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(1 comments) Sewing Medium & Large Long Snout Dog Muzzles Today! IT'S GOOD TO BE THE QUEEN ! (2 comments) HAPPY SATURDAY!!!! I AM SERIUOSLY CONSIDERING THIS!!!!! (1 comments) THE "LEAVES OF CHANGE" FALL CHALLENGE STARTS TODAY!!! WOOHOO!!! (1 comments) GO HAVE AN AWESOME FRIDAY!!!! (3 comments) (1 comments) HAPPY MONDAY ! NOT!!! (1 comments) I GET BACK IN CONTROL, TODAY!!!!! HAPPY MONDAY, NOW GO BE GREAT!!! I'M GIVING THIS ONE MORE WEEK!!!!! I'm going to Use DANCE this Week to Propel ME to HEALTH!!! (1 comments) I have been ANGRY All Week, having an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT DAY!!! (1 comments) GETTING MY"HAPPY" BACK!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) is GO COLOR YOUR FRIDAY!!! (1 comments) HAVE A GREAT DAY! GO PANTHERS!!! I WILL MAKE BETTER CHOICES TODAY!!!! FUNNY FRIDAY! I LOVE THESE!!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) MAKE IT A FUNNY FRIDAY!!! Just Kidding...7:30 Morning Step Class! (1 comments) I am CHOOSING to Lose Weight TODAY!!!!! HAVE A GREAT TUESDAY!!!!! LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL!!! OVER 80 DEGREES IN COLORADO TODAY!!!! GOT TO LOVE THAT!!!! Another OVER 80 Degrees Day here in COLORADO!!!! ***BARBARA JO *** (you can do it) (1 comments) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! HAPPY TUESDAY... GOOD... I HOPE THIS WORKS! I'M STRUGGLING!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) KEEP EATING HEALTHY!!! HAPPY SUNDAY!!! I HAVE GOT TO GET ME TOGETHER!!! (1 comments) O.K., BUT I'M NOT GIVING UP!!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) We got Our FIRST COLD/SNOW Yesterday....I'm Over IT! (1 comments) WOO HOO 7:30am STEP CLASS!!! (1 comments) HAPPY THANKSGIVING SPARKERS!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) GOOD MORNING, TGIF!!!! (1 comments) BL SPARK THE SEASON STARTS WEDNESDAY...I'M DOING THIS!!! (2 comments) SPARK THE SEASON STARTS TODAY!!! GO-O-O BLACK PANTHERS!!! FRIDAY HUMOR!!! (1 comments) HAPPY SATURDAY! HAPPY MONDAY PANTHER SISTERS!!! GO BLACK PANTHERS!!! (1 comments) (2 comments) LAUGH IT'S FRIDAY!!!! (1 comments) OMG! I'VE GAINED 2 POUNDS IN THE LAST 3 DAYS!!! STOP THE BINGE!!! (1 comments) HAPPY MONDAY! Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! OH CHRISTMAS TREE, OH CHRISTMAS TREE! WISHING EVERYONE A JOYOUS DAY!!! Just Kidding! I did have a glass of Wine on Christmas! (1 comments) HAPPY TUESDAY !!! (1 comments) Meet Our new Adopted Daughter! DH named Her BULLET! 37 pounds of LOVE!!! 1Year 7 Months... (1 comments) FRIDAY HUMOR!!! -5 Degrees,7:30 Step Class, That's REALITY!!! (1 comments) HAPPY MONDAY PANTHERS!!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY! (1 comments) This is for ME! as I'm thinking about THIS!!!!! (1 comments) I am Starting Over!!! I CAN DO THIS!!! (1 comments) FRIDAY HUMOR... MY WEDNESDAY IS LOOKING GOOD!!!!!! (1 comments) WISH I WAS THERE!!!!! (1 comments) SMILE IT'S SATURDAY!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) GO TAKE ON MONDAY!!!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY (1 comments) FUNNY FRIDAY!!! (1 comments) 7:30AM STEP CLASS - I AM BLESSED!!! (1 comments) HAPPY MONDAY! ESTIMATED JACKPOT TODAY...403 MILLION...GO BUT A TICKET...YOU NEVER KNOW!!!! YOU CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON'T PLAY.....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) HAPPY B-DAY TO ME! TODAY I EAT TOMORROW I DIET!!!!! (1 comments) Starting Over = Healthy Eating, Exercise, Positive Attitude! I CAN DO THIS!!!!! (2 comments) Testing the "new site"...HATE IT! Trying to CHANGE My Attitude!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) HAPPY SPRING!!! Bullet tried to EAT My Fit Bit Zip! Tooth marks , Destroyed! Ordered another from AMAZON! Can't wait for it to get here! Feeling Naked without It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1 comments) Bullet chewed up My FIT BIT ZIP! Teeth marks = Destroyed! Ordered a new one from AMAZON...It's on it's way!!!!!! (1 comments) FRIDAY HUMOR... (1 comments) 5% SPRING CHALLENGE STARTS TODAY! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! GO CASUAL TRAVELER'S! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) is SO EXCITED! After 6 LOOONG weeks of Saturday Morning Dog Obedience Classes ...I get to go back to STEP CLASS this Morning!!!! (1 comments) Proud to Live in Colorado! A Forward thinking State! SMILE! IT'S FRIDAY!!! (1 comments) FINALLY Got My Fit Bit Zip Replacement! All the way from The United Kingdom ... took 32 Days!!! Got it too late for Step Class this Morning...FIREWORKS!!! (1 comments) GO CASUAL TRAVELERS!!! (1 comments) NOW GO TAKE ON FRIDAY! (1 comments) is STRUGGLING..... (1 comments) Wishing ALL the Sparkling MOM'S out there a HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!!! HAPPY MONDAY !!! (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) GO BLACK PANTHERS! DETERMINED DESERT TORTOISES LETS GO TEAM!!!! (4 comments) (1 comments) For Breakfast, then Off to Work...HAPPY SUNDAY SPARKLERS! (2 comments) 7:30 Step Class WOO HOO!!!! (1 comments) Dear Jesus, PLEASE Help Me To EAT Healthy Today ! AMEN (1 comments) SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL WITH MY EATING! (2 comments) (2 comments) I Broke My 135 Day Record of Not Drinking....Yesterday I had, you know those tiny airplane bottles of liquor? I had 1 Smirnoff Iced Cake + 1 Smirnoff Whipped Cream mixed w/ ZEVIA Cream Soda, AWESOME! (2 comments) YEAH! 2 DAYS OF STAYING IN MY CALORIE ZONE!!! I GOT THIS! (2 comments) YESTERDAY I ATE HEALTHY! I'LL DO IT AGAIN TODAY...I GOT THIS!!!! I WILL NOT BINGE EAT TODAY....DANG IT!!!!! (1 comments) FRIDAY FUNNY!!! Summer Strong Challenge is Over! Leaves of Change begins Soon....GO PANTHERS!!!! Today I am meeting and having Lunch with My Brother's New girlfriend for the First time...My Brother told Me " Be Nice and Don't Scare Her." HAPPY SUNDAY! HAPPY SATURDAY! FRIDAY HUMOR!!!!! I'm Looking for Balance Today!!! HAPPY MONDAY!!! FRIDAY HUMOR!!!! FRIDAY HUMOR!!!! I Love this photo, Look Close, Do You SEE Her? GO PANTHERS!!! HAPPY SUNDAY!!! PANTHERS EAT YOUR FREGGIES!!!! FRIDAY HUMOR!!! EAT UP PANTHERS!!!! I CAN DO THIS!!!! GO PANTHERS!!!! 7:30am Step Class! WOO HOO!!! It's Rodeo Week!!! Go PANTHERS!!!!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! HAPPY SUNDAY !!! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) GOT WATER? (1 comments) HAPPY MONDAY !!! HAPPY SATURDAY SPARKLERS!!! FRIDAY HUMOR!!!!!! (1 comments) JK! I Love Salads!!! HAPPY SUNDAY !!! GO PANTHERS!!! (1 comments) FRIDAY HUMOR!!! (1 comments) DH Comes HOME Today! I PRAY He uses this Second Chance to LIVE Healthy!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) I have the Best Big Brother EVER! He drove from Arkansas to Colorado to visit My DH in Rehab! Happy Friday Everyone!!!!! EAT UP, PANTHERS!!! (1 comments) Summer Strong Challenge Starts TODAY! GO BLACK PANTHERS!!! I CAN DO THIS! (2 comments) R.I.P. (1 comments) I found Calorie Free Ice Cream....JK... (1 comments) Today I WILL TRACK ALL my Food, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! (1 comments) I Got Some GREAT Advice! This Morning I'm going to Step Class! For ME! (1 comments) (1 comments) I Knew these Signs, Rushed DH to Hospital, He had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack)... (2 comments) (1 comments) NO JUNK FOOD TODAY! (1 comments) 39 Days Sober....I can Dream, Right? (1 comments) YIKES! Saturday I ate Crap Food! TODAY I Eat Real Food! I CAN Do This! YIKES! Saturday I CRAP Food Today I Eat REAL Food! I can DO This! 34 Days Sober! BORING!!!! (1 comments) Have an AWESOME Friday! Dang It ! I WILL Eat Healthy Today!!! Let's ALL be STRONG Today! I WILL MOVE MORE!!! God Bless Mothers! Happy Mother's Day! 7:30 Step Class this Morning = AWESOME! I'm Doing it TODAY!!! I have GOT to Get In CONTROL!!!! My Husband bought ME a new Car! 2016 Subaru Impreza 5 Door... (1 comments) Picking Up My NEW Car This Morning!!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) Monday Humor!!! (1 comments) I'm So EXCITED! I get to go to STEP Class this Morning!!! been Sick the last 2 Saturday's....TODAY IS MINE!!!!!! (1 comments) R.I.P. PRINCE! It's Weigh In Day for the BIGGEST LOSERS!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) I'm tracking this week Here on SPARKPEOPLE! My Husband and I are BOTH Doing this To SAVE His Life....Care To Join Us??? (1 comments) Driving through DENVER during Rush Hour! Reality Check!!!! Now I know I can GO ANYWHERE!!! THANK YOU, Spark friends I felt Your Power!!!!! (1 comments) Today I am going Out of My Comfort Zone! I'm DRIVING to Englewood to see My Sister! I've NEVER Driven in Denver ! Pray for Me! I CAN Do This!!! (2 comments) (1 comments) HAPPY MONDAY!!! (1 comments) NEED TO GET MY LIFE TOGETHER!!!!! Please GOD Help Me Get Out of My Way!!!! (1 comments) We Got 10" Yesterday! Amazing! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) HAPPY SPRING (2 comments) (2 comments) I've got My Club READY! (1 comments) HAPPY SUNDAY! YES! I CAN !!! GO BLACK PANTHERS! GO PANTHERS! Today Starts the BL Shape Up for Spring Challenge!!! My Goal: Quit Alcohol for Good!!! (1 comments) Happy Birthday to Me! (1 comments) HAPPY SUNDAY....NOW GO WORKOUT! (1 comments) 7:30 Step Class this Moring, GO ME!!!! (1 comments) TODAY I WILL NOT BINGE!!!! (1 comments) (3 comments) 7:30 STEP CLASS...WOO HOO!!!!! (1 comments) FRIDAY HUMOR! (1 comments) HAPPY NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY! (1 comments) (1 comments) FRIDAY HUMOR! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) GO SHOW SOME LOVE! FRIDAY HUMOR... (2 comments) TODAY I WIN!!!! (1 comments) CELEBRATE! FRIDAY HUMOR !!! GO BE AWESOME!!! HAPPY THURSDAY! CONFESSION... I'VE BEEN BINGE EATING FOR 5 DAYS!!!! THIS STOPS TODAY!!!!! (5 comments) SENDING COLORADO SUNSHINE TO OUR EAST COAST SPARKERS!!!! This Morning is My LAST STEP class at LACW... HAPPY FRIDAY!!! (1 comments) HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE!!! NOW GO MAKE NICE! I'm Working on My ATTITUDE!!!! Eat Healthy, Exercise & Be Thankful! HAPPY MONDAY! TODAY I WILL RISE ABOVE MYSELF AND FIGHT!!!!! (2 comments) I want SPRING to Hurry, Hurry! To much Cold & Snow in Colorado! (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) 2016 WINTER 5% CHALLENGE STARTS TODAY!!!! GO SHOOTING STARS! SHOOTING STARS RULE !!! Feeling HOPE Today! (1 comments) Without discipline, there's no life at all. Katharine Hepburn I GOT THIS!!!! (1 comments) THIS 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CAKE IS AWESOME!!! SHOOTING STAR TEAM WINTER 5% CHALLENGE Winter Humor! Go Have a GREAT Day! Miss You PIPER! (1 comments) YES! IT IS GREAT TO LIVE IN COLORADO!!! YES! IT IS GREAT TO LIVE IN COLORAD!!!!! CHRISTMAS IS COMING! (1 comments) LOVE MY PIPER! (1 comments) GO PANTHERS!!! GO HAVE A PLAYFUL SATURDAY! Friday Humor! (1 comments) HAVE A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! WOO HOO! OPERATION WINTER MELTDOWN STARTS TODAY!!!!! I took a computer Break yesterday.... (1 comments) BLUE TEAM BLACK PANTHERS ROCK!!!! BLACK PANTHERS KICK BUTT IN SPARK THE SEASON WINTER CHALLENGE!!! (2 comments) BLACK PANTHERS MERRY CHRISTMAS! (1 comments) BL Black Panthers RULE! HAPPY MONDAY! HAPPY SUNDAY! HAPPY 2017! GO PANTHERS! HAPPY THANSGIVING SPARKERS! (2 comments) HAPPY WEDNESDAY !!! (1 comments) HAPPY THURSDAY EVERYONE!!! (1 comments) I'm Tracking My Food...YES, I'm bragging a little! (1 comments) Forgot to give You something Funny on Friday so here goes....Yes! I'm STILL Sober! (1 comments) Step Cass Morning, Woo Hoo! Tracking My Food Today! (1 comments) I'm going to have an OP Day !!!!!! BLESS YOU! I WILL take Responsibility!!!!! (1 comments) You know who YOU are SparkPeople! Woo Hoo!!!! Friday Humor! (2 comments) (2 comments) Spent 2 days now trying to switch over to Windows 7 Professional ...Pray for Me!!!! Today is the day , RIGHT? (2 comments) HAPPY DAY OF THE DEAD !!! (1 comments) HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! (2 comments) I AM GOING TO ROCK IT TODAY!!! I only lasted 3 Days...Back to number 1... (3 comments) I'm on My way AGAIN! Today I WILL be On Plan with EVERYTHING!! Who's With ME??? There's Strength in numbers!!! (3 comments) Oh Boy! My Favorite Class this Morning!!! FRIDAY HUMOR! (1 comments) OMG! I've been Eating Out of Control! TODAY I CAN Be Strong!!! (1 comments) Friday Humor! (1 comments) My Job is a little Arts & Crafty Everyday! I am BLESSED! WOO HOO! 8:30am STEP CLASS!!! (1 comments) I CAN DO THIS! I WILL DO THIS!!! (1 comments) TODAY I WILL SURGE FORWARD! (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) WOO HOO...IT'S STEP CLASS SATURDAY!!! TAKING A BREAK FROM SPARK... (1 comments) I spent about an hour & half with my Brother,Saturday ...He is off to go live near Mountain Home, AR... I an seeing my Brother today for the first time in over 20 years.... (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) ME & SISTER AT DENVER ZOO SUMMER 2013 AUNT MARGUERITE AT 98 BDAY PARTY. DOESN'T SHE LOOK FABULOUS?! (2 comments) ME & MARGUERITE 2008 HYDE PARK, NY PIPER (1 comments) SUSAN & ME, HER BOOKSTORE WHERE SHE WORKS (1 comments) WOODSTOCK NY NOV 2008 SUSAN & ME SEPTEMBER 29, 2006...AFTER WE GOT MARRIED! (1 comments) (2 comments) SEAGROVE FLORIDA APRIL 2008 WITH LIFERS ME JUNE 27,09 BEFORE WALK (1 comments) THE MORNING BEFORE WE START ALYSSA & ME MY TEAM BLISTER BUDDIES.....WE ROCKED THE WALK!!!!!!!!!!!! PART OF OPENING CEREMONY KEYSTONE CO 2009 ME & PAULA AT MILE 5..... WOO HOO! THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS MAJESTY (1 comments) LAKE DILLION & MOUNTAINS COLORADO IS CALLING ALL LIFER'S!!!!! (2 comments) YE HA!!!!!!!!! DAY 1...10 MILES... (1 comments) DAY 1 20 MILES....STILL FEELING STRONG... GO ME!!! (3 comments) WOO HOO 26 MILES DAY 1.......... (1 comments) I MADE TEAM BANNERS TO HANG BETWEEN OUR TENTS TEAM PHOTO FINISH LINE....WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! (1 comments)

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