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cruise to Alaska (5 comments) King Tut (8 comments) Cleopatra (2 comments) New scarf bails and rings Ace, he is black so pictures are not easy to get Pat's new rew modeled bathroom (1 comments) Pat's new new modeled bathroom Pat's new new modeled bathroom Have a blessed Sunday Happy Monday! (1 comments) Got laundry finished, will start packing this afternoon. Leaving early tomorrow for the beach. packed and off to the beach Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus. (1 comments) did my weekly shopping, did find a couple of Christmas items at 1/2 price. Got a load of laundry finished. Very windy today. (1 comments) Blessed Sunday. We are to have frost in So. Cal so I have to move my lemon tree. (1 comments) It's cool, but sunny in Sol Calif. (1 comments) Baby it's cold outside! Looks like rain/snow Very cold and windy, not a normal day for the parade tomorrow. Happy New Year. (1 comments) Happy New Year, hope everyone is enjoying the parade in Pasadena (1 comments) Best Wishes for the New Year! (1 comments) Got the Christmas decorations down and put away. That job is done for the year. (1 comments) Blessed Sunday. church this evening! This is Cleopatra, she is King Tut's sister! (1 comments) This is Ace my 20 yr plus kitty. It's hard to take a picture of a black cats (4 comments) Still windy, having the last of the roof fixed today. Let it rain, Let it rain. I am prepared. (3 comments) Bible Study this morning. (1 comments) Get my nails done this afternoon (1 comments) Marketing done for the week. (2 comments) raining today. great day to do some paperwork (1 comments) rained most of the night, we need the rain (1 comments) Sun is shining, don't have to water, God did it for me. (1 comments) took Ace my 20 1/2 yr old cat to vet for a nail clipping. This is Ace. (2 comments) Bible Study this mornina cool and windy Weekly shopping finished. Some clouds but no wind today. (1 comments) Red Hat Bunco party today Red Hat cookies This is Ace my 20 yr plus kitty. It's hard to take a picture of a black cats This is Ace my 20 yr plus kitty. It's hard to take a picture of a black cats church today (1 comments) Happy Monday everyday is a holiday for us retired people Got my 5 yr bone density test yesterday (4 comments) Happy Hump Day this week is just flying by, nails today. (2 comments) Missed my early exercise. It's sat. Love the weekends (1 comments) Windy today, lots of sunshine! (1 comments) cloudy, too rain tonight. only rain, no snow for So Calif (2 comments) clearing up, clouds but no rain (5 comments) Bible Study this morning foot doc today (1 comments) Blessed Sunday to everyone It's Groundhog day (2 comments) I see my doctor that did the surgery on my shoulder today (1 comments) nails today, I think mauve (1 comments) did my weekly shopping (3 comments) Did some yard work, little rain a lot of weeds I am leader of Gluten Free` join us got the laundry done Had a long talk with a friend today, need to change somethings that I have been doing out of habit, not desire!!!! Womens luncheon today. Senior kitty is not doing well, have him on baby food now. Ace is not getting any better to the vet this afternoon. I am afrain that I will have to let him go. At 20 yrs and 9 mo. He has had a long life. (2 comments) Ace went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He had a blood clot.RIP big guy. He was 20 yrs and 9 month old. (3 comments) Your friends and family can prevent you from losing weight by what they say about you. (You would be so pretty if you lost some weight) (1 comments) it's sunny and hot in so calif. need the rain or snow. please send some our way. (1 comments) still hot and dry! bible study today looks like rain warm and sunny (1 comments) Blessed Sunday it's warm in So Calif (2 comments) got my tomato and pepper seeds planned this morning. (2 comments) got my terra cotta pots painted. (2 comments) Got my weekly shopping done!!! The end of March! Tomorrow is April Fools Day! is it fall or spring foot doc today, sore on rt sole, have to stay off of it a week (1 comments) rain do in So. Calif Happy Saturday birthday celebration for pastor tax day (1 comments) day 200 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/18/2015 Blessed Sunday (1 comments) cleaning house today (1 comments) Still have clouds, but no rain The sun is shining, it's cold and windy one day and the next is so hot you need the a/c It's water day, in Calif we can only water 3 days a week in the summer. (1 comments) Rain again in So. Calif sunny and getting warmer. Happy Mothers Day! (1 comments) watering day, got a new shade for the porch, keeps the living room cooler. blue sky and no wind, love it!!! (2 comments) overcast, where did that sunshine go? (1 comments) hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday. Getting hot in So. Cal. Asked Texas to bottle some of that water and sent it to us. (2 comments) Happy Monday blessed Sunday, where do the weeks go? it's Monday! Feel like the cat. The sun is shining, it's to get into the 80's today, too hot for Feb. How did it get to be Thursday? Blessed Sunday (1 comments) you just have to be brave everyday Just a reminder (2 comments) Hump day (1 comments) starting to look for a weekend (1 comments) happy friday it's Saturday, so take a rest break (1 comments) Blessed Sunday (2 comments) Start of a new week Love Tuesday where did the week go not ready for laundry Happy Saturday (1 comments) wonderful Sunday have to excerise (1 comments) hump day (1 comments) change your clocks on saturday It's Monday looking for change (1 comments) add some green beer saw only one bunny this morning (1 comments) it fits? Blessed Sunday Happy Monday fun also Blessed Easter's Good Friday Happy Monday it's raining in calif no rain today, just sunshine happy wednesday it's raining, i am dancing Blessed Sunday the sun is shining windy windy but dry monday half thru the week it's Thursday WOW it's saturday Have a peaceful Sunday it's saturday we're so cute hot doggie leaping for monday kitty in the window love tv (1 comments) it pays to be brave it's Friday, the gangs all here (1 comments) happy momma (1 comments) it's hot turn on the cold water Have a nice weekend (1 comments) beach weather My flowers in the yard (1 comments) Shirley, my doll of 77 years. (1 comments) craft show love my tree one of my craft projects (1 comments) praying for rain (1 comments) Happy Birthday America The sun is shining but it's not 100 out You have to love yourself, too get better. It's a wonderful world I AM BACK. I keep trying other plans and I guess I better stay with what works. I am so upset with myself. I know that Sparks works, but I keep trying other plans. I need to chain myself to Sparks. (2 comments) Been sick for a week, lost weight, but not how I should. Back to the program (2 comments) down a pound. It works, if you work it. nails and new glasses today. love my new glasses Red Hat Christmas party today Blessed Sunday Christmas Cookies Christmas is coming Merry Christmas Away to start the the new year Happy New Year Happy New Year babies love tv be brave Funny weekly shopping finish no rain today I love the idea of having everyone put their phone in a basket, during a meal. I miss Debbie R Have a great saturday great tuesday Bible study today lovely wish i had wheels like these (2 comments) The rain has stopped. Can see snow on the mountains. cold and windy cat condo hot doggie My one and only doll. She will be 79 this coming Christmas craft show I need spring Raining again in So. Calif I do wish Happy Thursday, women's luncheon today Sunshine, my joints feel so much better Sunshine, I feel like exercising (1 comments) Boy did it rain yesterday. Flood and road closures. drink the water Cleopatra in her basket (1 comments) no snow and no rain, love the sunshine (1 comments) neighbors are walking their dogs. Kitties will not walk on a leash It's raining, no snow (1 comments) kitties do not like water change your clocks Did my chair exercises today. did the burst training (1 comments) is feeling down (2 comments) (1 comments) is HAPPY is exercising HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA is so HOT in Southern California 106 in shade and no shade

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