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See this image largerme in 2015 at 143.4 lbsSee this image largerme at about 144 lbs and still losing nowSee this image largerNathan Alan 5 days old and home with Mommy , Daddy and brotherSee this image largerTamra with LaShaun & Nathan- one day old-8lbs 4ozs.See this image largerJavoris with Nathan Alan born 2/06/09See this image largerThe beautiful Turner family 2/06/09See this image largerNathan's not going home with me...I wanted a dog!!!(1 comments)See this image largerHI Little brother (LaShaun and baby Nathan)See this image largerI love you Nathan---MuahSee this image largerLaShaun age 1 and hair cut shortSee this image largerLittle show off LaShaun--gigglesSee this image largerHappy Nathan 1 month oldSee this image largerMommy and LaShaun 2009See this image largerNathans first real smile with daddy Javoris holding himSee this image largerThe army of three !!!See this image largerRed Hot Mamma and her boysSee this image largerPretty Tamra--Mommy of LaShaun and NathanSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerDotty starting weight 181 lbs.See this image largerMy first goal weight is 160 lbs(1 comments)See this image largerMy second goal weight is 145 lbs.(1 comments)See this image largerGREG, MY HUBBY, AND ME 2008See this image largerMy Mom with my two daughters Dee Jay on the left and Cinda on the rightSee this image largerDee Jay & Tommy, my daughter and son in law 2009See this image largerShelley, my youngest Granddaughter & her daughter, Alysia See this image largerMy Mom- my granddaughter Shelley & her daughter Alysia 11-2007See this image largerMikey, my grandson, holding Alysia, my Great Granddaughter 2008See this image largerPa Pa & Nona with Alysia CHristmas 2008See this image largerGreat Granddaughter Princess Alysia's 3rd birthday(1 comments)See this image largerAlysia, age 3, waiting for a gift at christmas time...2008See this image largerAlysia in a bag...LOL What a ham she is...2008See this image largerAlysia and Great Great Grandma Rhea...12/2008See this image largerMy 16 year old Grandson, Mikey...he is my M&M and Gramps Co-PilotSee this image largerMikey, the dude, my oldest grandson 2008See this image largerMy two Grandsons, Mikey and Zac..Thanksgiving 2008See this image largerPop Pop and Zac, bonded for life..2008See this image largerZacs first boat trip fishing with Pop Pop..2008See this image largerZacs 7th Birthday Dec.5, 2008See this image largerGramma Dotty and Zac....He will always be my baby boy...LOLSee this image largerMy 2 Daughters, Cinda standing behind Dee Jay 2008See this image largerDee Jay, my youngest daughter, Mother of Shelley and Mikey, Gramma of AlysiaSee this image largerMy beautiful 87 year old Mother 2008(1 comments)See this image largerMy Oldest daughter, Cinda, mother of Tamra and Zac and Grandma of Lashaun and NathanSee this image largerJustin, my son in law, hubby of Cinda, Father of Tamra and Zac, Grandpa of LaShaun & NathanSee this image largerJustin & Cinda Thanksgiving 2008...still loversSee this image largerMy Granddaughter Tamra, in Germany, 2008 Wife of Javoris, Mother of LaShaun and NathanSee this image largerMy Grandson in-law, Javoris, Tamra's hubby, daddy of LaShaun and NathanSee this image largerTamra and LaShaun Bonding much love between themSee this image largerJavoris and LaShaun, in Germany 2008See this image largerLaShaun my 1 year old Great Grandson...Tamra and Javoris' sonSee this image largerBatman LaShaun ...age 1

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