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Andrea in a Black Jacket. Andrea in a Black Jacket. Started the Alli diet plan with gym workouts, diet cookbook, and pills in November. Lost my 13th pound this week! My first 12 thousand step day on my new Fitbit zip step counter. Step counting games on the Internet are super addictive, but in a super healthy way. Ten pounds may not seem like a big loss, but lift a ten pound dirt bag in a garden to know it is HUGE. (1 comments) 12185 step count for the day. Woot making progress! Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all. The Zomg game has returned to the Gaia Online games forum. New fancy contacts. (1 comments) is using the new magnet bicycle trainer stand I got for extra fitness. (1 comments) Progress report, I lost 15 pounds total by this point. It has reached the part where you can see it in a photo, and so I took an update photo. Then I cut and pasted it by the start photo. The tricky part in this process is TAKING the start photo. When you look bad you do NOT want to take any photos. is taking update photos. (1 comments) Funny fitness joke of the day... is having a great Fitbit step count day. High step count day. Woot 19 thousand steps. Fitness items I missed using when I was sick last week with a long horrible summer cold. Fun with filters, this is the Urban filter on the Prisma app. I love paint filters this week. Made it to class AND the gym today. Woot happy day. I had a cold a little while ago, so it was not easy. The new high step count day for the month. (1 comments) To all the fans of the walking and workout game Pokemon Go, raid updates activated last night. My Fitbit has a new battery at last. I so missed it. Woot! Hit 17 thou today. September is almost October! I love it! (1 comments) It is not water. Halloween makeup 2017 Profile December 2017 New Years party profile photo year 2018. I hit the 20 pound loss point last night! If you look at a sack of 15 or 20 pounds of potatoes you can see that it is a lot of size to go down. I have been on the Sparkpeople diet and fitness plan, with the Alli diet plan, and have been on the apple cider vinegar diet since November of 2016 for the loss. Also I have been doing 3 or more days a week at Gold's Gym as a New Years Resolution I have not broken. I lost 20 pounds! Too bad a typist lady cussed me out for it Monday. Andrea in Zaragosa Spain 2004 Andrea PoeDaughter before concert 2004 Andrea in Spain Face Crop One of the better books on 10,000 Steps is the Isaacs book based on UK government Pedometer studies. (1 comments) Slow Progress is Progress Me on a concert night. Sloth Run Bloody Sunday Comic 6 Black Camera and Ruby Stone at FH7publishing.com (1 comments) Yea, the US is that messed up with health ideas. (2 comments) Devil Eggs Halloween Comic 11 BCARS (1 comments) Battle Angel Alita Anime Hank Hill does yoga to heal illness and injury with teacher Johnny Depp in Season 8 Episode 20 (2 comments) Me in New Orleans (3 comments) Me before Rasputina show (4 comments) Me in my old apartment. (2 comments) My dog Rocky, 2010. (5 comments) Coco dog 2010. (4 comments) Lydia from the Beetlejuice cartoon with camera. (1 comments) Love of photo art. (1 comments) What food the government thinks you need. (2 comments) Pokemon Bikes fan art. (2 comments)

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