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Easter 2009. January 2009. February 2nd, 2009. some of my photography [my little girl] madisons e-invite for her 1st birthday [made by Me!] my decorations :) my HANDMADE penguin cake - GO ME! :) daddy wishing madie a happy birthday. my precious girl. me and my little (BIG) brother - yes i had a cold sore.. thanks a lot stress. me and a friend from work (she lost 50 pounds this year! go tara!) you can see my whole body here - not exactly where i need to be - but improved. me, my cousin and friend katie (she has a baby the same age as madie!) being silly january 2009 haha. this is my inspiration... December 2008 - 172 lbs my life :) my lover boy and i... september 5th, 2008. my daughter and I, July 4th 2008. 180 LBS!! july 2008. you cant see my big thunder thighs! i will find a pic where you can... beware! June 2008. my cousin and I (I'm in the green dress) June 2008. June 2008. my mom and I, June 2008. finally one with some of my body in it...sick!! 2 months after I had Madison, Easter 2008. ummmmmm... ew! spring 2008. madison was 2 months old. 9 months pregnant! WHOA BABY! about 7 months pregnant. 4 months prego. a couple months pregnant. 2007. here comes the weight.... I had just found out I was pregnant here - Spring 2007... 140 Lbs. easter 2007. Big difference from Easter 2008 huh? The summer before I got pregnant (2006). about 135 to 140. My 20th Birthday. May 2006. Another, summer 2006. You can tell I was happy with the way I looked - we never put the camera down. Summer 2006. Fall 2005. My best weight - 130. Summer 2005. my baby butt ;) love her! worth gaining all the weight in the world!! my darling girl. sweet angel.

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