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See this image largerNot an easy day to track. Ate loads of extra sugar, but had a much more active day than usual. Probably didn't break the calorie bank too badly, all things considered.See this image largerMonkey bread is a new weakness. It's all about the butter, the cinnamon, and the sugar. And the butter. And the cinnamon.See this image largerInstead of going to the gym today...(1 comments)See this image largerMy family helps me stay on track with my diet. As far as I know, chocolate is all he's eaten today. His dad took it easy while I was at the gym!See this image largerIt's way past time to start training for the turkey trot, but I'm doing what I can. I have been adding 5 minutes to my daily treadmill workout, and plan to keep up the momentum until race day.See this image largerDoing that end of year evaluation of where I am and what I've done. I've gone Oola and set 21 goals for next year (3 for each F). Check it out:!See this image largerFeeling more fit. Started using superfoods & finding time to get some pedaling in, if nothing else. Chia, chlorella, matcha, & cacao, in addition to my Ningxia Red & all gives me more hours in my day!See this image largerAnd so today I got my energy and chakras realigned...See this image largerGonna do better today. Off to a good start with a good breakfast.See this image largerI turned to the box of Girl Scout cookies (aka deliciousness) twice this morning. No! Here's breakfast.See this image largerBreakfast. No cookies, back on course today.See this image largerCouple days off track... Time to get back on.See this image largerUgh. Gotta get started on my C25K so I will be as ready for my run as possible. Not feeling well, though, and I think the family is coming down with something.See this image largerWhat a wonderful day! It's good to feel alive.See this image largerDay 1 of C25K complete! Run 1 walk 2 for 24 minutes. I'm starting the training a week late, but I'll live.See this image largerTraining for a 5k in June. I feel great right now, but i know tomorrow will take some motivation to get sore muscles going!!See this image largerA bit abysmal today. Well, tomorrow is a new beginning!See this image largerHappy mother's day, ladies! You are amazing!!See this image largerSome mother's day fun...See this image largerDon't get me wrong. I love my meal replacement shakes, which I started because healthy diet and exercise weren't doing anything. But as filling as they are, they don't feel like a meal, and what's worse is, they're something sweet when I'm trying to limit sweets. They'd serve better as a low cal treat than as meals.See this image larger"You have to get fit, Mommy, and to get fit, you need a lot of days. And even Daddy needs to get fit."See this image larger"You have to get fit, Mommy, and to get fit, you need a lot of days. And even Daddy needs to get fit."--7 year old coachSee this image largerIt's been a day.See this image largerCheat day #2!See this image largerSo glad to be able to say that I have made good food choices today!See this image largerSweating it out and it's still morning!See this image largerToday, I start a grand part of my life adventure!See this image largerGood morning from Nephi, Utah! It's about 6:30 am here. The sun is rising, I woke up before my alarm, and I'm getting ready to head back in to Salt Lake City so I can go to the lavender farm this morning! #ylconvention17See this image largerJust chilling on the farm in Mona, UT.See this image largerI am not ready for Saturday.See this image largerIt's Saturday already?See this image largerCan someone please tell me how this would look on a keto diet?See this image largerI need my motivation!See this image largerMy daughter chose applesauce, bacon, and French bread. Looking at my coffee, eggs and bacon, she said, "Why do you get a full breakfast and I don't?" Um... because you say no when I offer you this? 😋See this image largerI am over my hormones. They're so two weeks ago.See this image largerSo I had almond milk ice cream with yacon syrup, pistachio flavor, and blueberries. Better than other options, right?See this image largerToday is going to be the best!See this image largerUgh... Almonds for breakfast and I'm over my goal on carbs. What!? Keto is hard!See this image largerWe both improved on our time trials!See this image largerEver wake up needing a wake-up? Just going to make sure the kids get fed today...See this image largerToday's goal: Be shiny.See this image largerToday's goal: Be shiny.See this image largerJust looking at this (my breakfast) makes me want to skip my coffee this morning! I have been able to cut sugar everywhere but from coffee, so it's holding me back on going keto. Ketone level 4 range, fasting blood sugar level 93!See this image largerI don't remember what it's called, but our grocery store has a type of provolone cheese that's butter in the middle. I'ma call it keto cheese.See this image largerBacon, egg, manteche in a coconut wrap... Because ketone level was darker than 4 but not as dark as 8... Fasting blood sugar was 92... I love the keto diet. Yesterday I ate fewer than 1300 calories because I just wasn't hungry for more!See this image largerKetone level 4 range, fasting blood sugar 92. Went to a celebration last night and wasn't tempted by all the sweet treats. Ok, I was tempted, but I held strong!See this image largerKeto breakfast burger: eggs, bacon, and avocado on microwave keto bread from headbanger's kitchen!See this image largerKetones between 4 and 8, fasting blood sugar is 91. Kids are hungry for bacon. I told my husband I was going to use pork rinds to make nachos, and he's not sure he'll try them... He loves pork rinds, but says they're supposed to be dry and hard, not made soggy by nacho cheese.See this image largerKetone level 4 range and fasting blood sugar level 96. Had over 70 grams of carbs yesterday, too.. going to work on keeping those down.See this image largerGot a new wine cup--personalized and shiny with this!(1 comments)See this image largerKetone level 4 range, fasting blood sugar level 92. I have a mango I want to eat today, so I'm saving up my carbs for it. I have kiwi fruit no one else in my family will eat, that I bought right before deciding to start the keto diet, so I'll be finishing them off over the next several days, too. My silly family. They only ever want apples, oranges, bananas, and grapes.See this image largerHefting bags of feed and laying down humus/manure: exercise with extra purpose.See this image largerI've accepted the challenge to get 100 miles in August. Join me! Ilovetorun.comSee this image largerExperimenting with the last of my coconut wraps: "toasting" it. Hopefully, it will get crispy and I'll eat guacamole on the "chips". This week, I'll try keto connection's recipe for almond flour tortillas. Today's ketone level 4 range, neglected to take fasting blood sugar because we were in a hurry this morning to get breakfast done and out of the door to visit a new church.See this image largerThe only thing worse than my littles fighting is when they conspire together... Can't seem to get them all together for a picture, but here are two of the rock stars.See this image largerSee this image largerKetone level 8 range, fasting blood sugar 92. Didn't sleep well last night, in an unfamiliar bed that may be full of allergens. But I've woken up more sore than I did today when my kids started wandering in. So much to do today, too!!See this image largerI'm having a hard time getting out of bed this morning...See this image largerKetone level 8 range, fasting blood sugar 84! We're having a lazy August day, but I put in one mile on the treadmill and plan to get another this evening. Picture is my reason for better life!See this image largerSee this image largerKetone level 8 range, fasting blood sugar 94! It's the beginning of a brand new week!See this image largerCooked up a new recipe today. I haven't been hungry, so I haven't tasted them, but they're ready to go! Bacon guacamole fat bombs!! Woohoo!See this image largerWhen I've got a hang of this, I'm getting my family to join me. It shouldn't be hard. I can get them to dance and sing.See this image largerKetone level 4 range, fasting blood sugar 99. It's Monday--time to get going!See this image largerKetone level higher than 4, but not in 8 range. Fasting blood sugar is 107! Seems really strange, because I didn't have any extra carbs yesterday. Maybe I had too much protein. Will need to check my charting. I have been having an extra cup of coffee or two, but today seems to be a strange day for it to make a difference. My daughter is asking for French toast this morning. This is her hungry face.See this image largerI wish I could literally lift some of the stress off my husband. Life in our home would be smoother.See this image larger#youarebeautifulSee this image largerStarting my first intermittent fast. Tea, water, coffee and broth are all I will have between now and noon tomorrow. Probably won't do well with tea or coffee sans fixins, so... Water and broth! I got this! (...right?)See this image largerI got past the feeling that I am going to starve, and only 3.5 hours to go until breakfast! IF is working for me! Fasting blood sugar this morning is 91! Printed out my entry form for my Turkey Trot 10k!See this image largerI'll be honest. For the whole past hour and a half, I was thinking about what I would eat. Keto bread with salmon salad. Turned out I don't have any mayo, so I used some olive oil salad dressing. And yes, it was delicious.See this image largerI need all the algebraic vibes anyone can send me! I broke my fast early today for the brain power. Back on schedule after lunch.See this image largerSo I failed my test today. I studied, but not the right material.See this image largerSo this morning, my ketones were down along with my blood sugar! Intermittent fasting for the win! I got to sleep in this morning but today felt like the third Monday on a row. Ready for the weekend!See this image largerKeto challenge: don't eat these. One half pastry has a day's carbs. Sticking in the freezer.See this image largerSo I tried grass-fed, antibiotic-free bison for the first time. It was good, but not so good I want to replace my grass-fed antibiotic-free beef. Painting rocks while my daughter and I are sitting at work. I have a new love: paint markers!See this image largerWorking on this.See this image largerIt's always nice to come home and get to watch my kids all get along over dinner.See this image largerI made my girl order a hot dog so she'd have protein, too. All she wanted was chips. But then she saw that these are available. And I'm totally okay with her playing with her food before she eats it.See this image largerWe got to see a little more of it than this, but this was the main feature of the eclipse for us today!See this image largerMy daughter asked me why I am trying to get healthier. I told her the three most important reasons were her and her brother and sister.(1 comments)See this image largerThey didn't turn out very bun-ish, but I think they'll do. Smells awesome! #keto #lowcarbbreadSee this image largerFirst time ever! I'm so excited. This is 3x better than I ever thought I could do. #lovemysparkpeople!See this image largerFathead bread is my new obsession!See this image largerSpending today at a school recruiting Girl Scouts!See this image largerWhen your daughter complains that you don't get enough exercise, you get her up off the couch to do push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, squats and calf raises with you. *I actually told her that I usually get my exercise while they're all asleep, so that I don't have to stop every couple of minutes to get them something. Then she complained that she wanted to exercise with me, so I need to do it while she's awake.See this image largerI completely went off #keto track yesterday. But I don't feel bad about it. My carbs were healthier (half apple and pb) or intentional (very dark, soy-free chocolate, because it's time for chocolate cravings and I needed the phenylethylomine boost for my mood.) Back on track today! Plus more chocolate.See this image largerTrying out a new fat bomb recipe! Combined coconut almond Vega One protein with mocha ideal shake to make something kinda Almond Joyish...See this image largerI have splurged a bit today. My son turned 3. I made fat bombs so I wouldn't want cake, but I tried the cake anyway. I didn't like it, but everyone else did!See this image largerRising and receding, rising and... Oh wait. It's not receding anymore. Still expecting a lot more!See this image largerKeeping ourselves off the verge of stir crazy.See this image largerWe're still here.See this image largerPray for Texas and Louisiana! It's been a rough few days, and the end is still a long way off. Pic is yesterday afternoon. It's been raining here for more than 24 hours now, with zero breaks.See this image largerLife is finally on the way toward back to normal! What an insane week! My girls are Texas strong and proud.See this image largerWell, Harvey didn't take a lot from me, but because the flooding took out an electric substation, and I had no access to Internet, even on my phone, the storm did take my login streak! We have been keeping busy, though.See this image largerBroke my keto diet, too. When you have to live on whatever is available, you eat what you're given.See this image largerAll is well. Coffee made without needing to get charcoal burning.See this image largerSo much stuff I need to get done--at home, where I'm not. Don't know what to do with myself.See this image largerHappy happy Pac-Man...See this image largerI have a new running buddy! Every time I try to take a picture, she turns her head. But she is beautiful.See this image largerReady for school to start back up so I can get the dogs and start running again. I've got the turkey trot 10k to train for!See this image larger#keto getting there... I made bread today, but could eat only half a slice. Had to taste it, though, you know? Good flavor, terrible texture. I'm so over bread. 😂See this image largerSo glad to be getting back to keto, though the trip is slow. Which is a point of why I need to be on keto... Carbs are addictive!(1 comments)See this image largerWell, the kids may not be going to school this year... Flood damage. The school board is meeting right now to determine the best options... Ugh. Time to put on my teacher hat. And get more coffee.See this image largerIt's my 3rd glass, but a rare occurrence. I love my new wine glass!See this image largerI love my life. My family is awesome, and the profession is a bonus. (Had a great conference, thanks Debra Raybern and family!)See this image largerI'm thinking about it... Which would you pick?See this image largerOur first official day of homeschool.See this image largerToday is our first official day of homeschool. We're excited! Hopefully all will go well, and quickly enough so my husband doesn't worry that she's falling behind.(1 comments)See this image largerAvocado and eggs fried in garlic ghee, topped with cheese and bacon... Only wish I had cilantro!See this image largerThere are certain challenges to losing weight, letting your children know, promoting health and healthy body images for children... My daughter asked me today if I'd teach her to lose weight. I said no. "Why not?" she said. "Because you're healthy. Tell you what. I'll teach you how to keep being healthy. Deal?" She accepted.See this image largerCan't wait to start using my little herb garden!See this image largerOff to see Justin Furstenfeld's Open Book!See this image largerI got a special decoration today.See this image largerSo many reasons this is what I chose for a tattoo when I've never wanted one before.See this image largerSpending a great day out and about today. Learning and having fun!See this image largerHealthy breakfast, good start to a day.See this image larger#keto Y'all, today I had my birthday cake straight out of the microwave and sprinkled with some pumpkin pie spice and it was amazing. I should have taken a picture, but I had my phone on the charger.
See this image largerSo last night I was up until a bit after 3 and my son woke up (of course!!) At about 4:30. It's been a long day, but ended well with the first Girl Scout meeting of the year!See this image largerNew#keto recipe for me: Keto Connect's cauliflower waffles... I used Birdseye mashed cauliflower, topped with sour cream, and um, YUM! *Sorry, the picture doesn't show how tasty it is!See this image largerUgh. I think it's the weather changes. If it would just be cooler, I'd be fine, but hot- cooler-hot does horrible things to my system. At least these G.I.R.L.S are happy.See this image largerWhy is it so hard this time? Why do I have less determination? I KNOW this works, now, but my experiment with it all went so much better!See this image largerWe had tons of fun today, exploring a huge variety of vehicles at our children's museum's annual Touch A Truck!See this image largerRestarting #keto today. Bulletproof coffee, eggs, bacon, guacamole, for breakfast.See this image largerI finally made my jars.See this image largerWhen you love a meal and it happens to be #keto...See this image largerIt's been a good day. I'm ready for bed, though. Just 3 hours to go!See this image largerChanged up the breakfast today! 😋😆See this image largerFunny dream last night: I was hosting a party or casual get-together, and I kept going to the kitchen to grab a bag of pork rinds and a cup of guacamole so I could be snacking like everyone else was. However, I kept leaving my kitchen with tortilla chips, a loaf of bread, or a muffin or something, and I'd be halfway through eating it before I realized that I had a fistful of carbs... Maybe it's because I made my family bread last night? Maybe it's my brain processing the keto...See this image largerMy five year old is digging the pumpkin seeds! It's an extra exciting moment, because it's very hard to get her to eat ANYthing!See this image largerGot to spend some time outside with the kids! So much fun! Yay, Fall!See this image largerEat when hungry, drink when thirsty. This will be my mantra today, as my bacon, egg and avocado breakfast, and my two bulletproof coffees, put me at 1100 calories and doing very well on my macros... No need for snacks (although I do have to taste the gummies I made today)!See this image largerGo pirates! Go Girl Scouts!See this image largerI haven't tested my ketones since I started back on keto. Tested this morning, and my reading was negative or minimal... I'm willing to believe this means I'm very efficiently fat-adapted. Otherwise, it means my carbs are much higher than I thought! If it's the former, bring on the weight loss! If it's the latter... I've got a lot of work to do!See this image largerI'm so excited for fall volunteer conference this weekend!See this image larger#bpc #bulletproof #ghee Y'all! Love ghee? In your coffee? If you haven't tried bpc, now may be the time. Because look what they've done with it!See this image largerI've made Fathead bread before, but this is my first time to use it for pizza.See this image largerIt's been about 3 and a half years... Quite a wonderful gain! #BeforeAndAfter #youngestSee this image largerFrom our table to yours, have a happy Thanksgiving. We at the MommaCassey house have been running since before dawn, and it's still early on this amazing day. God bless you and yours, and we thank him for bringing you into our lives!See this image largerEpigenetics tells us that our lifestyle today affects our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great, great grandchildren. I'm not on a healthy lifestyle journey just for me, but for them. And because my kids see me, it can affect the great, great, greats... Wow.See this image largerToday (in about 13 hours) my oldest turns 8. I have no words.See this image largerRelaxing days after the holiday... He's got his new tablet, plenty of newspaper, and easy access to steal coffee from me and his dad.See this image largerCelebrating the new beginning all day long!See this image largerAnyone ever tried RunBet? I just finished my 4th run this week... All to get my money back.See this image largerIt's a brand new week! School starts tomorrow for my middle little, and I haven't been awake that early in ages! So, so, so much to get done today, just to be ready to get moving into the new year!See this image largerGoal of the week: Push the boundaries of the comfort zones. Stretch yourself. Go beyond what is necessary and get it done!See this image largerOops.See this image largerLife makes you strong.See this image largerWhen you're pushing yourself on the treadmill, trying to get a better pace and longer endurance... And your 3 year old is saying, "Faster! Faster, Mommy, go faster!" And when you slow down to walking, he says, "Aw, Mommy. Are you going slower?"See this image largerI'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever been PRECISELY on target.See this image largerI'd like to say that the extra half mile I ran today really did me in, but the truth is, I was already having a harder than usual time after the first half mile.See this image largerThis was shared with me in my diet bet game...See this image largerBeen just a little off track for a few days... Time to get back to it.See this image largerI fell off my treadmill for the first time. Glad to have some spray-on medicine that was thick enough for me to hop back on. Now I think my kids know it's not just a threat, they need to be careful around and on my machine!See this image larger4 grams of carbs today... Back to doing well. My fasting blood sugar today was 102. Definitely need to be on watch. Meanwhile, my husband bought "sugar free" chocolate chips, the first ingredient listed is maltitol. Did you know that maltitol affects blood sugar just exactly like sugar does? I may be making myself a keto mug cake with straight up cocoa and erithrytol. If I get a craving for something sweet. Oooh, or maybe some avocado truffles.See this image largerI found this recipe in my Wicked Good Keto Cookbook, and it's my new favorite. Protein powder-based fat bombs will never taste so good!See this image largerI don't know why my cookbook is called Bacon and Butter... #ketoSee this image largerWhen everyone in the RunBet is as glad it's almost over as you are...See this image largerI've made it 41½ years without ever tasting sauerkraut, and now I have 2 jars of it fermenting in my kitchen, along with a gallon jar of kombucha, and books on the way too help me learn how to make more! Not saying that sauerkraut is a new favorite, but the benefits are too good to pass up, and it definitely tastes better than I expected. #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerFurthermore... Here are the jars. Between these and the sourdough I have going, (for the family, I'm still #keto) my kitchen is not the place to hang out.See this image largerBeen off for a while but ready to get back.(2 comments)See this image largerBusy busy busySee this image largerReady to start a cleanse today, if I get a chance to. Moving is crazy enough!See this image largerThe countdown has begun... I'm SOO ready to have all my kids in school!See this image largerI gave in this morning to my greater desires. I decided to eat some highly processed, frozen pancakes because it's Saturday, and I wanted pancakes. And before I put them in the microwave, I decided to uphold the work I've been doing, and I made some keto pancakes, instead.See this image largerCan't seem to get into ketosis this time around, and I keep breaking for the treats that show up at my house.See this image largerFat bombs are the easiest quick breakfast. The only downside is, now I'm out of my pumpkin pie fat bombs and I need to make some more! BTW that plate is on 6" across. The picture makes it look huge!See this image larger@SPARKLING2018 I used walnuts instead of pecans, because that's what I had, but here's a pic of the recipe from the book Keto Fat Bombs.See this image largerMagically lucky!See this image largerDays are more challenging lately.See this image largerSee this image largerBaby Boy turned 3 months old at Thanksgiving, and we're raising him to love pirates like we do.See this image largerLittle Sister sporting her new glasses like a pro!See this image largerMy growing-up little girl wore all Minnie Mouse (and carried a matching bag) to school.(1 comments)See this image largerOctober 2014, 210 poundsSee this image largerBaby Boy Cassey, born 8/27/14 at 6 pounds 14 ounces, 18-1/2 inches(4 comments)See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerGrabbed this from Medieval Mud's Facebook page. Dunno if they made it or grabbed it somewhere. :-DSee this image largerSee this image larger3 Cassey Girls(3 comments)See this image largerBig Sister Cassey Easter 2011(4 comments)See this image largerNew baby Cassey, aka now as Little Sister CasseySee this image largerWe went back to Texas Children's Hospital for a 1-month checkup, & it was a good time to take a pic!(1 comments)See this image largerMy girls at 3 years and at 9 months, December 2012.(4 comments)See this image largerSchool took Christmas photos, and for some reason my girls seemed to think they were mug shots. 2012(3 comments)See this image largerRiverfest Fun Run 2013(1 comments)See this image largerFamily portraits 2/22/13. My man is off camera trying to get the baby to smile at it, she never did.(2 comments)See this image largerThis is what I got to see during most of my walk yesterday (still awfully cold, esp. for MAY!)(1 comments)See this image largerYep, that's my SuperGirl! (Free Comic Book Day, May the Fourth*, 2013) [* with you.](1 comments)See this image largerI call this, "Sleeping Baby Cassey does 'Vogue'."(2 comments)See this image largerOur little Animal Lover.See this image largerOur little Warrior Girl.See this image largerOur little Dinosaur. Point a phone at my daughter, she strikes a pose. Love her!!(1 comments)See this image largerBig Sister Cassey--totally adorable!(2 comments)

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