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(12 comments) 84 out of 100 score in our Novice Rally obedience .. Yup -- proud mom here !!! (4 comments) We made our Novice Rally title !!! Call ME proud !!! (3 comments) The Royal Princess has spoken !!!! :D (9 comments) Original restart at 200 plus pounds in November 2006. Amazing how a swimsuit can open one's eyes !!! Ooooieee!! (4 comments) 07/2007 .. minus 28 pounds and still going!!!! (2 comments) 01/2008 -- 25 pounds lighter, and still workin' at it .. :) (1 comments) Me -- minus 25 pounds .. just before breaking my 1 1/2 year stall (3 comments) is giving everyone a thumbs up !!!! is wishing everyone a great day !!!! (1 comments) is wishing you a cozy Wednesday ! (2 comments) is wishing you a balanced day ! (1 comments) is first real day of vacation !!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PRINCESS !!!!! 13 YRS OLD !!! (3 comments) is (1 comments) Home from the spaaaa (6 comments) The start of moms Christmas card... (1 comments) Just have to make the envelope and do up the verse inside... and it will ve ready to send :) Puppy on my lap during quiet time before lunch.... (2 comments) Little monkey is curled up ...keeping warm... Babysitting the carpet cleaners (3 comments) Yup...Its going to be a beautiful day !!! (1 comments) Taking a break, but exercise makes cleaning more fun !!!!! (3 comments) (1 comments) Christmas is down... Got my exercise in ...up and down and up and down steps.... (2 comments) Camera says "upload photo" but wont let me get to my picture file.... anybody help???? (5 comments) Happy Thursday ... got to be better than yesterday !!! (2 comments) Sticky fingers makes no munchies!!!! It was fun!!! (2 comments) Medicine working!!!!!! (4 comments) At the prom checking prople in... :) (4 comments) Prom nite!!!!! (2 comments) who wouldn't start their day smiling with a morning visitor each day !!! Happy Tuesday ! Tood this photo yesterday .. it was so serene after the stormy day before .. Happy Saturday After 4 hours of serious cleaning and furniture moving...body says done for (6 comments) Feeling like my sands of time are running out on me (4 comments) Washed that grey right outta my hair.... WOOHOO!!! = (7 comments) I wait for her every Sunday 9:00 ... MY time!= (2 comments) Monday gone; on to Tuesday !!! Happy day to you !!!! seems to be off kilter this week .. and doesn't know why ??? (1 comments) Thoughtful Thursday ... Have a wonderful day !!! I'm going to !!!! sometimes it's nice not knowing what's going on !!! Happy Fantastic Friday !!!!! (1 comments) is happy this week is over, and ready for the weekend !!!! Happy Saturday!!!!! had a wonderful day yesterday with hubby -- today is quiet day !! :) Have a GREAT ONE !! had a very very lazy Sunday, now on to Monday !!! :) Yesterday draaagggeeedd !!!! But today is a new day !!! Happy Tuesday !!! Happy Wednesday ... all downhill from here .... (1 comments) Dr gave me the next stage of my "challenge" .. Happy Thursday !!!!!! (1 comments) Doc challenge begins!!!!!!!= (1 comments) Having my veggies just like the doctor ordered..If Im not full after this salad (and small sammich the company bought) something is drastically (1 comments) had a wonderful Saturday, and now it's Sunday .. Have a Wonderfuler one !!! Spaghettie squash with manwich topping and sauteed mush mush's...yummmm quick and lite (4 comments) Happy Monday !!! Sunday was awesome, now let's bring on Monday !!! (1 comments) Prepping for success..... *yawn*...zzzzzz (2 comments) Happy Monday .. after yesterday .. YES MONDAY WILL BE HAPPY !!! :) wants to wish you a wonderful day !!! Picture has nothing to do with my moods; just thought it was adorable and made me smile (2 comments) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!!! is happy that Saturday is here .. Have a great one !!! (2 comments) had a pretty good day yesterday .. today is starting out not so great, but at least now I have a good night sleep under my belt .. :) Keep pushing on !!! My last day this week .. how can I be more focused .. lol lol it's only Wednesday .. thank goodness it's all downhill from here .. lol had a MUCH better day ... on to one more ... Happy Thursday to my friends !!!! is happy for another day off, and thankful for the reason why .. Happy Memorial Day, Happy Monday !! is happy for another day off, and thankful for the reason why .. Happy Memorial Day, Happy Monday !! has been up since 2:00 .. so figured I'd just come down and do my goodmornings !!! (1 comments) is happy Wednesday is over -- On to Thursday .. .ONE of these day's has to be better !!! :) lol lol (1 comments) it's FRIDAY IT'S FRIDAY IT'S FRIDAY IT'S FRIDAY !!!!! Can you tell I'm happy it's Friday ??? lol (1 comments) is staying cool today ... Wish everyone a great day, and now I can say it "HAPPY FATHERS DAY" .. this is NOT a practice run .. lol lol (1 comments) is staying cool today ... Wish everyone a great day, and now I can say it "HAPPY FATHERS DAY" .. this is NOT a practice run .. lol lol (3 comments) is not ready for Monday .. Happy First day of Summer!!!! (1 comments) is still having 'puter poopers .. so blog might be late again .. Yesterday was a "different" day .. today will be back to normal (I SOOOO hope is VERY happy it's Saturday -- Enjoy the day !!!!! I'm going to !!! is actually happy to see this weekend go bye bye .. Bring on Monday !!!!! is happy I made it through Monday -- On to Tuesday !!!! is happy I took the day yesterday, Happy Thursday !!! :) was totally exhausting day .. today is a new day, and now that the initial panic is gone (for now); I know I can ... I KNOW I CAN!!!!! made it thru Tuesday .. wiped, but made it !!! On to Wednesday !!! had my meltdown yesterday .. I am back on track today .. Working the dugout; the weather is gorgeous; the sun is out .. what better way to get out and do something !!!! :) Have a great day !!!! (1 comments) is soooo sore this morning, but I enjoyed yesterday so much .. fresh air, friends, and fun !!! The best 3 F words there are !!!! :) is getting away TODAY !!!! TODAY TODAY TODAY !!!!!! (1 comments) is not ready to get back to work, but alas .. the time has come .. so I guess it must be .. *sigh* .. till my next vacation !!! :) is happy Monday is over .. bring on Tuesday ... Work day was relatively back to normal, but spun wheels catching up on MY work .. still have alot to go ... Like I said .. give me a few days to think of something to get excited about ... today is the day .. see my blog to find out what :) my little girl is better .. not perfect, but better .. we got a full night sleep last night !!! (2 comments) slept pretty good .. but went to bed with an upset belly .. :( For now upset belly is gone .. Hoping for a happy Thursday !!! is happy it's TGIF, and feel good (but scared) because I stepped off the cliff yesterday !!! Hmmmm WHAAAAAAATTTT??? Yup -- stepped over the cliff!!! :) Feel excited!!! wants to wish my little girl a HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy birthday to my Princess !!!!!! (2 comments) wants to wish my little girl a HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy birthday to my Princess !!!!!! wants to wish my little girl a HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy birthday to my Princess !!!!!! (1 comments) is feeling like it's been forever even though it's only been 2 days since "normal chaos" was here, but no only 2 days .. We're back to normal chaos .. and I wish you a wonderful FRIDAY !!! TGIF !!!!! had a wonderful day yesterday .. Today is to go over by mom's .. thinking about stopping before and doing my treadmill on the way .. but we'll see ... Have a happy Sunday !!!! (1 comments) made it through Tuesday !!! on to Wednesday !!! 1/2 day and 30 minute workout today covering EVERYTHING... Happy Wednesday !!!! (1 comments) is ready for Thursday .. Really busted butt yesterday at the gym, and FELT GREAT!!! Wish everyone a great day !!!! (1 comments) headed right for the Ibuprofen this morning .. OUCHIE Day !!! But happy this week is over -- Happy Saturday to my friends .. (2 comments) made it through Tuesday ... barely .. but made it .. made it over the hump .. Happy Thursday !!!! is happy .. 3 days down .. 2 to go .. :) Tonight dinner with friends .. :) Tired but looking forward to it !!! is dead dog tired .. I'm not built for this day after day after day, and this is day 5 of 5 .. unfortunately it's Joe's funeral today .. Wish everyone a great day !!! (1 comments) is so glad Thursday is here ...Thought about taking today off, but it would just put me behind further .. So going in .. made it through Thursday and Friday is finally here !!! YAY FRIDAY !!!! Have a great day !!!! :) I'm going to try !!!! :) Good Saturday morning ... A great day was had .. thankfully. I was out of the office by 5:00, and happy about it .. My desk was clean, and my work was done for the day!!!! WOOHOO !!!!!! it's Monday .. what can I say .. but It's Monday .. lol lol .. Okay -- positive .. BACK TO GYM DAY !!! Wish you all the best !!!! (1 comments) feels like a ton o bricks have been lifted off my shoulders .. Mom PASSED HER TEST !!!! Have a great Thursday !!!! :) (1 comments) is happy today is Friday .. Has not been a bad week for once, just a roller coaster one... Have a great Friday !!!! is happy it's Saturday !!!! This week is over and I made it !!!! :) Wish you a wonderful Saturday !!!!! (1 comments) if I hide, maybe Monday won't find me !!! Happy Sunday to my friends !!!!! (2 comments) is almost ready for this week .. Had MEGA gymtime yesterday, and sore this morning .. Sally took an ouchie pill this morning .. lol lol is happy yesterday is over .. too much sitting ... Happy Wednesday !!!! :) No -- not quite yet .. but close .. Happy Thursday !!!!! is feeling pretty good this morning .. .That's a BIG OH YAY !!! Happy Monday to all .. Oh .. maybe I AM still sick .. lol .. :) Happy Monday !!!! (1 comments) is tired but happy today -- Slowly things are going back to normal, and slowly I'm feeling better !!! :) Wish you the greatest!!!!! it's FRIDAY !!!! WOOHOO had a great Saturday, and looking forward to a wonderful Sunday !!!! Hope you do too !! day 1 of stacation !! crawled out of bed at 8:00, and lunch with friends !!! Perfect start to a well deserved sta-cation !!! :) is on to day 2 .. day 1 was fun .. Today will be going over to mom's .. and sun still out .. Happy Sunday !!!!! had a great time over by mom's .. even with her dramas lol .. She just figures she had a year of good health, the good Lord has to keep her sharp other ways ! Happy day 3 Monday to you !!! Monday's chores are done .. carpets cleaned, kitchen and bathroom floor mopped, and payroll done .. I have nothing hanging over my head now !! VACATION !!!! Day 4 here we come !!!!! :) Happy Tuesday ! Day 4 gone, and happily .. on to Day 5 .. Nail day, visit with friends, and fish fry with hubby !!! :) PERFECT !!!!! is happy to have a somewhat normal morning ... I actually have some time to get on here.. Hubby has been keeping me so busy in the morning leaving early, coming home around dinner time .. *sigh* ... Happy Day after .... I enjoyed the parade, brought hubby home, he ran out to start his frenzy shopping .. and back out this morning .. Have a GREAT day !!!! Happy Day after .... I enjoyed the parade, brought hubby home, he ran out to start his frenzy shopping .. and back out this morning .. Have a GREAT day !!!! is feeling pretty darn good this morning ... a few black and blue marks coming out, but considering the alternatives ... I'm happy .. Have a wonderful day !!! I'm going to ! had a wonderful morning at the zoo, out to lunch and a little shopping ...just felt good to be out and about with hubby!! Just along for the ride .. :) Happy Sunday !!! had a quiet day at home yesterday; but pretty much slugged .. played in my playroom, didn't like the card I was making for mom, so started again .. Nice day; and quiet .. Now to Monday !! Happy day !! Happy Tuesday .. Found out gym weigh exercises are not in my near future .. I think I will stick with the treadmill for now .. Happy Tuesday !!!! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow .. The weather outside is frightening; but the fire is so delightful, And since we've noplace to go .. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow !!! Happy Sunday is happy Tuesday is here .. Monday was pretty much unfocused .. but I made it !!! I just did not want to be at work ... *sigh* .. but made it and Tuesday is here!!! HAPPY TUESDAY !!!!!! is happy -- I peddled before bed, and my unicorn came up to visit me in my room upstairs .. :) Yup -- I think I can do that .. peddle at home on days when I can't get to the gym .. Yup -- I can !! is happy that today is Thursday !!! that means only today and tomorrow until my VaStaCation ... :) YAY ME!!! Happy Thursday !!! !:) is done with work for 10 whole days !!! Got snow today, and hoping it's done by tomorrow and roads are drivable .. *fingers crossed* Have a great day ! the snow has come, the snow has gone.. leaving on my road trip in a couple hours .. that way they will have a chance to double clear off the freeways . :) Have a great day !! I'm going to !!! WOOHOO ! is happy to be home .. but had alot of fun with mom .. Wish you a great Tuesday -- and remember to keep up with your exercises !!! :) is happy to be home .. but had alot of fun with mom .. Wish you a great Tuesday -- and remember to keep up with your exercises !!! :) oh dear was yesterday off ... nothing seemed to go right, and I finally called it a day and went upstairs with a headache .. lol lol .. On to Today !!! :) (1 comments) is happy to say that yesterday was a better day... and we had fun !!! Today I'm thinking of going to the office for their Christmas lunch. Happy Christmas Eve Eve ... :) (1 comments) Merry Christmas Eve ... Have a safe and happy day !!!!! and thank you for being in my life! (1 comments) Merry Christmas to my friends. I am so lucky to have you in my life!!! Here's to a happy 2017!!!! (1 comments) is happy day 1 back to work went pretty well .. on to day 2 .. Thankfully only 4 days until a 3 day weekend again !!! :) Thinking warm and spring today !!! 3 more months !!!! day 2 was better and day 3 will be better yet, because it's getting close to the weekend !!! Happy Thursday to all !!!! made it to Friday .. Sounds like only 1/2 or so day today .. I'll probably stick around and get some reports started for the end of the year .. but it's FRIDAY !!! WOOHOO !!!!! Have a safe and happy New Years Eve !!!! Wish you all the happiness for 2017!!!! January 1 2017 .. starting photo .. keeping it clean, and wearing (one of) my "Wish tops" ... (2 comments) had a great day, and today will consist of laundry catchup .. :) YAY !! Playtime in my playroom !!! Had to try the MR shakes they recommend... pretty yummy for a simple mix... I'm feeling confident here!!!! is back to work today .. day 1 I'm considering a success ... I can do this .. Tonight is dinner with friends .. Looking forward to it !!! had a full day of food .. and I feel great, and day 4 I'm already seeing things .. REAL things, not just want to's in my brain !!! :) They are small things, but differences none the less !!! (1 comments) is very happy Saturday is here .. Weigh in day ... down 2.6 pounds from last week !! :) color me happy !!!! :) (1 comments) had a wonderful Saturday; and ready for a great Sunday to ice off the cake... :) whoops .. cakes aren't good .. okay -- takes my yogurt .. (there that's better .. :) ) is not ready for the work week .. but alas .. Monday is here; and I have no choice .. lol lol Have a great Monday !! Monday has come and gone, and I made it .. bearly .. but I made it !!! :) On to Tuesday !!! :) (1 comments) is feeling sooo much better ... and slept pretty much 15 hours, waking up for dinner and about an hour before... feel great this morning !!! STRESS FREE !!!! is happy my wish came true .. My Friday the 13th was Thursday the 12th ... Had a GREAT day yesterday !!! Happy Sally !!!! (1 comments) is happy .. I have a new toy, and the sun is shining, and it's a weekend day off !! Life is good !!! and I'm enjoying it !!!! Hope you do too !!!! Happy Monday . and no - - I haven't been drinking .. I actually feel really good.. I wish you a great day !!!!! (1 comments) happy that Monday is over, made it safe and sound, On to Tuesday !!! :) BRING IT ON !!!!! made it to Wednesday -- all downhill from here !!!! Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY !!!! Thursday's here ... what are you going to do to make it the best day ever !!!!! :) Have a great one!!!! is happy Friday is here .. I wish everyone a great one !!! Make it your best in whatever you do !!!!! (1 comments) YAY Saturday !!! Bring on the weekend !!! I'll take 2 days of "un"routine, than redoing my last 2 days of work .. Happy Saturday !!!! I think I'm ready for Monday -- I hope .. lol lol . The weekend is over .. and must face reality again .. I can do this !!!! :) is hoping today is as smooth as yesterday ... fingers crossed ... Have a great Tuesday !!!! had a really bad day !!! Hoping today will be better .. no -- today WILL be better .... is happy it's Friday .. My work week is over. I found his yesterday and I want it in my yard .. LOVE Unicorns .. Unicorns play with me after the gym !!!! I want this !!!!! :) (1 comments) is happy this week is over !!!! Today will be a day of cleaning, and then FUN FUN FUN !!! Puppy club banquet -- country jamborie tonight !!! :) SOO looking forward to it !! Hope your day is a good one (2 comments) Saturday was wonderful .. Hubby is making Sunday fun as well !!! Have a great one!!!!! I'm going to !!!! it's Monday -- nothing we can do about that, so may as well make it the best we can !!!! Happy Monday !!!!! had a great day .. hoping it continues .. Part of me is waiting for the bomb to drop again .. but moving forward !!! Have a great day !! I'm going to !!!! Happy February .. what are your health goals for this month !!?? Happy Wednesday February's stats .. Weight 224.8 (down 5.7) Bust 46 Waist 44.5 Hips 49.5 (see blog) January 2017 startup Weight 230.5 Bust 44 Waist 44.5 Hips 49 Newby at measuring .. pics 1000 words Happy Ground hogs day !!! 6 more weeks of winter .. :) Wish you the best of the BEST !!!!! is happy today is Friday!! Quick fix dentist this morning, so will have to do peddling tonight.. but going to have a GREAT DAY !!!! Hope you do the same!!!! is happy yesterday is over .. wayyyy off kilter day.. Today will be better !!! Have a good one !! I'm going to try my hardest !!!! is happy I took yesterday ..I got alot done .. itt didn't end up as a sit in front of the tv cay .. :) Feel great !!! (1 comments) is forgetting about yesterday .. today is a new day .. and new goals, and aspirations !!! Happy Wednesday (besides -- down hill from here !! lol) is ready for refresh day .. I'm refreshed that yesterday didn't do damage .. Pick up my big girl panties, and move forward .. don't look back ! that's a sign for success !!!! :) I WILL SUCCEED ! is happy Friday is here .. I wish everyone a great one !!! Make it your best in whatever you do !!!!! is happy that Saturday is here .. and hubby is taking me a on a little day trip !!!! WOOHOO !!!!! :) is happy Sunday is here .. tomorrow is dentist, and fix my tooth .. YIPPEE !!!!! have a great day .. I'm going to !!! Gym and mom !!! :) is done till the 27th with the dentist .. Happy Valentines to everyone that stops by !!!! :) Wish you the happiest !!! (2 comments) is ready for Friday .. have a great day !!!! is having a day to myself .. Happy Monday, and wish you the best of the best !!! Make everything you do worthwhile !!!! is going to have to work hard, but daddytude is getting there !!! Happy Tuesday -- blue flu over .. is getting closer to the weekend... This week was pretty much a write off .. the stress was high, stress does wierd things to the body... Time to start the repair .. Have a great day ! (1 comments) it's been a tough week, but I pushed through .. today is the peak .. Daddy's birthday, Wendy's funeral .. my roller coaster is coming to the end .. :) YAY !! Happy day to you ! is very happy the roller coaster finally came to a stop .. Happy Saturday, and I am proud to say I've survived this totally crazy week !!! :) YAY ME !!!!!! is new start to the week ..fresh start !!!! (2 comments) is ready ..bring on the week !!! I can handle it !!!! Can you .. are you going to find your "C" ??? is happy the dentist is over .. Wishing everyone a great Tuesday !!!! :) March 1 = weight 222.4; bust 46.5; waiste 43; and hips 48 (1 comments) is happy --- new month, started out awesome and happy; and got my "silly" back on .. :) Have a great day !!!!! I'm going to . one more day closer to the weekend !!!! TGIF !!! I am so happy that today is Friday .. Hubby and I will be going on a roadtrip tomorrow .. YAY !!! Sooo looking forward to it, so blog may be a short one .. on the road.. but TGIF !!!! (1 comments) is happy -- had a wonderful day .. saw 2 bald eagles in real life .. beautiful birds !! They were flying high so I didn't get a photo .. :( is happy today is Thursday .. only 1 more day until the weekend !!! WOOHOO !!!! *HAPPY SALLY* :) is happy friday is here .. starting out at the docs for a vampire appointment ... then looking forward to 3 day weekend - taking 1 more day to acclamate myself to the time change again .. :) is happy Saturday is here .. another new start ..fresh outlook ..Sun is out, and sky is blue .. even though it's cold .. I have a good outlook on my day !!! Hope yours is the same!!! is happy Saturday is here .. another new start ..fresh outlook ..Sun is out, and sky is blue .. even though it's cold .. I have a good outlook on my day !!! Hope yours is the same!!! (2 comments) is happy with my day from yesterday !! It was a super busy day yesterday .. and a fun day .. Wish you a great day !!! is looking outside to lots of snow flying around the house .. Okay Mother Nature .. you've made your point .. enough already .. lol .. happy Monday and please stay safe from her wrath !!! is back to work.. be safe if you got hit with bad weather .. hope you have a great Tuesday !!! is happy it's Friday .. and wishing you a wonderful and safe St Paddies Day !!! is happy it's Saturday ...and wish my friends a happy one as well !!!! is gone on her road trip !!! wishing you a great Sunday !!! and talk again later !!! (1 comments) is all done with getaway :( but refreshed again for whatever is thrown at me today !!! Have a good day .. Happy first full day of spring!!!! is happy yesterday is done and over .. Now to pick up the pieces, and move on .. Nothing I can do about the past, but move forward .. I can do that !!! :) Happy Friday !!!!! is going to have a better day .. yesterday was pretty much my fault, but it happened .. Happy to say that puppy is better this morning ..and waiting for her second breakfast .. (this is a good thing) is happy we had a gooder night ... wishing everyone a great Thursday !!!! is happy today is Friday !!! WOOHOO !!! MADE IT THE WEEK !!!!! Looking forward to tomorrow .. just a busy quiet day at home !!! February 2017 Weight 224.8 Bust 46 Waist 44.5 Hips 49.5 March 1 Weight 222.4 Bust 46.5 Waist 43 Hips 48 April 1 (disappointed) Weight 222.2 Bust 46 Waist 44 Hips 49 Happy Saturday .. need to get myself going here .. but wanted to wish everyone a great day !!! is happy .. only 2 1/2 more sleeps until hubby comes home !!! WOOHOO !!! Happy Monday !!! is 1 more full night of sleeps .. his plane comes in at 12:50 on Thursday morning .. so Thursday's snoozing will just be on the couch .. I can pack up my bed tomorrow !!! WOOHOO !!!! is feeling back to normal .. little world is put back together. Now I have to get MYSELF back together .. My week started out good, and fell apart quick .. Pulling myself together !!! (1 comments) is happy life is coming back to normal chaos. My little world is slowly coming back to some normalcy !! LOVING IT !!! Happy Sunday !!! Don't make your motivation find you !!! Stay one step ahead of it! Happy Friday eve ... :) Wishing you the best .... (1 comments) The week has started and I've got energy .. energy I didn't know I had last week .. everything is falling into place so far this week !!! :) Happy week to all !! Weekend is right around the corner !!! (2 comments) The beginning of the week is again here .. This is the last day of the month .. Will May be a good month? On YOU have control over that !!!! MARCH 1, 2017 APRIL 1, 2017 MAY 1, 2017 ... Not happy ... I remain the QUEEN OF THE TURTLE CLUB .. *sigh* keep moving on! is excited .. Last day of work before my vastacation !!! :) I wish everyone the best of the best !!!!!! (1 comments) is ready for the weekend ... road trip Saturday, mom on Sunday !!! Have a great one !!! :) is ready for the week ... busy .. but busy is good .. :) Wish everyone success, and hope you have a great one !!! is happy yesterday is over .. can only be better today !!!! is happy it's Wednesday .. we're half way through .. :) Have a happy day !!!! is on the downhill slide of the roller coaster !!! Have a great day !!!! Welcome to a new week !!! Make whatever you do .. YOUR BEST !!!! is wishing everyone a wonderful week !!!! Let's race to the weekend !!!!! The weekend made it .. Time for some fun !!!! a new week begins again .. make it the best you can !!!!! (1 comments) is sooo happy that Friday is finally here .. This has been an emotionally/physically/mentally tough week .. but I can see the weekend !!!! Here's your morning giggle for a few days !!! :) (1 comments) Happy days !!! Happy nights !! Make your day... OUT OF SIGHT !!!! dance with the unicorns!!!!! (2 comments) finally made it to vastacation !!! countdown now to getaway .. SOOOOO EXCITED !!!!!!!!! is home safe and sound Never again in my arms, always in my heart ... is getting better every day .... Coming up on 2 weeks .. miss you every day .. :( is getting closer to vacation !!!! (2 comments) IS ON VACATION !!! FINALLY HERE !!!!!! day 900 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 11/10/2017 (1 comments) November ended with a bang .. welcome December !!!!!! (1 comments) Goal this week .. Look my troubles that come my way .. STRAIGHT IN THE EYE !!!! is realizing ... Excuses don't create results ... (1 comments) day 1025 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/15/2018 (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) is thinking now that I KNOW I'm healthy reason to make excuses ...... "Poor me" no longer has reason to "make excuses" ... time for a change!!!!! day 1050 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/9/2018 BELIEVE in your Unicorn !!!!! BELIEVE in your Unicorn !!!! You never know your true limits until you TRY !! The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today... H. Jackson Brown Jr KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE !!!!! Learning I dont have to eat a 7 course meal for lunch!!! (2 comments) I AM QUITE AMAZING ... stole from hubby... got as a giveaway wristband from Goodwill... but thought... Yea...I AM pretty AMAZING!!!!!!! (2 comments) is on that path... and WILL succeed is an emotional mess, but that's okay .. it's part of the "process" ...:) is beside myself with excitement .. It's MY day !!!!! has a few days off .. and spending them with hubby when all else fails, try looking at the problem a bit differently ! That's it .. I'm a cute mashed potato !!!!! (2 comments) Make sure you live like the fence was left open !!!! A MEGA brain drain day !!! Happy Hump day !!!!!! Always look from ALL angles ... Have a wonderful day ! WILL do this !!!!!! (2 comments) Hope your day is a great one !!!! The weather was finally decent, and I got out for my walk .. I was so excited that I upped my game toward my current goal of "around the subdivision" (3 1/2 miles) ... 46 minutes later I was back home .. I went an extra 15 minutes from my "normal" .. I'm now up to one mile .. I was tired, sweaty (er .. sparkling), and my legs were hurting .. but I DID IT !!!! Now my goal is to keep working on that level, until I don't "ouch" when I get home .. Yup --- I can do it .. Yup -- I WILL do it!!!!!! If anyone finds one .. please tell me NOW!!! lol lol Have a wonderful Friday !

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