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(5 comments) Spring 2007? (1 comments) 2008? (3 comments) 9/25/2010 (228 pounds) (1 comments) 11/21/2010 (217 pounds) (1 comments) 12/31/2010 (207 pounds) (4 comments) April 2010 (248 pounds) with my oldest son, Tim Prom (1 comments) 8/7/2010 20th HS Class reunion with friend (left),Michelle (244 pounds) (1 comments) My inspiration! My best freind, Ann and me in 1990- at my ideal weight! (1 comments) 199!!!!! 1/25/2011 Not the most figure flattering outfit, but I don't mind. Under 200!!!! (3 comments) Feb 5, 2011 Brrry Scurry- Michelle, Ann, and Linda (3 comments) My daughter and I (196.5) 2/21/2011. Got wild hair to try on a prom dress while shopping:-) (3 comments) Before-248 lbs (June 27,2010)/Now-197 lbs (Feb 21,2011) (3 comments) CASI 5K St Patrick's Day Race March 12,2011 (1 comments) CASI St Patrick's Day 5K pre-race picture. Michelle and Ann (1 comments) April 10, 2011 (1 comments) 5/29/2011 Tim's graduation party- 178lbs (3 comments) July , 29, 2011- Bix 7 (1 comments) July 20, 2011 With Kaela before heading to the Bix 7 street festival...170.4 lbs (1 comments) 154 pounds. Six pounds to goal weight!! 1/13/2012 (1 comments) jan 24, 2012 152 lbs (2 comments) (3 comments) 248 lbs June, 2010 and 152 lbs January 2012 (8 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) April 7, 2013 Virgil, Michelle, Ann (1 comments) (1 comments) day 11 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/29/2015 week 13 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 50 minutes per week" earned 4/24/2015 week 13 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 50 minutes per week" earned 4/24/2015 Blessed Sunday to all. However you spend your day in thanks and praise to our Creator, have a safe and lovely day. Getting organized today for 1st birthday celebration for my grandson tomorrow. (2 comments) New work week....homecoming is this week...may be a crazy week. Jonagold is my new favorite apple. (1 comments) Off to Mass in a few, followed by a fund raising grill out to send our youth to NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference ) at the end of November. Beautiful weather for it ;) (4 comments) Just warming up from spending the last 45 minutes outside walking. Cozy by the fire. (1 comments) Blessed 1st Sunday of Advent Getting house all Christmas -ized Good day. School concert was great. Had pecan pie a la mode for supper, still have at least 600 calories left for the day. Got lots of steps in...that's probably why ;) (4 comments) shared a pancake supper with this cutie last night after he helped with a little Christmas shopping. (3 comments) So hard at work....only 4 days left til winter break! (1 comments) Weigh in Cranberry Quinoa Oatmeal (1 comments) Resting yesterday from my cold...after shoveling out from several inches of wet, heavy snow. (3 comments) Down 2.4 pounds. Yesterday was a great day - saw my best friend, ate out twice and stayed in control; ) (1 comments) Got a hair cut yesterday, and I love it! It's my favorite old standby ;) (5 comments) Met my step goal...gonna nudge it up to 8,000 today, because I wanna get it back up to 10,000 on a regular basis. Did a lot of resting again yesterday. I think this cold is finally taking its leave. Had a great New Year's hike with a fine bunch of people at a local state park. (1 comments) Almost hit 10,000 on Friday! I think some of the "sleep" time must have been while she was on the charger ;) Dang...that's not what I wanted to see :( (2 comments) Step goal met...I'm tweaking my goal up for this week ;) Playing with my hoy rollers. ..I like how it turned out. I haven't tackled that in a long time. (2 comments) (7 comments) Lunch and remaining snacks for the day. (1 comments) Hit 10,000 today! Yay! (2 comments) Didn't get very close to step goal yesterday, and I did stay in my calorie zone. (2 comments) Sleep goal, check. Step goal, check. Calories...only slightly under budget, but I'm not hungry at all...ready for rosary and bed. (2 comments) Too cold outside, so I did an inside 5k (no treadmill at my house), and this was more fun and more convenient than a treadmill in the house. (4 comments) Feeling a little woozy..treated myself with a long island iced tea.....been two years since my last one. (1 comments) This is my Saturday cleaning look. Aren't i stunning? (2 comments) Time to get this under control again. First goal ...227 (2 comments) First goal met! Down 5 pounds! Next goal...222 (4 comments) Good grief. Highest weight of my life (excluding my 3rd pregnancy). I have struggled with myself so much the past 3 years, and something's gotta give. I HAVE to move more and eat better and drink more water. I have done it all well in the past, so I know I have it in me to get back in the game. Feeling beautiful today. Determined to keep my health goals in the front. Once again, I'm going to be more accountable for my reality. Here's to staying the course for however long it takes.

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