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Playground Break during our 2 mile walk!! Mommy & her BabyGirl Self Potrait in the mirror (Apr 14th, 2010) Can't believe how big she is getting!! She is able to walk down the stairs BY HERSELF!! Dada took this picture while they were at the park & I was at work!! Playing with the water fountain!! Kissing my Mickey Ears wearing hubs at Disney Paris!! Easter Weekend 2011 during my European Holiday! Smiley Girl @ IKEA Yokohama!! (3 comments) In her stroller at the Mall after eating Coldstone. :~) Styrofoam Picture Frame!! (2 comments) Eeeek... look at the SIZE of that BOOTY!! FINALLY a before picture!! I am such a CHUNKY BUTT!! Lost 2lbs since this photo! Ready for our hike!! Going to the BIGGEST Rollerslide up a HUUUGE hill!! Self-portrait of BabyGirl and Mama (1 comments) Smiling for the camera!! Loving the slide in the park 1 minutes walk from our house!! (Jan 9th,2010) Girly blowing kisses @ Daddy while Mama blows a kiss @ BabyGirl! COMMITMENT: Determination is often the 1st Chapter in the book of excellence. RISK: The greater the difficulty, the more glory in overcoming it. GOALS: Where there is passion and desire, there will always be new horizons. PERSISTENCE:It is wise to adopt the pace of nature, her secret is consistency and patience. COURAGE: is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear. -Mark Twain CHALLENGE: The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it. PERSEVERANCE: What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. ASPIRE: If you are not afraid of failure. you'll seldom have to face it. EFFORT: Work hard to get good.THEN work hard to get better. Vision Collage!! (3 comments) A to Zen of Life ~ Dalai Lama Cheeeeese!! Smiling "Jelly face" Girl! (2 comments) "Jelly face" Girl... after eating a muffin with jam! Most Recent Splash & Dash on Aug 15th (I was the Swim Leg) My Zumba Teaching Cert !!! WOOHOO!! (4 comments) Petting Zoo @ 4th of July Celebration Me & BabyGirl with the bunny @ the petting zoo. BUNNY!!!! The SMILEYEST Girl in the WORLD!! Look at all those teeth!! My Sweet SMILING Monkey Girl Sitting in the crib.. looking pretty in her 1st Birthday outfit from Great Aunt & Uncle in TX! Easter Egg Hunt on Yokosuka Naval Base (04/11/09) When (Teddy) Bears ATTACK !!! The Family !! On the deck of the daycare, egg hunting (04/10/09) Trying to eat a plastic egg!! Holding her Egg Basket (made by the teachers)

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