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Aliviah Rose~ Born October 15th 2012 at 3:28am My little girl :) 2 days before delivery 202 pounds! Me 7 months pregnant with Aliviah I can't see you yet, but I love you more than you could ever know Aliviah Rose 3D ultrasound 29 weeks Aliviah Rose 3 weeks old Were crazy like that! Such a good big brother to his lil' sis Soul searcher Mommy Daddy and Jacob at Disney World Jacob and Mommy petting the sting rays at Clearwater Marine Aquarium Hot and sweaty on the boat at Clearwater Marine Aquarium He is so awesome and he knows it :) My new inspiration, Winter the dolphin who lost his tail in a net and learned to swim without it New hair cut 2010 (1 comments) This is what 153 looks like! YAY! (1 comments) Mommy and Jacob sharing a cookie on Easter 2011 Whats up doc? Me after doing taebo video's for 2 weeks 2011 152 pounds (2 comments) My newest tattoo 5 1/2 months Pregnant with Aliviah 2012 (1 comments) My handsome little monkey man 4yrs old 2011 Sweet baby girl (1 comments) 175 lbs when I first met spark Jaocb and I at Chucky Cheese!!!!! Donald and I on Christmas 2006 "Just the two of us" or so we thought lol Me holding Jacob right after they cleaned him up I was soooooo thirsty! Jacobs second day of life (1 comments) At my Heaviest post pregnancy weight 187lbs My Brandy doggy and Jacob 2mnths... Jacob wearing aunt April's glasses Jacob being cute, I love him so much! Mommy and Jacob at Disney (1 comments) Jacob and Daddy at Disney Daddy and Jacob at Disney, theres that smile! My sweet and incredibly handsome little man! (1 comments) Jacob riding a florida? How handsome can you get?

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