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Hiding extra pounds and bent posture behind books May, 2012 (2 comments) Nellie in 2000 (3 comments) Nellie in 2006 in Butchart Gardens, Vancouver, BC (4 comments) Our 2012 Christmas photo (3 comments) Nellie ready to go tapping (2 comments) from our bedroom window 2.9.13 (2 comments) Nellie ready to shovel 2.9.13 at 1PM (5 comments) yup, 2 feet 2.9.13 (2 comments) bird's tree, l'ingresso and garden windows (2 comments) Snowshoeing after the Blizzard (1 comments) river garden (1 comments) Freedom Tower, NYC (1 comments) Cozy Cottage (1 comments) Orchid 2.22.13 (1 comments) Snow again 3.13 (2 comments) FAITH HOPE LOVE LOVE RAINBOW SWIRLS Resurrection crown (1 comments) Driftwood Antlers (2 comments) Franklin Pierce Homestead The Meadow The Meadow Pond Paddlin' Madeline Tappin', May 2013 (6 comments) Made it to the top of Mt. Willard 8.5.13! (6 comments) Enjoying the early 1800's (2 comments) Jim with BU '52 buddies, two wives and a son Happy 85, Jim! go BU '52 (2 comments) 85th Birthday breakfast time (1 comments) Let's tap Ta da! (3 comments) Pat 1.30.41 Pat and Pierce 1.30.41 (2 comments) Pat and Pierce 1.30.41 outside at Ice Castle, Loon Mt. (2 comments) Nellie 4.1.14 first day of Community Gardening 5.14 (1 comments) Nellie recouping from fall costume for Entertainment, Sunnyside of the Street and Tea for Two. 7.2.14 Two at top hat with cane (2 comments) an August swing in memory of childhood 8.10.14 Psalm 34.1...I will extol the LORD at all times; His praise will always be on my lips Matthew 10.22b he who stands firm to the end will be saved and DH are hunkering down with just a wall heater and electric fireplace heater for warmth in these single numbers. Hope to get the furnace repaired tomorrow! and DH are in Day #4 of doing without a far, so good! GOD be praised! repair to happen this Wednesday and DH are glad for warmth as we remember Jim's sister Marilyn...a sorrow-joy day... and DH enjoyed a last day of winter celebration with a good friend spring in flowers and DH enjoying memories and photos of the wedding on Sunday as we prepare to attend the next wedding! come set awhile on the SALT bench in Washington.10.18.15 holly dusted in snow 13F feels like 4F at Decision America Prayer Rally in front of State House in Concord.1.19.16 is preparing for more cold, snowy? weather sap buckets waiting 2.29.16 sap buckets in a row 2.29.16 Gram & Papa at Fire Rescue Bldg for HONOR FLIGHT 6AM 5.22.16 Happy first day of the week and month in the New Year 1917! and DH watched the Super Bowl with family...WOW! YAY PAts!

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