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53 yrs young and feelin' like I'm 40* :) (2 comments) *The Montreal Sparkers Team*...Supporting...*The Relay For Life* (3 comments) is back :) (1 comments) Still alive... (4 comments) is doin' much betta' :) (2 comments) I saaaaid...I didn't eat it! (17 comments) Team: Equilibrium Matters! Can we join your SparkTeam, Paul? I'm trying to concentrate but I can't stop thinking about you! (Ya' know who you are) (4 comments) Lets all have an understanding and helping attitude. Trust your heart :) (1 comments) Wanna' bite, Ladies ? ... Tough luck, it's too late ... I'm taken :) (2 comments) He's my inspiration...Wish I could look and feel like him...Wait a minute?!...*He looks familiar* :P I just woke up...First thing I notice...*The Sunshine*...So, I decide to go for a bike ride :) (1 comments) Montreal Sparkers, supporting the Relay For Life! (6 comments) 2007 Non-Profit Organization Where I Give A Helping (2 comments) PINATA TIME! Anybody set for candies? I can only have a few 100! (1 comments) The mind, the body and THE HEART, are MY TOOLS! (2 comments) Christmas 2007. It's a gift in itself, to have the opportunity to help others. (3 comments) We all have a beautiful inner child. Let's cherish ourselves like no one has ever! (2 comments) My honest and personal introspection...Can be positive and constructive...For my well being :) (2 comments) I practically have everything I need. Now it's time to reach my goals! (4 comments) I only look mean or sad but I'm not. That's my serious face. Stare before it leaves ya' :) Good luck and savour your successes. To everyone doing their very best! (2 comments) Approximately 190lbs...Need to lose around 10 more lbs of fat and build some leg muscles. I think I have over done it this time "K.I.S.S" Keep It Simple Stupid! (44 comments) Create and feel the sunshine in your life. And be happy :) (3 comments) No matter how different we are as SparkFriends...We stick together :) (2 comments) Mommy, where's Paul? He promised we would exercise together, today :( (5 comments) For all your exhausting and beautiful efforts little one..."Thumbs Up" :) (4 comments) When you finally admit how precious you are...It gives you wings to thrive! (2 comments) Who said I don't look up to you Mickey? Yur' me' SparkFriend fur' life! (3 comments) SparkTeam Support/Let's All Hang In There (4 comments) Maintain your inner child. You will always grow to be beautiful :) (6 comments) No matter how high or difficult life may sometimes be. We Can Do This! (8 comments) Even nature has its ways of showing us how to live and be :) (4 comments) Never underestimate your power and potentials to succeed. Fight your demons! (3 comments) If others don't want to respect your eating choices.You don't have to stick around and cheat yourelf (1 comments) We are all different inside...Never compare yourself to others. You've reached an important goal for yourself ? Treat yourself :) (4 comments) You want to look and feel good about yourself ? Fine! But don't loose your head over it! (4 comments) How am I doing so far? Do I look good? (2 comments) "The Temptation"...Should I or shouldn't I ? *I do have my SparkSecurity hat on* :) (3 comments) I'm makin' progress and I look just fine! (10 comments) I will get there if I keep working at it :) (1 comments) Whaaat?...I need my 8 hours of sleep...So MR.NET1...Rrrr!...Can turn into Mr.Sweetie ;) (1 comments) I'm not happy with myself. I gained a pound and I'm loosin' my hair. (4 comments) Ok, ok *Relax man* I won't sneak up to the fridge at night :( (3 comments) Now let me see here. How many grams of fat in my "CHEEZE BITS" ? (2 comments) When it comes to diets..."Relax man"...Don't believe everything you read. You wear what you eat :) (1 comments) Woohoo! SparkExercise with my SparkyFriends! :) (4 comments) I am very serious with my health and weightlifting..But more serious than this, your face falls off! (6 comments) I may joke a lot on my SparkPage but I take your health and mine very seriously.Take Care Sparky :) No but seriously. Is my hair getting whiter? Oh well, at least I haven't lost my sense of humour :) (1 comments) I volonteer to help for cancer research "Please search your local listings" or .com Thanx (4 comments)

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