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Got to enjoy a great round of golf today...horrible score, great time! My view in the morning at breakfast. Good workout this morning, and now I'm off to make it a great day! How about you? Great race tonight, and I came in fourth! (1 comments) Thanks to my beautiful bride who's always introducing me to new and wonderful things, rambutan is now one of my favorite fruits. After 26 years of marriage she's still making my life richer! At an outdoor concert at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis The Fam! (9 comments) Near the end of a 300 mile bike-ride! At the beginning of a long ride At the end of long ride in the desert heat! Oh, a little road rash! (1 comments) Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, 40 miles into a ride Downtown Saint Paul, 57.2 miles into a ride Lake Calhoun for lunch with my wife, daughter, dog, and a family friend, 75 miles into a ride A quick pick while riding! Just shy of 105 miles into a ride. My reaction to a 115.5 mile ride--oh that cool grass felt good! (1 comments) My Beautiful 15-Year-Old Daughter (4 comments) My Daughter & I about 6 Years Ago (1 comments) My Honey! (3 comments) First Ride of 2010 First Ride of 2010--B Freezing Dew on Tree With Pastor Friends On a Ride with my Honey in Wabasha, MN Rest Stop on Lake Peppin, near Wabasha MN On the Paul Bunyan Trail, Fall 2010 Heading to Hackensack on the Paul Bunyan Trail, Fall 2010 (2 comments) Yep, even my bike needs a rest! (2 comments) Our Bikes Getting Ready for a "Date" Heading out for "the Date" Final Kiss before Hitting the Road Enjoying the View of Lake Superior (1 comments) Stopping for a Drink Parting Company for an Hour Parting Company for an Hour, II Stopping for Lunch at Sven & Ole's Stopping for another Drink! Stopping for another Drink, II Taking a Rest in Grand Marais, MN (1 comments) Enjoying a Rest Stop on Lake Superior (1 comments) Back to the Car after a Wonderful Day The True Lovers! (1 comments) On a long ride near Saint Charles, Minnesota With my love in Minneapolis With my daughter at a Tori Kelly concert With some friends on a ride in Saint Paul On Barn Bluff in Red Wing, Minnesota

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