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My husband, Sam, and I on Mother's Day, 2018. (1 comments) With my sweet boy Ruger. The world's wimpiest pit bull. (1 comments) With three of my four bio babies. Mother's Day, 2018. (3 comments) Land of the free because of the brave! Thank you to all the brave souls who gave their lives to preserve my freedom. I love you, America! A joyful lump in my chest this morning: For the first time in years, a "1" and a "6" as the first two numbers of my weight. I know I am nearing my goal if size 6 when my thighs aren't touching in a relaxed stand. I've made good progress, but still a ways to go! And sorry about the absence of my head. I have one- I promise! (1 comments) Sugar free chocolate chip protein muffins- finally perfected the recipe. They taste as good as they look! (7 comments) As of this morning I'm down another pound! Making progress! #yayme! My daughter's little budgie, Remi, died suddenly last night. She's heartbroken. It's delt day. Yay! Giant rubber-bands of varying sizes arrived yesterday. I got them to assist my daughter in eventually doing pull-ups on her own: She's passed the audition to be a Marine Corp Musician (big, hairy deal!), and is prepping for boot camp after college graduation in summer of 2019. I was surprised to see that they came with a set of handles and door stop. Looks like they're going to be a good addition to the home gym for Mom, too! (1 comments) My oldest son, who has Down's, is here for the weekend. He lives in an excellent group home and every-other weekend he comes. This is him with my sweet hubby. Love it when we have him home! (1 comments) Thought we lost our sweet boy today. My husband and I got good cardio workouts looking for him, but it was the neighbor who finally found him, lost and shaking. Front of dress! (1 comments) Sewed a dress! :-) (2 comments) This dress was a reward to myself for getting into the 170's. (4 comments) (4 comments) 190 lbs. I'd like to look less Jessica Rabbit and more Wonder Woman. (5 comments) 190 pounds, 3 January 2017 (4 comments) 3 January 2017 (3 comments) Thank you, Veterans, for your service. I was in the Air Force, and it was an honor and privilege. God Bless America! (6 comments) New haircut for my 50th birthday! 9 Nov 2016 (2 comments) With my sweet Grandson, Gideon, 16 Jan 2016 (3 comments) Nothing like filtered sunlight to obscure wrinkles and make one look younger! April 2015 My grandson Gideon- I love this little guy more than words can say! (2 comments) My beloved Cassie was 14 when we lost her to cancer in January of 2015. I miss my sidekick! (3 comments) 07/28/14- Taken by my daughter right after returning from vacation. 177 lbs. Sigh. (5 comments) 05-24-14 All dolled up for my daughter's Band Banquet. (3 comments) My granson, Gideon. Being healthy for my family is a big motivator! 25 September, 2014 (3 comments) Meeting HealthyHabitGal at a beach we both were both visiting at the same time in Corpus Christi. (3 comments) My family, November 2013, with four of the kids and one grandbaby. (2 comments) With my sweet Grandson Gideon, Thanksgiving Day 2013 (3 comments) Ready to go to my daughters Band Banquet. 4-20-2013 (4 comments) Back Progress 3-21-2012. Hard work is paying off- Lats are wider! Now to bring BF% back down. (4 comments) No torso twisting- The honest shape of ME, every day. (Leaned out for photos is NOT livable!) (9 comments) Professional photo by Doug Jantz. 3 Apr 2011 (11 comments) One of my favs from professional photo shoot. 148 lbs. 3 Apr 2011 (11 comments) To give a little perspective, here is the same pic before it was retouched by the photographer. (3 comments) Pretty proud of these abs after 4 babies! (And no- haven't had a tummy tuck!) 3 Apr 2011 (20 comments) 3 Apr 2011 (3 comments) To feel comfy enough to turn my backside to a pro's camera is a major stepping stone! 3 Apr 2011 (3 comments) 3 Apr 2011 (2 comments) 3 Apr 2011- size 6. I want to get back to this. (5 comments) Another pro pic by Doug. I got the little tank at the Ronnie Coleman Classic the night before. (14 comments) Rachel McLish, 80's body building icon, in 2007 at 47. My inspiration- The kind of body I am after. (8 comments) 148 lbs- 27 March 2011 (13 comments) Whoo hoo! Finally seeing true development in my chest muscles! BF about10%, by 7-site calliper. (6 comments) February 27, 2011. Ready for church. Want to get back to this. (26 comments) Back Progress- 20 Jan 2010 (8 comments) My daughter took this pic and then sang & "I'm Popeye the Sailor Woman!" 9 Nov 2010 (6 comments) 44th Birthday, 157 pounds. Un-flexed. 9 Nov 2010 (3 comments) 44th BDay. My Size-6 goal look. 9 Nov 2010 (6 comments) This pic doesn't show the cut very good, but I'm getting a definite horseshoe! September 16, 2010 (9 comments) Getting serious on the Rear Delt Machine- 15 Aug 2010 (1 comments) Going to see a friends band play. In a miniskirt at 43- who'd of thunk? 9 Jul 2010 (9 comments) Progression: Before, goal unflexed, goal flexed. Tired of the before/afters yet? :-) (39 comments) Progression: Before, goal unflexed, goal flexed. Last before/after- I promise! (9 comments) Cutting diet before and after. (8 comments) May 5th, 2010- End of 12-week cutting diet. 147.8 lbs and 10.89% body fat. Happy, happy, joy, joy! (24 comments) Relaxed shot. May 5th, 2010- End of 12-week cutting diet. 147.8 lbs and 10.89% body fat. Goal met! (2 comments) Dressed for the gym & making breakfast. 150 and in size SMALL workout pants! Go figure! 21 Apr 2010 (10 comments) 18 April, 2010. People ask about my waist- it measures 25 3/4. My secret? Diet, cardio & lifting.. (24 comments) 10 Apr 2010- 5'9", 43 yrs old, & wearing size 6 shorts! At 150 lbs!!!! That means muscle! Yay me!!! (12 comments) 3 1/2 month side-by side comparison. From Oct 5 2009 to Jan 20 2010. (14 comments) Back 3 1/2 month comparison. I'm far from done! As a matter of fact, I'll NEVER be done! (4 comments) 20 January, 2010. 159.4 pounds. I'm in the 150's! Yay me! Making progress! (7 comments) December 17th, 2009- 165 lbs. Yay! In the 160's & the weight loss is starting to show in my face! (5 comments) Me, 19 May 2009. Post surgery.....Hey.. there are some things exercise CAN't fix! ;-) (11 comments) 19 August 2006, 175 or so pounds. Look what just a little weight loss will do! (4 comments) Another before. I think about 185 lbs. Can you say "Hips"? (4 comments) Before. 26 Sept 06- 185 lbs. I actually got 12 pounds heavier than this. (3 comments) Me on the left. I believe a rare photo of me at my heaviest-197lbs. (I used to run from the camera!) (1 comments) I always have showed weight gain in my face. Before- 197lbs. (4 comments) Before- 197 lbs. (2 comments)

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