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My three dear grandchildren, Ruben (22 months old), Jose Antonio (8 y.o.) and Desiree (7 y.o.). (3 comments) My DGS, Ruben, 22 months old at his kindergarten. (3 comments) My DGD, Desiree, 7 years old (2 comments) My youngest kitty, Sara. My other Persian rescued cat, Bruno, brother of Draco. Draco, a rescued Persian cat. He's the Brad Pitt of my house because of his blue eyes. (2 comments) My two other stray dogs rescued from the street. Margot in the front, the elderly doggie. And Max. (1 comments) My latest rescue dog, an Australian Cattle Dog, Luca. (2 comments) Renee (1 comments) Sister and brother together. (4 comments) My grandson, Ruben, with his pants slipping down (one year old here, now he's almost 2). (2 comments) My granddaughter, Desiree, 6 years old here, now she's 7. (2 comments) Ruben, 12 months old, with a punk style hairdo. (3 comments) Hubby and me in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (12 comments) A hummingbird in my garden. (5 comments) Iochromas in my garden. (1 comments) My adorable grandson, Ruben, 6 months old. (6 comments) This proud grandma with two of her grandchildren. Photo taken at the hospital. (6 comments) My new grandson, Ruben, one day old, with his sis Desiree, 5 yo. Loving every moment. (4 comments) My two adorable grandchildren. The boy is from our youngest son, the girl from our daughter. (4 comments) (10 comments) DGD and DGS (5 comments) DGD at 3 y.o. (2 comments) My estranged dear grandson, 5 years old. (2 comments) Both of our grandkids (3 comments) Jose Antonio, our DGS, 3 years old (3 comments) (1 comments) (4 comments) (7 comments) Desiree, DGD at 6 months old (7 comments)

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