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Looking through pics from Christmas and my daughters visit...miss her... (4 comments) I got a Traeger for my husband for Christmas and this was my first time trying it.. smoked chicken quarters and chicken breasts.. hope they turned out okay had another major snowstorm so it was tough keeping the temperature even..any tips or tricks from the pros out there??😉 Alrighty I'm giving the Cooking Light 3-day detox menu a try! Figured I can do anything for 3 days right!?good jump start.. haha so Ive prepped parsley brown rice pilaf,Green Goddess avocado sauce, citrus Sunrise smoothie and lemon chicken Citrus bowls.. I'll see what tomorrow holds!! My kitchen smells delicious!! Day 1 of the Cooking Light 3 day detox menu was a success! tonight I finished prepping for tomorrow which is quinoa, egg breakfast bowl, a chickpea spinach salad and slow cooker creamy lentil soup. According to the article I'm getting 5 and 1/2 cups of fruits and veggies, 100% daily fiber and all for under 1500 calories.. it's all a little bit challenging since I am away from home most of the day.. but it's all in the prep baby!! Bon appetite!! You may live in Montana if you pack emergency snacks and gear to get the mail!! (3 comments) The Sun finally came out long enough to charge up my solar lights.. Montana, it's been a long winter ... ready to get outside and do some walking been cooped up too long! ❄🌨❄🌨⛅ (2 comments) Thankful for all my "girls" and a fun spa day! (3 comments) My son teaching the grandbabies the finer points of hockey... (2 comments) Yesterday 45 degrees and flooding, today 3 inches of new snow... yes Montana we get the picture.. it's a roller coaster ride! 🎢🎢I hope this pays off and we have enough moisture to not have a bad fire season again.. you got to look for the silver lining!!😊😊 Soooo....I snapped this pic at a red light yesterday...just struck me as hilarious..I mean, the Michelin man and all his rolls... looks like he just gave up haha note to self: when you fall down, or fall off the wagon, don't lay there and wallow in self pity...GET UP & KEEP PUSHING!! This is my battle in our work break this is just a fraction of the temptations... (2 comments) Thought this was appropriate for a fresh new start!! Nothing like spending the weekend shopping and looking in a dressing room mirror to kick things into gear!! uugghhh!! I'm almost back to where I was 6 years ago when I joined Spark.I had an emergency Hysterectomy, gained 40lbs in a summer...took 3 years to get down to semi-comfortable place and than slowly next 3 years back to beginning...why does it have to be such a struggle...ALL....THE....TIME???? Winter Wonderland right in my back yard... Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!! What's your "Word" for 2018?? Mine....Balance... Good morning from Big Sky country! third day of my daughter being here. today is spa day..woo!! I hope everyone's taking time for themselves and appreciate their friends and family, spending TIME together.. we get so caught up in spending time on our phones, at work, shopping, stressing,( I'm totally guilty of this!) when you're feeling overwhelmed just stop and remember what this is all about!! My daughter arrives today! Let the festivities begin! (6 comments) (2 comments) The clouds over our city this afternoon where unbelievable!! Was like a giant blanket being pulled up!! Was a great time for a walk!! is (5 comments) Good morning from Big Sky Country!! Looks like a great time to get in a walk before church!! Hope you all have an amazing day!! (1 comments) Favorite time of year!! (1 comments) As I've been posting the last couple of months we've been choking in the hazardous air quality from our state burning down...we've had record high temp. (yesterday was 90 degrees today the high is 50 degrees! ) and I can't think of the last time it rained... we've been praying for rain and so many of you wonderful people have been offering your prayers...well today....IT'S RAINING!! GLORIOUS RAIN!! We even have a winter storm watch for Friday...haha #answeredprayerinthe406 (1 comments) Smoke plumes blowing over Montana..Im afraid this may be our New Normal...till it snows anyway...uugghhh... (2 comments) Update on the fires in Montana... Air Quality is still at a Hazardous level in some areas.. Doctors offices are booked with everything from sinus trouble .. allergies... breathing problems etc..outside workouts are non-existent...which actually seems trivial in light of whats going on.... we are predicted to have record heat by end of the week...90's?? Sept.??? In Montana????? (5 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) week 4 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 7/29/2017 (1 comments) Sooo...after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake 30 miles from my house, this is how much sleep I got last night!! (if you don't know, the lines are when I was AWAKE!! haha) so much for an early morning workout...gonna be a looonnnggg day!! San Juan Island Hump Back Whale! (1 comments) Wishing I was still on vacation! (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) HE IS RISEN!! (1 comments) Spring Time in the Rockies! Yes it snowed yesterday & yes the flowers are pushing through..that's my Montana Life! (3 comments) Day 10 of 112-the downside I've been up since 4:00 am..couldnt fall back to sleep after a blasted hot flash!! But on the upside, did my first ellipitcal/yoga workout since I hurt myself 3 weeks ago! (5 comments) Day 4 of 112...seriously?? How has it been 4 days already? Todays thought is focusing on what I stand to gain..not what I have to "give up"...So far Today I stretched & planned out my meals..YOU?? (3 comments) My accountability,Day 13 of 210,this weekend has been low key.I did something to my back so I've been taking it easy..BUT no excuse for not eating well..trying to get my mind right!! (2 comments) Couldn't resist another beautiful wintry sunrise!! Even though it's -5 degrees there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for!! (5 comments) Our beautiful city park...Mount Helena.. (3 comments) Yep..this just happened...30 ° BELOW ZERO!! (11 comments) It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! (4 comments) Another awesome thing about turning our clocks back... I get to be home for the Sun rises!! (1 comments) Good morning sparkpeople...happy sunrise from Big Sky Country!! (1 comments) Storm clouds Rollin in tonight!! (5 comments) Walk along the tracks tonight...beautiful fall eve!! (1 comments) Oh and football....can't forget football!! (2 comments) Beach feet!! (2 comments) Attitude Adjustment.... (4 comments) (5 comments) My Montana life! (5 comments) Calm before the storm!! (2 comments) Vacations over...back to reality... (2 comments) Caught this beautiful double rainbow last night...makes me think of God's Promises and our "Rainbow Grandbaby!" (5 comments) I've been walking in the early morning..and I tell ya what it's almost a guilty pleasure! The temp. is crisp..everything is in bloom and the smell of all the flowering plants is intoxicating!! (3 comments) The sunset God Blessed us with last night!I can't take credit for the photo, my sis took it when she left our house, I was too busy cleaning up mashed potatoes off my walls!My life with grandbabies! (5 comments) day 500 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/10/2016 Just what I needed today... Sooo much to be thankful for, don't take your health for granted.. (3 comments) Felt sooo good to get back outside this morning!! It was chilly, but exhilarating!! Love my sunrises!! (4 comments) JUST DO IT ALREADY!! (1 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) My excuse for being late to work this!! (5 comments) Thankful for yet another gorgeous sunrise.... (1 comments) Love Autumn!! (3 comments) Happy Birthday to my sweet momma... I miss you more and more everyday...I see you in all the beauty around me... love love (2 comments) Can I go back??? (2 comments) The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows HIS handiwork. Psalm 19:1 (1 comments) Peaceful day on the lake (1 comments) Montana ~*~ the Last Best Place~*~ just sayin' !! (4 comments) Summer in MT = smoke in the air = pretty sunrises.. (3 comments) Took my grandbabies to the Fairy Festival,,fairy dust in their hair and all!The lil' wings are soooo cute!!! (5 comments) (3 comments) **My backyard Thanksgiving morning** (5 comments) Frosty morning sunrise! 1/15/15 (2 comments) Couldn't resist posting a pic of the new addition to my son's family,,stinkin' cute!!! (5 comments) Happy First Day of Spring !!! (1 comments) (2 comments) My life,,,today ha ha (4 comments) Herb garden all planted!! (8 comments) My sister took this sunrise pic driving thru North how the sun is peaking through! (4 comments) This time of year in the Northwest the sun stays up soooo late!! Love it :) Just took this rainbow pic at 9:15 pm! (5 comments) The sunsets this week are ridiculous!! Taken right after a big storm tonight... (2 comments) " It is well with my soul " (1 comments) I know this isn't the best photo, but can anyone name this lil orange bird in my tree? (6 comments) I'm continually amazed at the beautiful sunrises I see every day! Amazing sunset 8/13/14 Early morning beach combing Oceanside, OR (2 comments) Sunset view from our deck! Three Arch Rock Beach ~ Oceanside, OR ~ 08/14 (1 comments) Multonomah Falls OR~8/17/14~ this pic doesn't do it justice! Gorgeous ! (5 comments) Ecola State Park OR ~ 8/14 (1 comments) Mountain wildflowers (1 comments) Waterfall in the Bob Marshall wilderness (1 comments) Seashell Fossil??? (1 comments) Virginia Cascades~Yellowstone Park~ 9/14 (1 comments) Sun Canyon River (1 comments) Storm on Canyon Ferry Lake (1 comments) Unbelieveable Montana sunset on 8/13/14! (2 comments) This is the scenery I'm blessed with while I walk! (5 comments) Christmas Butterfly Tree in memory of mom... (6 comments)

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