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Talking with Fess Parker (2 comments) (9 comments) She was a real person & inspiration to those who knew her. As this quote from the movie was to me. In life - take a chance. Even in the worst times, look for some thing that will help, or make you smile. Don't be afraid to act. Smokey greeting his new friend Fuzzy (4 comments) Scale = Fuzzy is not much bigger than his largest toy (2 comments) Fuzzy & Smokey Bears Breakfast (6 comments) Fuzzy the climber (3 comments) Another sink cat (9 comments) Fuzzy exploring (3 comments) (11 comments) (6 comments) (7 comments) Sulu at INtrepid - Live long & prosper (6 comments) Friend Ann, Sulu, Me (4 comments) with George Takei last night. A real gentleman. Intrepid Starfleet Academy Experience Launch Party, (14 comments) For Baggy (5 comments) Praying for folks in Belgium. Found lovely image & prayer to send to our OSJ Belgium members. Thought you might like it also. (5 comments) Could finally pay respects for my friend Daniel who game me my first cat Mr Paws. Hope he greeted her at Rainbow Bridge. (3 comments) Smokey relaxing (11 comments) Baggy on his special pillow on my desk (13 comments) Happy Valentine's Day from Baggy, Smokey & their human Peggy (9 comments) Baggy Christmas 2015 (1 comments) Smokey Halloween (1 comments) But sometimes Smokey takes it over Baggy's favorite place - corner of my desk (8 comments) The boys caught wrestling (5 comments) Smokey (Gray) & Baggy (Black) 2015 (8 comments) (6 comments) (4 comments) Smokey at home (8 comments) (23 comments) (3 comments) Smokey (6 comments) Bagheera/Baggy (4 comments) Smokey more interested in Baggy than his food (7 comments) Mr Paws & Tribble from RainBow Bridge (8 comments) Paws loved his Santa Paws chair (7 comments) Tribble Ever Watchful (5 comments) Sasquatch & Smokey at the cat house. (8 comments) Sasquatch as Santa Paws (8 comments) Smokey & Sasquatch bunk beds (10 comments)

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