the day "WDD" (3 comments) September 2017 - reminding myself how much I enjoy getting outdoors! 4-hr hike along the coast path (more like climbing most of the way!) a wonderful, sunny Sunday afternoon! #getoutmore (1 comments) a 6+mile walk along part of St Michael's Way - you can just see St Michael's Mount in the distance (2 comments) lovely autumnal stroll this afternoon, even nice enough to eat my lunch on the river bank! (1 comments) (7 comments) lovely stroll out along the coast path - with a half-hour lunch break in the sunshine! bliss! (5 comments) Power pose! (15 comments) Volunteering at Park Run, Easter 2017 - can't run, but can still Spark! (5 comments) 20th Feb 2017 Feeling 'in the pink!' (7 comments) 28 February 2017 - sheltering from the bitter wind and enjoying a hot drink at Carn Nuan (2 comments) me! February 2017 (9 comments) December 2016 - Park Run 5k (8 comments) this was me (on the left) at 8.45am on Xmas Eve, 2016 prior to the Park Run 5k - it was cold! (7 comments) November 2016 Vision Board (6 comments) how to construct a salad jar - for the curious :) (2 comments) My and my son June 2015 (6 comments) walking the field paths to Zennor - this is a favourite path - it comes out on the cliff path overlooking the sea - beautiful (5 comments) Park Run in the rain 2nd April - I'm the one on the right with the funny rain hat (it works!) (5 comments) parkrun 28.11.15 (4 comments) November 2015 - Official Ultimate Spark Challenge (2 comments) facebook (6 comments) St Ives in Cornwall (4 comments) Bagas Porthia - traditional Cornish music band, leading the parade through the streets of St Ives (3 comments) (5 comments) watching the sea................. (1 comments) looking over St Ives Bay from Rosewall Hill (3 comments) a typical mine building seen in West Cornwall - this is called Wheal Sisters, nr Cripplesease (6 comments) This is St Ives, in Cornwall, South West of the UK, where I live :D (14 comments) sunset over St Ives June 2014 (3 comments)

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