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See this image largerThe "Me" I see in my head ... my goal is to match this to the "Me" I see in the mirror.See this image largerAboard the Disney Magic, when I wasn't afraid to be in a photograph.See this image largermy daughter with Off Kilter, at EPCOTSee this image largerSee this image largermy darling BRAK.See this image largerMade this silly pic at EPCOT a few years ago.See this image largerHere I am at my cousin's wedding ... just over a year (and 20 pounds, and two hospital stays) ago.See this image largerHere I am with my beautiful daughter.See this image largerMy two main motivators for better health: I want to be here for them.See this image largerAt the EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival, with Captain Crunch ... er, I mean Paul RevereSee this image largerMy kids being silly. They do this often.See this image largerHere's my son: I can't believe he's 6 feet tall! He was an itty-bitty just a few weeks ago. Honest!See this image largermade this for my daughter's school play, using an old dress of mine and some notionsSee this image largermy daughter's interpretation of "3-D glasses", in the lobby of Philharmagic at WDWSee this image largermy daughter took this awesome shot of my niece and nephew in my Mom's pool.See this image largerMy niece sitting by our names (chalked on the ground while waiting for the MK Ferry hours earlier)See this image largerI had to sit on the ground to be close enough to let Coco be in Woody's Roundup: this must change!See this image largerThe perfect pooch profile.See this image largerOur dog Baby when she was a puppy.See this image largerBaby does NOT want us to wash her crate cushion, tyvm.See this image largerteeny tiny cottage: the frame is 68 mm per side.See this image largerBaby sweater!See this image largerMr. Cuddlebun, esq. (His new owner's mommy and daddy are both lawyers)See this image largerzomg this blankie is the most beautiful and soft thing evar!!1! The yarn is Bernat's Bamboo Chunky.See this image largerMade this blanket for my hubby ... only took me FIVE YEARS (with pauses)See this image largerHow do you get down off of this duck? You don't, but he's still cute.See this image largerbunny slippers! The perfect use for eyelash yarn.

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