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My new look, (5 comments) Just for fun what do you think of the darker hair (6 comments) My son wanted to take my photo My Greek Eye on my right wrist, This keeps away the evil front view, Tattoo in honor of my mom I gave her a kidney in 04 and she passed away in 06 (3 comments) Tattoo of side view (is on the other side too) (2 comments) My last Tattoo, My Peacock, this was drawn by hand just right from the mind the artist to my back (1 comments) (7 comments) Family Photo Summer 2010 (2 comments) January 2, 2010, The Next Journey Begins. up 8 lbs, but still at a 35 lb lost 25 to go (2 comments) looking at getting the back side tight in 2010 W/I at 151.4 October 25, 2009 need to get that last 28 lbs off (5 comments) Reach my goal weight on August 22, 2009 almost 1 year for my start date, Weight in at 147.2 (5 comments) 147.2 8/22/09 152 lbs (1 comments) 161.8 lbs 1/25/09 (2 comments) 177.0 lbs 9/28/2008 The start of my Journey with Weight Watchers and Spark People I was 188.2 lbs on 9/4/2008 (1 comments) 188.2 lbs 9/4/2008 The Gang Halloween 2009 Serena, Shawn (my son) and Kenna Raye Halloween 2009 My hubby and Me Halloween 2009 He was a Fisherman (2 comments) I so love the photo :) I purchased the costume last year 08 and it would not button up (3 comments) Me, Veann and Stacey out of costume at the end of the night Halloween 2009 Aruba 2009 at Goal weight with my best friends, Stacey, Veann and Pagona (ME) (1 comments) Dave, Pagona and our toys (3 comments) My favorite two guys My hubby and I filming a TV show Forum Wars watch for it on Speed Channel (7 comments) Back side of Wedding photo, put on my wedding dress when I reach 1st goal (1 comments) Front view of Wedding dress 197 lbs v's 150 lbs (7 comments) My sister & I Pantelia 40, Collete 42, Pagona (me) 44, Liz 52, Barbara 54 (our ages by the end of 09 (3 comments) Dave and I at our friends birthday dinne 11/14/09 (4 comments) (1 comments) October 2008 I've reached my 10% goal of 170.lbs Shawn, Me and Captain Hook at Disneyland Shawn and I at the Dodger Game July 2008 Shawn and Dave on the Boat Summer 2008 Jennifer & Shawn Halloween 2008 Gym Contest Shawn and Serina (1 comments) Shawn won Halloween Contest at our Gym 10 27 2008 Received a Toy R Us gift Card he was very excited (2 comments)

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