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from Fitsugar Magazine from ShapeMagazine/StaceyWhitman From ShapeMagazine/Stacy Whitman From FitSugar Magazine From Shape Magazine From Shape Magazine (1 comments) Thumbnail CAJIFV BD Bing Library CS_Practice_Mu ay_Thai_by_Tr0pic0n chosen from bing library as encouragement to practice & train Thumbnail_CARVB_WWO Bing Gallary Images chosen as a continuous reminder of gracefulness in posture This is an esteemed attitude and lifestyle worth training and practicing to attain. FromBing images From Bing Images, George Baarbier & the Brit a Grecian Artsubtle aristicratic appeal. Bing Gallery Photo: Bing Photo Gallery. Beginner Ballet dancer. The fasinating stance & postures & attitudes Chosen from Bing Images for her humility, meekness, skillfulness & mastery in most trades From Bing Images chosen the same as the first plus I appreciate the cherry tree blossoms. (1 comments) Visualization helper from resident's perspective chosen from the Bing Gallery A collection of Fleur de lis, from the Bing photo Gallery From The Bing Photo Gallery The gown & physique are definitly displayed From Bing photo Gallery only a headshot of another graceful women From Bing Photo Gallery. My intrigue with Egypt and Egyptian heiroglyphics (art) Paris @ night a visulization retreat. Bing Photo Library Me, my own photo; soon after arriving in Kissimmee, FL Me, Later on in June about two months in Kissimmee, FL Me, PickieProtein, still in Kissimmee, (1 comments) Me, PickieProtein, in September, still in Kissimmee, FL Me, PickieProtein in September, Kissimmee, FL see the differen between this and that video in April Me, PickieProtein, In my thinking cap & thinking smile, Kissimmee FL September (1 comments) Me, PickieProein, stretching out in October '11 still in Kissimmee,FL Bing Gallery (1 comments) My daughter Eaure (RA) August 2011 (3 comments) Eaura (RA) August 2011 Presenting my New year's Bubbly, from Shape Magazine Bing Phot Gallery; My WISH To achieve thesize of either of these waistlines,or midriffs,or derriers Bing Photo Gallery: I have a thing for Music & this is a reminder of my appreciation Trumpeter Society: Based on a Photo blog by Jazzid that remind me of a appreciation for swans, TrumpeterSociety; Attribute to Jazzid's photo Blog: swans do have long necks, longer than ducks. Trumpeter Society: My appreciation of swans,based on Jazzid's photo blog;I had to check my accuracy Bing Photo Gallery: Another photo of my appreciation for music

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